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The Last Of Us

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (41 reviews)"

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  simply superb.

| | See all albolpool's reviews (13)

A simply superb game . great game play, and excellent storyline. with enough story changes to keep you interested throughout . The cut cenes are amazing and well worth watching too. one of the best games made. well done naughty dog..

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  Fantastic. Beautifully written.

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One of the best 3rd generation games, and definitely the best PS3 exclusive in my opinion.
However, what should be said is, if you are looking for a game with an astounding story, realistic characters, and developing relationships, then this is a must buy.
But, if you are a casual gamer, that is more interested in a jump in, jump out style of gaming, similar to Call of Duty, then all this game will deliver is a sense of disappointment. The gameplay is good, and fun, and entertaining, BUT, what I'm saying is, that the gameplay is nothing special. The game stills falls for the common cliches surrounding a third person shooter.
Personally, I enjoyed the game far more than I could of imagined, parts of the story left more breathless on my first play through. The reason I think so highly of this game, is because you just don't get good writing like this anymore in a videogame, especially from an original idea.

  Great Game - No Replay Value

| | See all EvilWoody's reviews (10)

Great game with beautiful graphics...just a shame that once you complete it...well...that's it. multiplayer is pretty poor and has no co-op,

  Uncharted with zombies !!

| | See all Latics316's reviews (63)

Good game a bit over hyped for me i preferred uncharted and red dead anyway to The Last Of Us its around 15hrs long with a good story..vgood graphics and tricky in places the game plays like uncharted series if you have a ps3 its worth a look....

  Most mature game out there

| | See all Gamebargains99's reviews (59)

Forget The Waking Dead games. This one is the closest u will ever get to the superb TV series, and reminds us of The Road. It is brilliant...with just one big problem: a scene early on when u are in virtual darkness and must kill the Clickers. It is REALLY HARD...and getting through the Boss Battle straight after may put many gamers off continuing as it is tough to get through. Once u manage it, though, the rest of the game opens out into an incredible story of desperate survival. Incredible!

  Pure class

| | See all tazzys's reviews (59)

I decided to rent this game due to the fact id only played some of uncharted 2. I couldnt really get into that game and feared the same would come of the last of us despite alot of rave reviews. Personally I much prefer FPS apart from the dead space series, which is 3rd person and the best id played until now.
Firstly this game is stunning, graphically its amazing. It does captivate you at times to how much detail is there. This is from out in the wild, underground in the sewers, little towns and villages to the big citys, snow covered landscapes, its got it all it really has. This isnt the most important thing, for me, however I the attmosphere and feel created by the enviroments and graphics really does draw you in.
Next, well i guess the storyline and charaters need a mention. Not once have they felt rushed or weak. The story is simple, yet captivating. The charaters are amazing. The two that you play and yes you do play the girl aswell, are brilliant and really do grow on you. Everyone resembles what you would expect survivors in a hostile enviroment to be like and they is no let up on meeting new people throughout the storyline.
Gameplay, simply the best. Firstly my pet hates and Im glad to report... not one single glitch plus very intelligent AI. WOW!
Secondly, give this game time. DO NOT JUDGE IT on an hour or even two hours play. It gets better, alot better. You level up, get better equipment, weapons, run into all types of challenges and bad guys, from the infected to soldiers to other survivors. It really does test you and you will die! But it also have a great autosave feature that puts you back to the start or the encounter and also saves at checkpoints throughout the level that you are on so you'll never be more than one minute away if you die. You also have the option to start an encounter again. This is especially handy if you mess up and think you can do better.
I was worried especially at the start that there wasnt enough player choice and that there would be too much prompting of press x or o etc. This isnt the case. There are plenty of cut scenes but these are not the type you want to just skip.
There is plenty of action too and sometimes it just seems like theres no let up so you do have to manage your resources carefully and not go gun hoe unless you really need to. Id definately say that its a challenging game, it keeps you on your toes, strategy and stealth play a big part but there is no set way to play it so player choice plays a big part too.
You could never play this game the same twice, Never in a million years, the only thing that would be the same is how the story unfolds.
Im really glad that I rented this game and gave it a good go. The next step is to buy it and own it out right. Its one that I am never going to grow tired of. A definate keeper and quite simply the best game I have played to date and Trust me Ive played alot.

  Over rated

| | See all sauronous's reviews (1)

I hate it when trailers, talks and other promotional trash from developer make their games look amazing, brilliant and a must have only to come out with something like The Last of Us. Just because its by Naughty Dog, the same people who did Uncharted, doesn't mean its the best frickin game ever. In fact the game is so mundane it surprises me that so many people are praising it, to which I can only fathom is because of the hype that preceded this game. The immersion for a start it constantly breached as players run right in front of enemies. As for character development Ellie is about as interesting as a window pane, sure she has some interesting moments from helping you get a ladder and some encounters where she must push herself but other than that you are left not really caring what happens to her. The game play is squidgy and just plain, repetitive, with each new area you come across its the same routine, go around (slowly) and kill some freaks, granted this is obviously going to occur but I can't help but feel tired after each encounter as everyone is just the same. There's so much more I could go on about but these are the main ones, its a good game and worth a play through, just not the best game of the year and how people compare it to Metro Last Light which unlike The Last of Us created an amazing world is beyond me. People really need to see past the hype that games bring and have some bloody individuality for a change.

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  Can't understand the hype

| | See all chrisburns's reviews (5)

When I heard the HYPE around this game I was so excited. I've loved all the Naughty Dog Uncharted series and when I heard the idea around this game with crafting and suvival post apocalyptic type I thought ..MINT..

Then reading the reviews of constant 5/5 perfect ratings and even xbox mags saying its worth buying a ps3 JUST for this game. I thought WOW this must be something special.

Now I may be getting old (35) having played computer/console games since their birth and working in the industry as well but I was so underwhelmed. It might be the fault of the HYPE which has surrounded this or just the truth.. I have some very good friends who work at SONY in the games dept and they feel the same as me.. EG they are worried that the game isnt going to stand up to the hype that has come with it.

Unfortunately they are right. out of 10 I'd give it a 4.5 . HONESTLY...

The Story is tame and so predictable its such a shame.

The gameplay itself is rinse repeat sneak in the dark avoid xyz.. NO FREE roaming at all.. I was hoping for more. combat in a box.. some setup so you cant avoid them others setup so easy its harder to fight them than avoid them... So many faults like the AI not noticing your traveling companions despite standing right next to them and a crafting is so basic I really dont see the point.. why not just have more med packs and shivs laying around rather then simply picking up sissors and bandages selotape and alcohol to make them.
Waste of time.

Graphics are decent enough , sound is decent enough... just a shame really as they could have made this so so good... To be honest the 3 Uncharted games are all far better.... this is a bad combo of Uncharted with dead Island terrible clicking zombies and making weapons..

I wanted GTA free roaming...... Shops to barter and trade with.... proper schematics and free option crafting and selling with a more liberal story that grows with your character........ you get none of this!

Granted I wasnt EXPECTING it just more that I wanted more from the uncharted series as this is simply that but with a new story

No doubt the Fan boi's will jump on this rating... but i'm sorry it's just not that good and certainly not good enough.

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| | See all Lowther456's reviews (3)

Amazing gameplay. Amazing graphics. Amazing story. Amazing game. Just buy it already.

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