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Star Trek

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (4 reviews)"

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  don't waste your money!

| | See all RooRooRooster's reviews (1)

Wow! So poor I can't believe the producers of this game sat back upon completion and said "yep that's a great game, it's ready for release, well done everyone" Graphics are real poor, I expected a lot more, bugs left right and centre, I'd heard poor reviews but had to buy it 'cos of the Star Trek factor and what a mistake that was, really wish I'd rented it. One star and that's only because of some good comical script by the actors voices themselves. Oh and for those that couldn't be bothered to finish the game well you really didn't miss anything, that was a let down too. One word.... poor

  Utter let down

| | See all Danfromneath's reviews (1)

If you want excitement, a thrilling storyline and performances to remember, then I'd say you're far better off going to see Into Darkness.
Amazing film...then I played this.
If I had bought this I'd be furious! Luckily I rented so don't have to trade in a new game to get half the value like you normally do in store credit!
Graphics are not bad in the game and there some great voice overs.
The Trek culture is captured well in my opinion but the game play leaves a lot to be desired.
It's very repetitive and restrictive.. Goes from very easy to very hard when the Ai has a mental breakdown. I literally don't know if I can be bothered to finish the game it's that dull!
The weapons don't seem to be up to much and you get really sick of scanning everything with thr triquater very fast. So disappointing.
If you want a gripping space themed epic then I'd highly recommend the Mass Effect series.
One star, and that's only because I had to give it one on the review form.
If you must play it, please rent and save your money.

  awful star trek game ever

| | See all doctorwhoman17's reviews (2)

star trek in my mind is the best thing ever written but not making it in the right way can be rubbish. the hacking system is awful there are bug that never stop playing only on 1 player , so if you like star trek go and play elite force DONT BUY THIS do thing with your money

  Underwhelming and highly disappointing.

| | See all jules74656's reviews (4)

I have to say, as a huge fan of the franchise, I so wanted to love this game. Initial promo shots and trailers looked extremely impressive, and gave rise to the hope that finally a decent trek game had arrived on a console.
Unfortunately, the game is far less impressive upon playing. It's simply a second rate shooter with the occasional minor puzzle that has had a couple of key figures from the new film series roped in, along with other members of the crew providing the occasional voice-over.
The game itself is stilted and very glitchy, the gameplay repetitive and, to be honest, very quickly becomes boring.
I can only say that amongst a raft of great titles released around the same time such as the phenomenal Tomb Raider and God of War Ascension, Star Trek (and it kills me to type this) fails utterly, and is an incredibley underwhelming gaming experience. I find myself about halfway through the game, and wondering if it's actually worth finishing.
Gutted and severely disappointed. The 2 stars are mostly out of loyalty as a trek fan, but in honesty, to my mind it barely deserves one.

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