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God Of War: Ascension

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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I went into playing Ascension with a lot of high expectations. While it is fair to say that many of those expectations were met (graphics, gameplay, combat system), there was also that hmmmmm element to it, as in hhmmmm, isn't this getting a little too same old, same old? I also thought that for a GoW title, the game was also very short. Don't get me wrong, as a huge franchise fan, for what Ascension delivers, it is a good game. Just not quite very good. A slight disappointment, though still well worth buying. I think it suffers from GoW 3 being so phenomenal, and players wondering where do you go from there and how do you top that? In all, if you're a fan, buy it, if you just want to give it a try, I'd rent it first then make an informed choice.

  What's going on?

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Just finished the single player portion of this game.
The good:
-Game play was fun, combat/puzzle sections well placed
-Great graphics and surroundings
-New combat features welcome, kept the fighting fresh

The bad:
-Ok so my main issue here is the storyline. Apart from a brief intro cutscene that leaves a little to be explained you then spend hours battling through monsters with no real idea of what you're doing or why you're doing it. Coupled with quite a few jumps through time (again done quickly and not fully explained) made for very confusing plot/storyline that was hard to follow. I'm sure if I played through again it may make a bit more sense but you shouldn't have to do that with a game. I feel as though you had to play all the other God of War games to really understand whats going on here which I think is a mistake.. a game should be designed so that anyone can pick it up. Also as it's chronologically the first game in the GoW series you think it would spend a bit more time explaining things. The thing I loved about GoW3 was you could play it and really enjoy it without ever having played any of the other games. Not only was the gameplay fantastic but it also felt like you were watching an epic movie.. so many decent cutscenes that really kept you in the know.

I didn't try the multiplayer yet so can't comment on that (if I'm honest I don't buy a GoW game for multiplayer), however if you have some cash and want to buy this but haven't played GoW3 I would recommend that game instead.

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  God of War: Ascension is amazing! Must buy!

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If you're a fan of past God of War games you will love God of War: Ascension, it's an amazing game that I'd recommend to any fans of the series or genre.

The graphics are the best on consoles by a large margin. The art-style and wide colour palette exemplify the amazing technical graphics. It just looks beautiful.

The gameplay is fast, fun and exciting. Plenty of upgrades, magic, world weapons and an element system keep combat fun and varied.

The sound is brilliant with an amazing OST by Tyler Bates and a first class voice cast.

The story is great and seeing the human side of Kratos is interesting. I don't want to say much and risk spoiling it, it becomes even clearer/better on a second play-through.

The multiplayer is incredibly fun, it's good enough to be a standalone game.

So yes, if you have a PS3 and you're over 18 years old you MUST buy this game, if you're a newcomer to the series I also highly recommend trying both HD collections and God of War III, all are such amazing games and can be bought brand new for a very good price nowadays.

  4 skim

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just played it on campaign its brutal and still
a kratos game it doesn,t have that epic feel that
the other god of war games have but its a very good game
i gave it 4 stars haven,t tryed multi yet