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F1 2012

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all mykalboi's reviews (7)

This really is a good racing game im a massive F1 fan and I have to say that this is by far the best F1 game out there.

  F1 2012

| | See all davidred5's reviews (7)

F1 2012 is by far the best F1 game that Codemasters have made.

Lots of improvments

What i liked

Better graphics
Slicker Menus
Great challenges
Better Layout
Ramp up is up to you
All Assists to No Assists
Champions Mode great addition and not easy to complete
Flags and Penalties are far more accurate

What I did NOT like

Not much
Changeable weather can be tricky
In COCKPIT CAM mode you CANT see the car behind at all even if its really close

By far the best f1 game out on the PlayStation.
Well Doen Codemasters looks liek thsi tiem they listened to the fans

  Best F1 Game i've played.

| | See all Walshie121's reviews (3)

Played the previous 2 instalments of F1 by codemasters and this one has been tweaked and seems to be worthy of a five star rating. Have only just started the career and finished albert park, With caterham i managed to secure 10th on the grid with difficulty set on professional so i altered it to legend and finished a respectable (but beieveable) 16th. So ya gotta play with the difficulty settings to find a realistic balance. As for car handlng it feels superb, the way you can nearly lose grip if you accelerate too harshly off the corners. The brakes can be adjusted whilst driving on this one and they kept the fuel change possible (rich, standard, lean). Graphics and frame rate run smoothly and the menu interfaces are brilliant they are good for beginners and experienced users. So all in all i'm well happy with my purchase and would recommend to all f1 fans.
Update - a week later i've just completed villeneuve park (cananda), and i can say that cars do crash without you causing an incident now and again. Punctures do happen and engine failures to AI Cars. Cars react to your track position, not with aggression though, unless they are usually already on the 'racing line' and ahead of you. When it rains you have to judge how long until you require inters and wets, and some AI cars may come in earlier and others later.
Ive played online 4 times since and although some people do just crash and that ive found some great races with other people where its been so tight. I Still think monaco is impossible to drive around without losing a front wing though lol, but there is no more tunnel wall glitch. I still think its a great game.

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| | See all Skirvy's reviews (2)

Seems Codemasters have done an amazing job for the best computerised f1 experience. 2010 was great for graphics, not so good at handling. 2011 was great for handling, but graphics were poor and both games car audio haven't been too good either. But 2012 is amazing graphics, amazing handling and game just seems much better laid out now. First impressions are extremely possitive.


| | See all Teide27's reviews (15)

As a fan of F1 for 20 years, long have I waited for a computer game to take me closer to the thrill of driving a modern day Formula One car. I purchased the Codemasters F1 2010 and F1 2011 and whilst 2010 was a good start, 2011 was a disappointment, especially in the graphics and frame rate issues on the PS3 version.
So when 2012 release date was nearing I was obviously wary. I tried the demo that was released a couple of weeks ago and was pleased with that and so went on to buy the game today......WOW this is FAN-TASTIC!! as certain Murray Walker would scream. The frame rate and graphics issues of PS3 F1 2011 firmly in the past. The menu and presentation brought right up to date. Car handling that some may find difficult to adjust to at first. But you'll soon get the hang of it, braking in a straight line and easing off the brake as you near the corner apex and then gentilly threading in the throttle as you exit. Using KERS and DRS soon after. For sure it's not perfect but this is without dout the closest to getting into a simulator costing thousands of pounds or indeed stepping in to a 600kg V8 F1 car. Well done to Codemasters after what was to be honest a disappointment on the PS3 with last years title. F1 2012 is highly recommended to fans of the sport and indeed petrol heads

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  Best F1 yet from Codemasters

| | See all Gamesgem's reviews (15)

Having played both the previous Codemasters F1 games 2010 and 2011, I was not so sure this years offering was going to offer enough of an improvement to justify purchase. Thankfully it does if you are a dedicated racer.
It is more accessible with the difficulty balance much improved, not just for the hardcore but also the standard pad player. I have never been able to drive really confidently with traction control off in the championship, but in 2012, you can. Somehow the controls are more responsive and feedback through the car is better giving you more confidence to push, without making the experience easy.
Of course you can still customise the game to suit your play style and experience.
Presentation is very slick, as we have become accustom with Codemasters, and the visuals have been suitably improved, the weather effects looking very nice.
The better you do in the young driver section at the start, gives you access to to a higher placed team, so its worth pushing, as it does not look like you will be able to win with the lower placed teams, which adds to the realism.
All in all I'm very happy after my first impressions, the game is much tighter, which I feel will make the game more enjoyable over the coming months.
If you are an F1 fan, now is the time to take the plunge and give the game a go, Codemasters have delivered.

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