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Call Of Duty: Black Ops II (With Bonus Nuketown 2025 Multiplayer Map)

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  what the ?

| | See all hammy3121's reviews (2)

I got this game and medal of honor warfighter on the same day and played both for five hours each and i have to say that black ops2 is appauling. The story, the graphics , sounds and weapons are really poor. Treyarch have tried to do something different and it just hasn't paid off at all. It is using the call of duty slogan to shift its games but it will always live in the shadows of modern warfare franchise. BUY MOH WARFIGHTER. - GAME OF THE YEAR.

  poor effort

| | See all elsquinto's reviews (1)

nothing has improved much, all multiplayer maps are pratically the same, made for camping. zombie survival maps are way to small. gameplay is terrible. if you have black ops 1 save your money, personally i think it's better. Endless problems.

  Same ol stuff

| | See all FRIZZLEFRY's reviews (1)

kill spawn kill kill spawn kill spawn spawn kill kill and so it goes on, shotgun blast to the head.. oh you arent dead and you've killed me with with your knife from six feet away.. another COD cash cow in my opinion, thought this one was going to be different and offer something new, it doesnt... I am already back on BF3.

  In two minds... Simple is sometime Better!

| | See all Brandnew25's reviews (2)

I may or may not ever buy another COD game again, Black ops 1 Clearly the best out of the lot. the story was great, the mutiplayer was awesome,... this game, massive disappointing, the graphics are great, the story mode is good, zombies is alright but face if ya a true gamer, you buy this game for the mutiplayer, and to me the mutiplayer is a let down, its the same as MW3 the maps arnt that good, there is too much information, and if ya want seem like the best, you cheat. too many unnecessary perks with guns. sometimes being simple is better... seems like they are trying too hard to do something different,

  Black Ops 2 - Reviewed

| | See all CBrand89's reviews (2)

Treyarch promised us they were going to bring big changed to freshen up the franchise. Have they done enough to make this one good ?

CAMPAIGN - The campaign takes place all over the world from the perspective of a few different characters which could become confusing if youre not paying attention. The story line is not as good as Black Ops 1 and it continues the usual stuff like over the top explosions and massive firefights. The campaign adds a few player choices which is a step in the right direction but it still feels too scripted and doesnt feel as if youre decisions will have any massive impact. Graphics remain unchanged and a few new weapons doesn't make up for that. Overall the campaign is average, its not the worst COD storyline ive ever played through but it certainly does not beat the plot for Black Ops 1.


MULTIPLAYER - With the addition of new game modes, some different guns and a bunch of new maps nothing major has changed. Although they have added the "PICK 10" system which adds more personalization for selecting your loadout before matched which is good. Plus you can get rid of things you dont use like an extra grenade or a handgun etc. Apart from the pick 10 system its almost identical to previous COD games which isn't enough progress to warrent a new release in my opinion. Some of the futuristic weapons are fun but thats about it.


ZOMBIES - Zombie mode is probably the most entertaining as it brings back its amazing co-op survival mode. The addition of "transit" makes it very fun as youre on a boarded up bus keeping zombies away. The bus stops, you jump out to look for new weapons etc before having to run back to the bus so you dont get left behind. I've not spent enough time on zombie mode to give it a proper review but so far its been great.


Overall Black Ops 2 been pretty much what i expected, a few new features to multiplayer, a new storyline, no graphics update and no huge changes make Black Ops 2 almost a copy and paste effort on what previous COD games were. That being said multiplayer is always competative and ranking up can still be fun, Zombies is a great laugh with friends or online but the campaign is below par in my opinion.


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  Good, but also dissapointing!

| | See all oliverjacques's reviews (4)

As the title states I have found this version of COD to be a little disappointing given my expectations having played nearly every COD release to date. Graphics and Game play are great that is a given with COD titles though there just isnt that degree of improvement from previous games it actually feels as more of an expansion of the original Black Ops then its own game. The Story in my opinion must be one of Black Ops 2s weakest features, though on paper it could have been great the narration and bad syncing just takes the players interest away. Lastly multiplayer and Zombies though they seem like they would have been this games strongest points are greatly overshadowed with connectivity issues and freezing. The game is still great fun to player as its the newest line in the series however falls short of what one could expect from the COD series


| | See all centurion's reviews (54)

This is a really good game. The graphics are good, the game play is good you have the single player mode, zombie player mode and the multiplayer mode you get lots of maps to play in the multiplayer level. Its set in the near future and here is the down side the last black ops game had a habit of freezing in the multiplayer level and its happening with this game in the multiplayer mode.I went back and played the first black ops game nearly a year after i had bought it and it was still freezing in the multiplayer mode and it looks like they have not fixed the problem for this version. Thats why only 4 stars and not 5

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