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PES 2013: Pro Evolution Soccer

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Good one play.com

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Just to say thank you so match play.com I love the way you sand my order . And good game so thanx


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I had made up my mind to definitely get FIFA this year, then at the last second i changed my mind and i'm glad that i did.

The usual issue of not having the right team/league or player names is there but it does play well. Tweak your teams settings and formation and this is nearly back to what PES once was.

I still can't get the tricks to work (but that one might be down to me more than the game) but i just think it plays well. There is an extra difficulty setting as well if you really wish to push yourself.

If you ever liked PES, this is well worth a look, you'll be hitting in screamers in no time.

  conversion of a FIFA fan!!

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FIFA is in my blood, iv had every copy ever since I unwrapped FIFA 94 for my SNES for christmas, in my eyes every year there was nothing that could be wrong with this game. Iv never liked PES, never liked the way the game felt, the way it played, the way it looked and the fact it never had licences for names! Typical FIFA fan right! I tried my best to love FIFA this year but couldn't, PES 13 has smashed it to pieces, iv seen through the license problems and everything PES never had and now I see what it does have, PES is the most realistic football game ever! Every movement, every tackle, pass, shot, goal, save, foul, the odd mess up a keeper might do and even the offside rule (which in my opinion football games have struggled to re create) are brilliant! FIFA now feels like much to repetitive game that's too easy to play on every difficulty, every team plays the same, you can win matches by scoring the same type of goal, yeah it may look good but what good is that if its gameplay is boring. You have to give PES 13 a couple hours of your time and you'll be hooked! If you want easy arcade style game that's easy to play and win buy FIFA, if you want a realistic real football game that's going to keep you occupied till next years editions then buy PES!

FIFA fan converted, rest in piece FIFA!

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  Massive improvement!

| | See all buaysgyke's reviews (15)

I have been a huge PES fan for many years. Although, last year I was quite disappointed with PES, so I made a change and purchased FIFA 12.

Once the demos for PES and FIFA 13 was released, I gave them both a good trial, and I came to a conclusion...

If you already had FIFA 12 and you want more of the same action, go with FIFA 13 cos it hasn't improved much.

If you fancy a completely revamped footy game, go with PES, as it has improved in just about all areas.

I've noticed the problem with FIFA is, the teams all feel the same - it doesn't matter which team u are or who you're against, the AI always feels the same. The teams on PES all play different styles, bringing a bit more variety, this becomes much more of a challenge as it becomes more difficult.

Basically if you want a nice 'easy to pick up and play' game, buy FIFA 13. If you want a challenge and get your money's worth, go with PES 13.

Clearly I have reverted back to PES this year, I found FIFA too repetitive.

EDIT: I now have purchased the full version of PES 2013 and I'm still really impressed. Obviously, the biggest downfall with this game is the lack of licences. But if its gameplay that is mostly important to you this shouldn't be a problem. Although, you can purchase cheap unofficial updates for this game to correct all the names/kits/etc.

This game has become very realistic. But it's so realistic that you may have to be so patient at times, like playing a possession game and only just win a 1-0 victory. The AI has become a lot smarter, especially now that there are 6 difficulty modes.

I'm especially enjoying the master league. Despite the fact that people are disappointed with the whole Boots and Abilities add ons, I think it's an extra bonus to the game. You earn points by winning games, then use the points to buy abilities etc in the Pes shop.

I'm definitely impressed with PES 2013. I've not felt this way about it since PES 5. It has been a let down almost every year since the Ps3 was released, but now they seem to be back on track... And fifa may just be losing this battle for once...

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  Good but not great

| | See all aliz24's reviews (1)

bought this from Blockbusters today, played for a number of hours at first was very enjoyable however due to master league being finished i feel the need to get rid, within master league you need to purchase options like boots and power ups for players to use to make them better ( able to play against COM) if you do not buy these you will struggle immensely. Master league has lost all its essence from previous years as it has tried to copy/use Fifa aspects within the game. Online seems better than last year with stable servers allowing you to play good games without any LAG. Gameplay is brilliant and graphics are good too. Again there is a lack of premier league licenses but other leagues and stadiums have been added, on the main menu Leagues no longer exists so only way to play a league is to use master-league. I must say that the game overall is better than last years it flows better and the tactical gameplay is much better, it flows just like real football. However if you seriously enjoy master league ( offline) like my self then I have to say, this game isn't for you as you'll just get frustrated as the COM seems to read everything and are just physically better even if they are a worse team I.e united vs Blackburn rovers, rovers will win without any challenge being made present. Well there's my review hope I've helped.

  Very good... if.....

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Gameplay is spot on. Pacey, accurate and you always feel that YOU produce the good football.

Downside.... no leagues.... NO LEAGUES.

That is a bit like Tiger Woods game without golf clubs.

Konami need to keep the action as it is, and concentrate on the front end of the game. License for kits, clubs, etc is way way way way overdue. Time to reward our loyalty perhaps.

  At last. A lasting experience.

| | See all Charliered81's reviews (2)

My last great footie game was PES5. Since then PES imo has been below par, uninspiring, forgettable and downright disappointing. FIFA has improved a lot since and I did buy the last few additions. However FIFA hasn't lasted more than 2 months in my PS3 console on any recent games, the computer AI is bad and not very deep. (not played FIFA13 yet tho)

Enter PES 2013 DEMO:
Most PES Demos have been terrible, choppy, broken and have put me off the game but the latest demo was so much improved and so much fun. I bought PES 2013 confident that this was a game I could play all the way till PES 2014, this could be the one!

Positives: Gameplay, Manual passing/shooting, Player ID. More animations. Player individuality, good pace, shooting feels weighty, A.I improved. EDIT option files have auto copy!

Play with the top teams and you really can tell they are similar to their real life counterparts, playing with Real Madrid can be fun but too easy. Start a ML season with the default clubs and build your team from the bottom, buying players and nurturing your own young talent. You really have to play to their limited strengths and this becomes an interesting challenge.

Negatives: (much the same from previous iterations)

Animations and collision models need improving.

Sound track still poor, presentation and commentary below par

Lack of EPL Licences, Player ratings always seem off.

Konami don't update players ratings/form as much as

EA, shooting seems too easy, finesse shots too easy.
Arcade boot modifiers to boost players ratings via boots!

No League mode.

All in all this is a big improvement. Most of the negatives are the same every year, Konami concentrate more on the game play aspects. PES needs more work but with the emphasis on gameplay and realism this game can be great.

Maybe with the next gen Console we can get a more polished Glossy PES?

Now I get a playable fun game, highly recommend.


| | See all 1dad1luv's reviews (6)

its frustrating but simply beautiful. The real football is not fair as well full of unpredictable outcomes. thats the summary of the new pes. its so free to pass or do anything on the pitch. Have played over 8 games now and not won any. played on professional and am very good player yet i just could not beat stoke city. u just have to be tactical when playing this game. if u not so good with passing then this is not for u. forget fifa 13. this is the REAL

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  Spot On.

| | See all TCBAKER's reviews (30)

The past few years have been somewhat of a transition for PES, and not a particularly pleasant one.

This years version uses the same game engine, but builds on prevous versions and irons out any annoying bugs. The goalies are fixed, finesse shots added, lobs are now possible, various tricks added, new first touch controls etc etc.

It really is a thoroughly enjoyable game, which hasn't come out my PS3 since i bought it.

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  Best PES yet!

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Forget demo 2, this is a huge improvement upon that. Once you play all the training tutorials only then will you see everything new this wonderful game has to offer. Skills that are easy to pull off and actually useful. New shooting mechanics, manual one twos, improved gk's and the CPU will school you in football unless you adapt and learn the new mechanics. Defending is way better and easier than the demo, if a player gets the better of you it's purely your fault, no shouting at your stupid ai team mates, you've got full control over everything now so it's 100% down to you.

It still lacks kicences and the commentary is nowhere near FIFA standards but that's not a deal breaker or even important to me. I'll download an edit file for free if I really want the licence players and offical kits.

Online is silky smooth with no drop in framerates (so far). Plenty of online competitions to join in I'd you want or your standard head to head game.

It's still got all the cup competitions, champions league and copa liberatordes competition. Then there's football life (master league) which can be played online and offline if you prefer.

Both FIFA and PES are fantastic this year but if like me your an original ps2 PES player then these never been a better time to go back or if your new, get onboard and enjoy this very special interpretation of the beautiful game!

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