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The Last Of Us

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (41 reviews)"

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  One of the best games ever

| | See all Khrone's reviews (8)

It is one of the best games ever made, the story is superb, the characters are very well thought out that you really do empathise with them, the gameplay is great. Naughty Dog always make great games and the Last of Us is one of the greatest. You could not go wrong with buying this! Peace!

  Poor Poor Game Play

| | See all Awesume's reviews (2)

The main problem with the game last of us, is that it should not be a game, what I mean is the game dynamics are really bad, the saving system in the game is horrible, one the worst saving systems in the game far to many saves, it actually saved over a save I made specifically so I could play one bit over and over again. And it saved over that save, so I was unable to do that, which was very annoying, and there is no chapter select. The aiming system stops you moving while aiming so if you want to be an easy target online unless your behind a table or invisible floating part of a box you will always be shot before the other person in most cases. There is a lot of lag on the online game, the worst match making system I have seen matching people up with people who have played the game so long and are levels 100 to 400. It takes a long time to get to that level. It's actually terrible the match making. I think the online play is like cod, a game I detest for its online game play. It's the most irritating game these is. The only reason I keep playing is probable in hopes I get better. But I just seem to get more and more angry at the poor quality of the dynamics of the game. I would not recommend playing this online, and if the last of us film comes out, I would just recommend watching the film and skipping the game all together.

I will admit the single player story is good, but its depressing. And the graphics are good but a game with poor game play to me is just not worth the hassle, skip this one unless you're a cod fan or want a good story not game play.

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| | See all johnster1's reviews (1)

This game is like nothing I have ever played before. With each mission the story becomes deeper and more exciting, and with some unexpected twists it is just so addictive.

  Gripping and Tense - One of PS3's Best Games

| | See all mattyg88's reviews (7)

This game is brilliant. Simple. It is everything that 'Walking Dead' could have been and a lot, lot more. As a fan of the Resident Evil series (right back to the PS1) I have to say that this beats it hands down. So much drama, great storyline, great acting and not cheesy or over the top. This is probably my favourite ever game for PS3 - just wish Naughty Dog would make another!

  One of the best games on ps3

| | See all Zaba81's reviews (3)

This game is superb. The story and the feeling is so good you wanted to play it again

  Best Game even without doubts

| | See all Spitpod's reviews (15)

Best Played 2 hours bursts, no phone, no interuption, no disturbances, in the dark, with good sound system or headphone.s
Be absorbed by the world, enjoy the visuals take your time. Do not let anyone spoil it.

Game is absolutely amazing, This game delivered, simple quick description that may entice others to play.

Best Resident Evil Experience
Best Silent Hill Experience
Visual Splendour , Uncharted Style Experience
Metal Gear Style Unique Experience
Best Engaging Story With the Best outcome at end.
Ico Style character attachment.

All wrapped up into one package. Others may feel more was in there.


i felt like buying a special edition or limited edition. but out of stock everywhere.

i hope for any gamer and hardcore alike to not to miss this amazing game because this is literally the pinnacle of gaming of the ps3 era. dont let it go. Thanks Creators of Uncharted for trying something new and ambitious. NAUGHTY DOG are awesome. And thank God this whole game turned out the way it did.

Just last thing.. The only other game to give me the feelings after playing this game, was final fantasy 7.

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  5 Star Game!!

| | See all pspgamqn's reviews (37)

Just finished this game and had to write a review. Its such a great zombie / survivor game. It forgets every zombie cliche which makes it so much better then other zombie games. For instance there are different types of zombies; clickers, runners and bloaters. All of them terrifying in there own right, they are not the traditional slow ambling creatures who you can simply shoot in the head!! It also has a brilliant story that tells a tale of loss, betrayal and survival. The characters in this game are amazing and you cannot help getting attached to them ..
It seemed short .. but maybe that was just because i got so sucked in the time just flew by!!!
So yeah.. get this game and try to find the cure... if you dare!!!
Oh and remember .... when you hear a clicker.... RUN!!!!


| | See all Telboyb's reviews (1)

Everyone has their own opinion but this is my favourite game ever! I have never known such a gripping storyline to a game, it seriously draws you in, plus there is plenty of action too so it never gets boring! I just hope they decide to make a sequel

  not the best game ever but its definately in the top 1%

| | See all daddymatt's reviews (2)

Ok so some people love it and some don't. Obviously its not to everyones taste, some people don't like single player games after years of online multiplayers. Some people don't like horror survival games and shockingly some people don't even like zombies! For me however i can honestly say i haven't played a game thats grabbed me into its world so much since heavy rain! This has one of the best single player stories ever written for a game. It probably isn't the best game ever made, i don't even think there is a best game ever made, since its always going to be just someones opinion! My opinion on this game is that you need to play it all the way through for yourself and decide. I've seen quite a few reviews about this game where people have played it for a couple of hours and said its not for them. Honestly i wouldn't watch 10 minutes of a film and decide its not for me, and for the people who would they obviously have an attention span problem. Stick with this game to the very end and you will be glad you did, Even though you'll think its over several times before the end, you'll wish there was more when it ends. I guess we'll have to wait until the ps4 for the next installment. bring on the last of us 2.

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  This is how games should be

| | See all ZIPPIE's reviews (14)

I can only say that this game is in a league of its own only METAL GEAR SOLID 4 can stand up with this game 30 years of gaming and these 2 games are the only games worth playing