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Final Fantasy XIII-2

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Hatsukoi's reviews (4)

This game is a piece of art. Many people disliked it, but they're in their right... you see, we don't have the same tastes.
Although I thought the graphics were a little bit worst, specially in their hair, I loved this game. I likes the XIII, but I sure think this is more fun to play than the older one.
The story is simply amazing, I mean... Oh my god. It's awesome!
The battle system, you have a pet/fiend/"whatever you want to call it" that fills the space of the third member. You can choose whatever he does, and pick the rolle you need (Like maybe a Ravager of Medic).

For last, I think that this game is worth to buy and test it. Many people will love, and other might dislike it.

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  amazing game

| | See all DNewby's reviews (5)

I really enjoyed this game, I grew up with the final fantasy series but lost interest but playing this game has made me get back into the series. I love story driven games and the story to this is amazing, CGI scenes are stunning and so are the in game graphics of characters. There's many puzzles, side missions, items to collect etc... There's loads to do and its all worth the money in my opinion.

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  A high level of polish; good for new and old JRPG players.

| | See all Dixavd's reviews (1)

Despite the name, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is quite open to new and old players. It includes a very good Beginners Guide in-game and explains mechanics well so it can definitely be a starting point for players new to the franchise.

Game play-wise it continues the battle system of Final Fantasy XIII where the player controls one character and the other two are controlled by AI. For the controlled character the player can either manually input abilities or allow the computer to automatically input abilities which can be vital due to battle being very quick or even during longer battles where the time taken to input commands can be the difference between life or death. The battle is still ranked on a 5 Star basis with clearly explained rewards for getting a 5 star rating (due to completing the battle quickly). Changes to the battle system from XIII include better AI (where they will now be more effective from the start even if all the information on the enemy has not yet been deduced on an enemy) as well as only having two playable characters to choose from: Serah or Noel. As well as the option of the third character to be captured monsters to put in the party, so throughout the game the battle system never seems to stagnate as you meet new enemies and gain new party members to choose from for a third part member. Plus the playable characters can be any class so the player gets more control in battle.

The story takes place after the events of FF XIII focusing on these two main characters: Serah, the sister of FF XIII's lead character Lightning and the fiancee of the hot-blooded Snow Villiers of XIII, and Noel, a new character of mysterious origins who pulls Serah into a fight spanning through time to bring back Lightning who seems to have gone missing after the events of Final Fantasy XIII and stop XIII-2's villain Caius.

Since the game takes place through time, the player can go to different destinations through the Historia Crux allowing the player to choose which place they wish to go. However the choice here is actually quite limited as there is only really one main branch during the main story (which in the end both have to be completed to continue the story anyway) with most of the others being side quests. Due to this, completing this game to the normal ending is rather quick for a Final Fantasy title, but there is a lot to do in this game other than the main story, with many destinations on the History Crux map not required to visit to finish the main game. Plus, there are alternate endings to see as well as a secret ending to see after completing every side quest and destination.

Story-wise the game is quite strong however not as strong as previous entries to the series. Quite a lot of the characters are one-dimensional and some can even be quite annoying. On the other hand, the main characters do grow quite a lot during the game and the story overall is quite engaging with generally good pacing on when the game answers questions, has serious moments and when it has silly side quests (however due to there being the option to leave a level and go to another one at any time, a disconnect can occur between the perceived importance of a story sequence and the players ability to go and spend time playing mini-games). Plus, the main villain has quite a lot of depth in the end with him actually seeming the most human of anyone of the cast, and since most of the filler is left out into optional side quests, the game is generally quite engaging throughout giving quite a worthwhile experience even if you choose to ignore all the side content.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has a high level of polish and is consistent throughout. There is a lot of content and a generally good story.

  It does it's job

| | See all Strospiteri's reviews (1)

FFXIII's main issue was it was linear and the story was told entirely through cutscenes. Many of its shortcomings were the result of sudden changes in development and the target audience. It wasnt perfect, but it was still good.

It's sequel's sole purpose is to 'fix' it's tribulations in the name of fanservice and for the most part it works, so long as you can get over the unfocused story. The combat was improved, putting more emphasis on ability variety and restoring many of the series traditions. Some of the 'fixed' aspects however feel forced and is by far (IMO) the worst aspect of the game for what it stands for. For the current price, it's worthwhile, but the original is more coherent despite it's flaws.

  Much better than XIII

| | See all tvrsteve's reviews (1)

Final Fantasy XIII was a disappointment, so my expectations for the sequel were low. However, Square Enix genuinely listened to the negative feedback from the previous game and did surprisingly well in creating a better product.

XIII-2 has opened up considerably in exploration. Instead of XIII's straight-forward, continuous corridor design; here you select destinations from a hub menu, and the game allows you to exit and explore other destinations anytime, at your own pace. Leveling-up is also fully open from the start, rather than restricting your progress throughout the story.

You can also collect enemy monsters and train them up to assist you in battle, though it's just really side-distraction for the most part. The soundtrack is really experimental for the series; a mish-mash or various genres that the series hadn't generally explored before. For the most part it works excellently, though some of the music might not be to your tastes.

XIII-2 falls flat in a few areas though. It has a terrible habit of recycling areas, of particular note, it reuses one certain location as 5 different levels, each with very few differences between them. The storytelling is messy and confusing, though the focus is more on the characters and their back-stories. What almost makes up for this is the villain; the strong, and surprisingly sympathetic Caius, who is absolutely one of the best antagonists the Final Fantasy series has seen in years.

All in all, the game is a significant improvement over Final Fantasy XIII, and due to the bargain prices it's going for these days, is definitely something to check out if you're a fan of the genre.


| | See all linz20's reviews (4)

Gameplay is excellent and so are the graphics. However, what the hell happened to the story? It has no heart! For games that are known for great story telling, this is a real let down. Also the fact that i have to pay more money for downloadable content to complete the story is beyond a joke.

  Final Fantasy.

| | See all jack741's reviews (2)

Much better than 13. Graphics are better, the battles are fun, it is not linear, loads of things to do. Everything is an improvement. The ending is fantastic and very interesting also. A must buy for any RPG fan.

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  Final Apathy XIII-2

| | See all Pompey71's reviews (28)

Nice quick review here. Is it better than 13-1? Yes. Why? It's better paced and has more tasks and activities to do. Is it a decent entry in the Final Fantasy series? Hell no! I'm one of the rare people to LIKE FFX but since then, I don't think a good FF game has come out. Even FFIX was a bit rubbish as was FFXII. It's time I think to stop with the graphics overhauls and get the writers back in. If the current writers are burnt out then to save the franchise, they'll need turfing. Final Fantasy's future rests on the next one I think, it needs to have a strong story with a COHERENT plot, characters that are a distinctly male or female (no more FFXII) and be FUN!

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  Bargain bucket purchase at best.

| | See all Webbers73's reviews (1)

Once upon a time, the name 'Final Fantasy' carried with it expectations of quality story telling combined with state of the art visuals and were a joy to behold. What happened???

In order to appear deep and complex you're bombarded with nonsense from the start. Most RPG's will build up the nonsense gradually to allow you to understand it and relate to the characters motivations.

Auto battle means you now have little involvement in the battle. You might as well be watching someone else play.

Cardboard acting - They probably did their best with the material at hand.

I've given this game 5 hours of my life which I would very much like to have back please!!

Hopefully the next offline installment will feature proper story telling and Characters you can at least Sympathise with.

Anyway, incoherent rant over.
Buy it if you like, this is just my opinion.

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