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Call Of Duty: Black Ops II (With Bonus Nuketown 2025 Multiplayer Map)

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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| | See all lufcrhinos's reviews (3)

I have been playing this game since release and it STILL is worst game ever. Despite all the updates they still have failed in the inconsistancies that are obvious. I for one will NEVER buy a call of duty game again. Save your money


| | See all funkytr's reviews (4)

The best call of duty yet. Cant understand the negative reviews, I wonder if most of them have been left by Infinity Ward staff, considering the last game they made (Modern Warfare 3) was a total flop!

Treyarch have done a fantastic job, the multiplayer is excellent, decent maps and different weapons. Not to mention Zombies which I am sure will get even better as the new maps are released. Music's quality aswel, gets you right in the mood, improved graphics (although the graphics could be abit better). Decent campaign mode aswel, well worth playing.

I definetly won't be buying the COD games that Infinity Ward develop and release, after being let down so many times since COD 4!

Well done Treyarch! Keep up the good work...

  multiplayer review

| | See all lethalsaint's reviews (15)

it's simply great, people die easier and hardly any lag. Maybe if they just fix the respawn positions a bit better it would help. Apart from that though it's realy good.

  Awful online play

| | See all adistokes14's reviews (1)

Iike everyone i was very exited for this game to come out as black ops was my favorite of the franchise.

MULTIPLAYER - this is why i am writing this review. If you are buying for the multiplayer then buy a different COD. it is awful. The guns are poor and it is mainly an SMG game so other guns are irrelavent. search and destroy is very poor 100xp per kill. If you want to level up faster you cant as challenges such that was in blackops 1 are non existent. You cant be hidden from UAV till the last level in which u prestige anyway so everyone knows where you are.

BO1 big and small maps with relevent guns with perks that allow you to be a good player.

BO2 all maps made for SMG's. terrible perks and terrible guns with no way to improve. ALSO FREZZES YOUR CONSOLE SO YOU HAVE TO KEEP RESETTING IT. and not just on my console.

  Cod 4 still rules

| | See all duffyorchez's reviews (9)

I only play online so i can't comment on campaign or zombies, here goes.
the negatives are..
1. online keeps freezing and no its not my connection, i have the virgin super hub 100meg speed.
2. stabbing is appauling, you miss more than you hit, never happened to me on any other cod.
3. weapons still dont sound right just like on black ops 1.
the positives are
1. maps are good
2. killstreaks are good
3. they have tried to make it more difficult for campers by unlocking uav jammer at level 55 and even when it is used you can be seen if you are camping so you must be moving about. great idea, i hate campers lol.
over all its a good game spoilt by the few probs i stated above but if you are a cod fan you should buy it and see for youself.

  Personally My favourite Of The Series

| | See all RicoRonJon's reviews (5)

As others have mentioned, the series hasn't moved on in great leaps and bounds but I personally feel the little tweaks they have done warrant five stars. I'm only about an hour into the campaign on the hard difficulty so for all those complaining about it being short, crank it up a notch, it'll draw the game out by an extra 50 - 75% playing time easily. Mind you, I'm not the world's best game player which brings me to Multiplayer.

It's pretty much more of the same but there's some great new maps in there and I love the custom load outs you can do. It really helps you tweak when you're not the world's best player.

I, like others, had concerns about the futuristic leap with the series but this has been done extremely well in my opinion.

Overall, I think it's a nice step forward, not leap, for the series and one where new players can leap into it without caring too much about the back story and existing players can enjoy something a little different.

Let's face it, it's Call Of Duty. It's never going to change that much but that won't stop us buying it.

To summise, great graphics, great voice acting, great story (so far) so I don't think you'll be disappointed.

For the record, I bought the Care Package edition and I thought it was good value for money compared to other so called "ltd" "special" editions etc I have bought in the past.


| | See all DestructivePrince's reviews (5)

Zombies is a blast and some of the new additions are welcome but others are annoying (fire everywhere) If you enjoyed BO zombies you will love BO2 version.

Campaign is too short and cinematic take forever with not enough user controlled gameplay but the story is good.

The real problems are in multiplayer where not only has nothing got better since previous cod's its actually become worse. If you don't have a 4 bar connection there's little point in playing. The matchmaking is terrible and i constantly get put with european players in spain, italy and france but never in english lobbies so the connection is always bad.
The maps are horrible, there's bits sticking out everywhere that stop your character from moving, you get pushed around when running by team mates and the camping headglitchers are out of control.
The biggest problem is the hit detection and freezing it's at the point where it's basically unplayable.
IMO Call of Duty is starting to fail, it's just no fun anymore!

  Black Oops 2

| | See all Lordy5906's reviews (6)

Welcome back Treyarch. Welcome back poor hit detection. Welcome back connection issues. Welcome back lag. Welcome back naff graphics. Welcome back campers. Wish I could welcome back my 42 quid.

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| | See all Kidda10's reviews (2)

If you didnt like Black Ops... you will not like this! Online graphics are poor. Too like being in a cartoon. Dialogue is cheesey! M P is made too easy by having too many perks. Its not user friendly! Both campign and M P are stone-wall BORING! Infinty Ward all the way!

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  £40 to go to the cinema!!

| | See all MikeShropshire's reviews (1)

What the heck have they done? You get a few minutes game play then several minutes of story! Levels are short with the game taking over the characters movements. These games are supposed to get better with more action and gadgets. I hope they learn their lesson from bad reviews and make the next one better. Only good bit so far is the multiplayer free for all.

To sum up this game..... BORRRRRRRRING!