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Jak & Daxter Trilogy

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  jak and daxterrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

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this is a must buy for anyone who plays ps3. all the games from the trilogy are awesome especially the second one. play.com offers a good price for this game. story 9 characters 10 places 10 graphics 8. if you like a funny long shooting escaping killing dark powered adventure with great characters this is a really good game and it brings great memories from the ps2.

  The Golden Age of the PS2

| | See all Ripoltmean's reviews (10)

Before Uncharted Naughty Dog had crafted two masterful game series.
Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter.
The Jak and Daxter trilogy is perhaps on the best trilogies ever created.
Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy is fun, exciting and beautiful to boot it is one of the most creative games we have ever seen.
Jak 2 takes all the bright vibrant locations and cute characters and throws them into a desolate urban city. With guns and the ability to hijack hover cars, this felt like a GTA for kids at the time but the story telling and characters are so unforgettable that this truly stands out as a gem and an epic sequel.
Jak 3 toned the difficulty down from Jak 2 to form a perfect experience for the series. It felt like both the first and second game in one and features some truly breathtaking worlds. The urban Haven city makes a return but it is the harsh wastelands that truly shine. There is so much to do that it will last a good twenty plus hours all of which you will never get lose interest. It wraps up the series perfectly and one can only hope for a 4th installment from Naughty Dog in the future.
An epic exciting journey that you will love every second of.

  The first one is ace!

| | See all DansDeals94's reviews (22)

This 'classis hd' collection gives you three games, complete with individual trophie lists, including a platinum for each. The first Jak and Daxter is a brilliant game which has a unique blend of comedy, action and platforming and is an enjoyable game that you'll love to 'platinum', like myself. The other two games Jak 2 and Jak 3 are then incredabley unenjoyable as they're are more of a third person shooter/platformer genre. When using guns the feel and the loveable qualities of the first game are lost and overall ruin the series. I've given this four stars as the first is worth five but because of the other two games, which I'd rather not have make the overall price higher, making it only four stars.

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the first 1 aint so interesting as the other 2 in the series but its still worth the money as it gets better as u go along. but all together the games are excellant

  The legend is back!

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This set of the three games really brings a sense of nostalgia to all of us who have played Jak games before, and its great to see them return to the Playstation 3. The gameplay is still as great as before and the humour never fails to put a smile on your face. The only drawback that I think the series has is the fact that the graphics have only improved very little, but it is definitely possible to overlook this because of the sheer brilliance of the entire series. Thank you Naughtydog for producing such an amazing set of games!

  Great, flawed but still great.

| | See all davidmcveigh's reviews (16)

Good games, First one is unique to the other two, its much more light hearted in tone, but the humour is bang on the money through out the series, the second game amps up the difficulty to a shocking degree and introduces horrible driving sections, the normal gameplay is great but expect to repeat the driving sections over and over to progress.

  They just don't make them like these anymore

| | See all cheAWAY's reviews (1)

For all of us who played the Jak games growing up, this is a must!!! Sadly, graphics have marginally improved at best but this is almost irrelevent in comparison to the still-amazing voice-acting and story writing. Also the camera angling problems from the original games have been more or less resolved. So far i'm only half way through the three games but i already know that this will be up their in my top three favourite games again! They truly just don't make games like this anymore!

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