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The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  old school

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Ratchet and clank HD collection is a remix of the old original games, when they were at their best. With HD remaking giving you the satisfaction with the graphics from a ps2 game. for what its worth you would be getting your moneys worth, bringing out ratchet and clank 1-3 games, giving you a chance to win the trophies and an even better experience playing the online playon ratchet and clank 3. Since we live in the times with better online play such as COD, Battlefield 3, Uncharted and WOW. This is a perfect mini game to play with all your friends.

Ratchet and clank HD Collection is fantastic to buy, and giving you a chance to play the old school classic games you played when you were a kid.

  Fantastic Game

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Really good, the graphics are amazing - if I had to pick a fault, is that the save takes you back to beginning of each round if you turn off machine- but even with that, it is awesome!

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  4 skim

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Hi guys and gals in 1 word quality should buy its for family fun or trophy collectors there,s 3 great games on 1 disc had the 2nd 1 on ps2 enjoyed then even more so now with improved graphics and gameplay buy iy its highly recommended

  Worth buying if you don't mind the bugs

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I am a long time fan of the Ratchet series, and brought this trilogy to add to my collection. Whilst the graphical overhaul is indeed an improvement over the PS2 versions, it is almost outweighed by the amount of bugs this game contains that occurred as a result of the conversion and the fact that the release date was really rushed by Sony.

Most of the bugs are purely graphical based which isn't so bad (some can actually be pretty hilarious), but others are alot more serious. I have on occasion had to manually reset my console after numerous crashes from playing this game.

If you don't mind the many graphical and sound based bugs (and possible crashes), then this collection is great! I am pretty happy with the purchase and I have my hopes up that a patch will be released soon.

Here are my quick reviews for the individual games in the trilogy:

By far the best out of the 3 (remastered-wise). I suspect Idol Minds started on this game first and so had more time to dedicate to it because it is the least buggy out of the collection. The visuals are simply fantastic and the colours really pop! The widescreen is a really nice addition (cutscenes are not widescreen because they are pre-rendered but that is fine).

More buggy than Ratchet 1, but still not bad. I encountered a few odd glitches such as certain NPC's not speaking when they are supposed to speak, and of course the infamous helmet glitch. Subtitles also do not work in this game. Apart from these small things, this game is great and is as visually stunning as the first game.

Definitely the buggiest of the three. Encountered many many system crashes with this, and the game often lags like crazy in some areas despite it being a PS2 game. The online mode seems to be awfully slow for me despite having fast net connection, but I will put that down to them still sorting out the servers (?).
Regardless, this is my favourite game out of the three and even though the amount of problems with this game does upset me, it is still very very playable. Just make sure to make multiple saves when you play!


Idol Minds did a great job on this collection in the short amount of time they had. Sony really rushed to get this out there and so I only hope they they make up for the problems with a patch, or at least fix it in the NA release of the game. Definitely buy this game if you don't mind the bugs! If anything, the addition of trophies got me really exited for it.

If trophies and sharp graphics don't matter to you however, then I would just stick to the PS2 version as you will end up encountering alot less irritating bugs.


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a big improvement compared to the ps2. the graphics are a lot better and the camera control has also been improved

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