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XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  Not for little boys!!

| | See all tazzys's reviews (59)

This game is class. Its a turn based strategic game and it has had me hooked since i downloaded it off the PS Plus. its a real nice chance from FPS and if you love turn based games you will love this. OK its over pretty quickly but it has replayability and you can build an ultimate squad of bad asses but you still have to manage your base and resources. the online is pretty kool too. its basically a team deathmatch but you can play humans or aliens or a mix of both. its pretty good fun and will have you hooked... my advise play the campaign first though and get to know the game and the abilities of the charaters available.

  Back to the days of Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers

| | See all TheKurgon's reviews (7)

As my title suggests for those that ever played it, a very strategy orientated and thinking mans game, not just run and gun. Very detailed and organised with a lot of variety in game and back at base with research, engineering, keeping " The Council " happy.
A lot of satisfaction when you flank an enemy or they stray into your sights whilst in overwatch and you blow their extra terrestrial brains out!
Not for those who love a paced game.......

  Better Than Expected

| | See all DJRam13's reviews (7)

I have been debating about this game for some time and with the reduction in price decided to take the plunge.

For those wanting flat out action I would avoid but those wanting a bit of turn based strategy, its is great.

Graphics not the best but game play for me is fantastic.

One word of warning, as soon as you personalise your units and name them you all of a sudden become more attached and battles become that much more complex as you try to save your leveled up units.

If you are still debating, don't, buy it.

  A class act

| | See all ScummerRich's reviews (1)

I'm old enough to have played the original, but I don't think I did. However, so glad I picked this up as it is quality. Really involving, rewarding and challenging. If you are looking for an alternative to the FIFA and COD type games (which I also love) then this is the change of pace you might just be looking for.


| | See all Mickydoos's reviews (9)

First of all, please ignore k2fnm64 's review. He or she has clearly failed to check out this game before parting cash and hasnt even stated WHY it wasnt something they liked. If you are looking for Call of Duty with aliens, you will not find it here.

Its very rare I'm compelled to leave a review but this is a game many will miss out on..

What you have here is a solid strategy game with turn based combat.

Out of battle - you manage your base and resources, do I spend my resources on better armour or does my squad really need plasma rifles more? Juggling your resources are key here.

In battle, you take turns to manoeuvres your squad, to outflank the enemy or even ambush them . You have 4 classes of soldier - sniper, assault, support and heavy. You will gain abilities and powers for your squad dependant on these. There are scores of different types of enemies to deal with and tactics suitable to dealing with them. The AI is smart though. They will corner you and pick your soldiers off if you're not careful.

The developers have really made looking after your squad vital, you cant afford to throw soldiers away, especially on the higher difficulty levels. It really is heart wrenching when your best assault colonel gets taken down.

There are a few minor niggles that prevent this being a 5 star game.
There is a frame rate issues when there are lots on screen or in a complex building. I think this is less of a problem on PC maybe. Also sometimes the camera can get a bit confusing on multilevel levels. Additionally the game has a tendency to freeze from time to time.

Enjoyable and rewarding gameplay
Difficulties to suit all gamers up to the most hardcore.
Visually pleasing

A few graphical glitches
Frame rate issues

  Great strategy game.

| | See all mclovin86's reviews (2)

With the limited amount of strategy games available for the PS3 it was finally nice to have one. A great game slightly different to other strategy games. But if you like games such as civilisation you'll love this. A must buy for any strategy game lovers.

  Wished i'd have played the demo first!!!!!

| | See all k2fnm64's reviews (9)

Do not be fooled by other 5 star comments about this game, if this game was reduced to a Pound i wouldn't buy it, luckily i purchased my copy from somewhere else that had it on offer, i probably played this game for about 15 mins before i'd had enough then took it to a well known trade in shop who gave me 3 Pound more than i paid for it, this game really is pants you have been warned.

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  Save often

| | See all GamersLoveRetro's reviews (19)

Like the original then you will love this would of have given 5* but for the fact that in later missions the game has a tendency to freeze up and needs to be rebooted hence the save often.

Major patch needed for the freeze outs as in begining of game you can play for hours before it crashes the more you research and the more fancy guns the more chance of freeze.

Save often!!!!

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  Brilliant - through and through

| | See all woodsy321's reviews (6)

An awesome strategy game that makes you want to keep playing!

lots of decisions that change the game, what countries to protect, what to invest in, what to build in your base and what continent to build it in, all change the game , the outcomes and the experience.

Mange your squad, train them , buy them new gear - if you can afford it!

Its all in your hands and i cant praise this game enough.

  Incredible Game.

| | See all EvilWoody's reviews (10)

As a massive fan of the original, I was extremely sceptical about this revamp being released. Thankfully I didnt have to worry at all as the finished result is fantastic. Firaxis have reworked it in key areas to make the game a far less complicated yet more involving game in which you actually care about your soldiers. Games such as 'Brothers in Arms' should take note. Very few bad things to say about it except for a few frame rate issues and the customisation could have been a bit more in depth.

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