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FIFA 13 (Move Compatible)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  Poor Game

| | See all GLEvans3's reviews (1)

Worst FIFA game to date. I struggle to understand how the game has benefited from so many good reviews, a lot needs improving, FIFA need to focus on game play and glitch resolving rather than the graphics for a change. Details below on a number of errors i have come across;

- David Luiz is faster than everyone
- I tap square and the ball travels the length of the ptich, i hold square, and the ball travels about 10 yards.
- Defenders are out muscled by weak strikers easily
- The keepers seem to have a mind of there own, when they have a ball coming towards them, with no attacking players near, they punch the ball instead of catch, normally to an attacking players feet.
- There are a lot of players overrated and a lot underrated, e.g. Baines isn't rated as the best LB in the Premier League.
- Benteke outpaces Jordi Alba
- The referee is always in the way, he either blocks the ball, or blocks a player.
- Players on the same team often collide, and trip each other up.
- The advantage rule is useless e.g. I was on the edge of the box attacking, and got fouled and the ball went back to the half way line to one of my players, and i got a continued advantage rather than a free kick.
- When a player on my team gets fouled, the other team gets a free kick.
- When the goal keeper leaves the box he often hand balls the ball without being penalized.

These are just examples of things that need to be significantly improved. .

  Having some trouble after 2 seasons.

| | See all Risthemeaning's reviews (2)

After playing a lower league team for 2 season my game suddenly has a glitch and wont go any further, and apparently the only way to fix this problem is to buy something else and adapt to that, so it's not bad enough that I go and spend shed loads of money to play the most anticipated game of the year but now I have to go out and spend more money to play beyond 2 seasons, this is probably the last time I will buy this game as it's just ruined my experience.

  Hard to write a PG review.

| | See all TheSmithmeister's reviews (24)

Like the title suggests this game caused me to swear a great deal, im not normally one to review games movies etc byt i felt obliged to this time around. For starters i've never played PES im a FIFA man or at least i was, this game was great the ai was smarter the likenesses were a bit better the manager mode had improved every thing was dandy that is until i tried to start a second season and the game completely froze, at first i just thought that was weird and restarted it same thing then i started to think my PS3 had died a death but i checked on the internet first and found i wasnt the only one. Many other people complaind of the same problem and EA announced on twitter that there was a problem with the software but they would be releasing a patch which would fix it that weekend (this was about wednesday) so i decided to wait for it and wait, and wait, and wait until on the monday it was announced it had been postponed for i think about two weeks (this was a while ago i only got round to writing ths now) finally it did arrive and i updated it and guess what it still didnt work for me anyway, i again checked on twitter and found some people saying it was working great others like me not so much. So anyway i got fed up and traded it in (in case you're wondering i played other games to check it is absolutely not my console) then a few weeks ago about two months after i traded it in i decided to rent it to see if it had been fixed UNBELIEVEABLY IT STILL DIDNT WORK!!!!!!! so that was it then the next day i gave it back and washed my hands of the series once and for all. I honestly can't believe EA got away with this second rate rubbish service.

  Dramatically flawed

| | See all Hoxton33's reviews (1)

Okay, so the menu's are 10 times better and there is a lot to do. Then you play online. Anything you thought you liked about football literally flys out the window. People have become apparent to the 4-3-2-1 formation. Which means sit back as far as they can get, press R1 and make the computer do all the work. Get the ball, and have 3 attackers vs your few defenders because the computer likes sending the wing backs to go walkies. This happens, over and over again. So please tell me, where is the realism is such things? I will never go to such tactics because I play football, and well Fifa how it is supposed to.

Game play wise, it is very sound. Again, until online is involved. When it's hard to select players, referees are very dodgy, Younis Kaboul is faster then Theo Walcott..?! and many many more reasons. So, do buy Fifa, it is a class game. Just stay well away from the idiots online who are single-handedly ruining the game with a flaw they found, and EA don't want to listen to.

  very dissapointed

| | See all smutcrack's reviews (2)

the game is a joke,it cheats(lets win whoever it wants to)ive had opponents pass back to the keeper and he picks it up,also a open goal tap in and it blasts it high and wide,ive ended up snapping my disc as i was getting so angry with it,will NOT be getting fifa again

  EA letdown

| | See all cranny68's reviews (1)

Always been a massive Fifa fan but so many problems and glitches with FIFA 13 wouldn't recommend to anyone until EA sorts out the issues

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  Very addictive and slightly frustrating at the same time!

| | See all Rish1984's reviews (3)

I have followed the fifa series from all the way back from the sega mega drive days and even the pes games. when i bought fifa 12 i found myself getting bored with it quite easily and dritfed to pes, however what they have done is taken the good bits from fifa 12, added a whole new physics of the game in to 13. if you want to just run easily past players, hit those impossible shots in to goal then in all honesty this game is simply not for you. if you want to get that last gasp goal and grind out the results, shout and scream at your tv like a supporter then this game is right up your alley!. why some people complain about the realism of the game really baffles me. i personally love it and find it dragging me more and more in to the game wanting to fight for the goals, get revenge on the team that beats you. the only gripe i have with the game is the new loose ball system tends to favour the game a bit more than it does you

  waste of money

| | See all laserden's reviews (4)

played this game a few times and the servers at EA are terrible.
the game also freezes at different places in the game
I thought it was my ps3 at first but it only happens on this game !
the game has a lot of bugs and therefor renders it useless
very dissapointed fifa fan.

  One too many glitches

| | See all Lucas24's reviews (25)

As good as the game is there are far too many glitches on the game.

Blatant own goals given to a random player of the team who scored. Players going down injured and labelled as a totally different player. Auto save doesnt always save when you want it to.

The biggest glitch is th efreezing of the game, this has happened on many game modes, randomly when I pause to make a sub, and in the arena before an online game.

Positive things about the game however, I like the updates of going to other grounds when there is a goal, and the injury updates from touchline reporter. I also like career mode where there is updates of cup draws and classified score update. Also the fully licensing of my team Tottenham is a plus. I also find it good that you can now win titles on online season mode.

In summary though it still feels that I have bought a faulty product due to the glitches.

  Football Is Fun Again

| | See all mickey6chins's reviews (26)

FIFA 13 continues to build on the recent run FIFA has been on since 10 with great gameplay where new features are integrated without making it feel alien to prvious users. The 1st touch system works very well it feels natural and adds weight to the player you control skill players such as Neymar / Ronaldo / Messi etc are noticably different to use compared to say Defoe / Torres and makes you think about what you are going to do when receiving a pass. The tactical defending returns but whereas last year year it felt to diffcult to master and overly punished this year it fits into gameplay more seamlessly. Season mode now includes opportunity to manage internationally if job is offered. Before matches you take part in skill challenges such as hitting targets with long pass to upgrade whilst game is loading.

Other returning modes include Be a Pro, online matches and arena mode to practice free kicks etc

Ultimate team remains as addictive as ever and slightly expanded to include more formations and postions within ultimate team.

Fifa also set weekly challenges based on real results. Potentially making an endless game.

From a negative point of view the menu screens are still painful to navigate and the background crowds in the stadiums look like they have been life from Fifa 07 on PS 2

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