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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Great fun with depth of any serious fighter.

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Being an avid fighting game fan mainly on the xbox 360 I thought I would buy my first fighting game for the PS3 so I picked this up, I'm a big Street Fighter fan and dabble with other games such as SFxT/MVC but as a youth playing a lot of Smash Bros.

This game is kinda a mix of all which is nice. Although the controls are not complicated at all and special moves only require 1 direction and a button, there is a lot of depth into combos moving your opponent around the screen and continuing to bash.

So far I am really enjoying it, my only problem is the balancing issue as raiden/kratos are dons of the game and rape all but for 20 pound this game is great!

I will be playing this a lot over the next coming months until the ps4 comes out.


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Firstly, I would like to point out that this is first and foremost a party game. The single player campaign, though fun is nothing more than a afterthought. It consists of you fighting various 'all stars' in different scenarios, ending in you killing a boss which is essentialy a giant robot head that spawns more 'all stars'.

Where this game shines is in the multi player action. Anyone who has played smash brothers on the wii, this is a very similar game, in my opinion better as the graphics and moves are better.

Another review here mentions that it is a button bashing game with no skill required - rubbish. Plenty of skill is required, only someone with no skill would say that when it comes to this game. Each character has 3 different attacks, quick and low, medium and medium, slow and hard. Each attack can be performed in any direction, with differnt effects and outcomes depending where you are facing. Each character also has special moves, tier 1, 2 or 3, which are built up by successful normal hits.

This game takes about half an hour to get to grips with and master, but when you and a few mates have got to grips with it, easily becomes a game of skill and technique and very enjoyable. Have proberly clocked up about 20 hours in total on this now and it doesn't get boring. Anyone just 'button bashing' will not last long ...

Pick up a copy and enjoy, on that note though, personaly I paid 20 pounds for it and proberly wouldn't pay much more, it is afterall a party game and not something you would spend a huggge ammount of time on if you where playins solo, the game shines when you are with friends. Treat it like a tekken game, i.e. expect the price to go down quickly but stick at the 20 pounds mark for a year or so. Well worth picking up if you have friends :)

  Button Basher

| | See all BEDMEISTER's reviews (26)

This is essentially a button basher fighting game which really isn't what it could have been. You need little to no skill to play and as a result it gets boring very quickly.

There is little skill in guiding your character around the screen smashing the buttons to fill your "specials" gauge. Once filled you unleash a move to instantly kill your opponent or opponents.

The levels ore great though with strange combinations of games merging to create really interesting background visuals. However the characters get lost in everything going on and it can get too busy at times.

The selection of characters (20 ish) is pretty poor with little difference between many. There are also a few characters who have special moves which are simply too powerful - allowing multiple kills and all but ending the battle.

It looks and plays great on the Vita however and the online works great however if you like any level of complexity or skill in your gaming then give this a miss - Or at least rent it first before purchasing.

  Best fighting game I have played.

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

As a complete and absolute NOOB with fighting games, i was a bit worried I would buy this and end up disliking it like most other fighting games I have tried over the years.

But I had always wanted to play Super Smash Bro's, but was put off by the fact it is on Wii.

Now PS3 has its own version and it is a lot of fun and very accessible for noobs and experts a like. A lot of online reviews have made out that the control mechanism is overly complicated, but I fail to see why? I have had no issues playing both offline and online with this game and the controls are very tight, easy to use accurate.


- The visuals are amazing on both Vita and PS3.
- The locations you fight in are a live, beautiful, well animated, varied, layered and full of PS3 throw-backs.
- As mentioned above, the controls seem easy to me - unsure of why expert reviewers have said otherwise?
- The man story can be completed for each character in little under 15 minutes each making replay very nice.
- The difficulty levels seem spot on to me with easy being easy and hardest given a challenge, but nothing mind-numbing.
- The selection of characters is very impressive with each one playing very differently and feeling different.
- You can customise your characters skin, intro and outro videos and sound effects.
- You can customise your profile.
- There is a tone to unlock in regards to skins, icons and backgrounds, etc etc.
- Your characters all level up which give a nice sense of progression.
- The online gaming was stable and fun (although the vita version takes longer to get started).

- YOU GET THE PS3 AND VITA version for the price of ONE!!
- Your character progress on the PS3 is translated to your VITA also... (required internet connection), so you can move between both and progress will continue.


- I found one bug on the Vita version where the Vita will go into sleep mode when trying to load an offline or online game because the Vita doesn't seem to recognize the game is still active. It doesn't ruin anything, but you have to press the power button to wake it up and get back into the game.

- Some characters are NOT very useful. I love using Kratos, but personally found Nathan Drake to be completely useless when aiming his gun or using his super level 1.


The only difference I have found between the PS3 and Vita are the graphics slightly and the menu system layout. The layout on the Vita does all the same things, but is is blueish where as the PS3 is greenish. I personally prefer the layout of the Vita menu system better.


This is the first time I have continued to play a fighting game and not become bored after finishing the story mode. A very impressive, easy to pick up and play, and get into game.

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