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FIFA 13 (Move Compatible)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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| | See all Neils10's reviews (3)

Anyone who doesn't give this game a 5 star rating simply can never be pleased! It's the best football game I have ever played and the multiplayer has an excellent format and allows you to climb up the leauges or relegated based on your ability. I have PES13 and iv not played it since iv had fifa13. Don't buy any other football game because u will be wasting your money! FIFA13 is EXCELLENT!!!

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  Robotic, frustrating and plain boring

| | See all Mads248's reviews (17)

Ok I know the full time gamers and "hard core" fans will disagree in force but this game is just robotic. Keep passing to death while the AI does not make space for the man in possession. On the other hand, your opponents are perfect in tackling, sprinting, positioning etc and frankly it's too much effort playing teams like Bournemouth in the capital one cup when you're Man United. (world class level)
In a nutshell:
- Not really a passing build up game, more like lofted through ball or hit on the break
- AI defenders are generally as quick as the best wingers in the game.
- Defending is rubbish, tried jockeying and containing.
- The opposition packs their penaly area and when they hoof the ball upfield there are always 2/3 players goal hanging.
- Too much effort to score the same type of goals *hence robotic)
- errmmmm, aint this just a videogame thats supposed to be challenging but a wee bit fun too???

This is just my opinion but if you disagree, each to their own.

In general, this is like watching Italian football with two teams of an average age of 40 each.


| | See all simsimmah24's reviews (1)

Can't believe anyone would dislike this game. The older Fifas paled in comparison to the Pro Evo series which seemed to offer so many different styles of play and individual touches/skills etc. Since Fifa 10 EA have been slowly improving the depth of the game and this new edition is a radical improvement on what was already a great game. You really have to graft and carve out moves and defend doggedly, but when you get it right it's totally satisfying. A game for perfectionists


| | See all messymess's reviews (1)

last years fifa was not to bad but this years it is poor i play alot online and the amount of times the ball just bounces off players and hits the ref is stupid. Do not get me wrong it looks great but i seem to spend more time resetting my ps3 because onlne doesnt connect and load is really annoying and why does it not connect u to the same star team as what u are playing with POOR POOR

  PES puts this to shame

| | See all Glitched's reviews (3)

I agree with another reviewer, I also used to be a fifa addict, until I play FIFA 13, you have no control over your players they seem to be out of position all the time. And acting weird. I've even been in a game where the linesman even runs onto the field.
When you get to play a cup in season it's ridiculously hard it's like you are playing against the best in the world. You only have 3 days to win it, if you don't then you have another 2 weeks to wait! I'm a trophy hunter and this is the only trophy I can't get for FIFA13, I've played it non stop for nearly 3 days I can't get past the semi final........JUNK! Don't waste your dough. Please add me. Waynio121


| | See all waynio121's reviews (1)

I used to love playing fifa, up to fifa 10 that was.
Everything about 13 is shocking, even the online play has gotten worse, i think EA need to have a couple of years rest from fifa, then try again maybe.
I feel these games have been rushed, they try to cram everything in and i dont think the game and the servers can handle it.

  IDK...Should a game be fun or Not?

| | See all nate2165's reviews (1)

Fifa 8 = 4 Stars
Fifa 9 = 4 stars
Fifa 10 = 4 Stars
They all have a few imperfections let me tell you!
Fifa 11 = (ENTER THE DREADED REALISM) First impressions it was 2 Stars but eventually it won me over a bit and 'battled' to a 3 Star rating
This had many imperfections and was all about 'battling' on the pitch which was kinda rewarding and addictive in the end but still NO fun!!
Fifa 12 = Tragic football game with barely a redeeming feature in it in my opinion scored 1 out of 5
Fifa 13 = Much of the same tbh but it is slightly better than 12 in the respect it plays just a tiny bit faster... VERY poor football ghame though and by no means worthy of me adding a whole star so only gets 1 out 5.

PEOPLE I AM/WAS A FIFA ADDICT NOT A PRO EVO WANNABE etc... PLEASE STOP buying this non - sense its had its soul wripped out over the last few years and is NOT FUN anymore, Its simply just VERY FRUSTRATING!! STAY AWAY YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED if you dont need to play it online just buy Fifa 9 or 10 to play against mates at home (game will cost like 1 pound!!!) and enjoy the football!!

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  Best FIFA yet - FACT!

| | See all cv5fox's reviews (4)

I can't believe people don't like this. It's obviously those who used to play as Barca or Real and run as fast as they can with Messi or Ronaldo to score a goal.

This you have to work you players into positions in order to carve out chances. Yes it's frustrating at times, but thats football, you score some and win, you miss some and lose. Very Realistic.

Best FIFA by far.

  worst fifa game of the last 5 years

| | See all billffgdsfg's reviews (1)

I have bought the fifa games every year since i can remember and this is by far the worst. yes it has better graphics but that is the only good point. The gameplay is more realistic but who wants it to be so realistic that players take bad touches when through on goal, also trying to get into online matches is sometimes hard. players are allways muscled off the ball again this just makes the game so stop and start its unreal.

  Best footy game yet again!

| | See all Latics316's reviews (63)

1star must be pes fan,best footy game up to date imo,if you fancy playing as london blues or manchester reds get pes13,if you want real football game get fifa 13,fifa vs pes will go on and on for years fifa for me will and always will be number1!!!

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