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Beyond: Two Souls

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Really bad sixaxis motion capture

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The game itself is pretty cool. The story's great and it hooks you from the beginning. But I'm truly disappointed with the sixaxis. I don't know why they didn't make this move compatible just like Heavy rain. Whenever there is a command in which I need to shake the controller, whether is up and down or left-right this damn dual shock doesn't get it, it doesn't capture it, it just wouldn't work. I'm sick and tired of reseting the controler, I even bought a new one. (both are original sonys)...Nothing. It works whenever it wants, which isnt much often. And sometimes you really need that on the videogame. It's really annoying and it's close to spoil the whole game experience to me.

  Good game in many ways ... but ....

| | See all VULCANGLOCK's reviews (7)

Just completed the game and really have mixed feelings about it .It definitely won't be everyone's cup of tea , but the main thing in it's favour is it's different .As others have said - if you enjoyed Heavy Rain then this is for you .The graphics are generally good although 'The last of us ' really beats this hands down . Some of the game can be quite tedious but the story and the character acting are very good .
The game gets a lot better from the point of 'Navajo' onwards with ' The mission ' being the best and the whole game would of been better if it had been styled towards this gameplay . The last thirty minutes of the gameplay and storyline is dramatic , surprising and quite touching .
The game does descend into' point here 'for the next cut scene ,-' click here' for the next cut scene etc..etc.. it's a good game which I feel could of been better by making the gameplay a bit more interactive
( such as actually having to AIM a gun at someone before shooting (R1 button ) instead of just getting into position and pressing R1.)
Some parts of the game the graphics seem much better than others - almost as though more work was put into the better storylines .
I agree that the game isn't really re-playable - you do get the feeling that whichever option you go for - the outcome will be the same (except for in the last half hour .) Like the other reviewer I will be selling this game . Do I regret buying it ? - A firm NO - but it's biggest attribute is that it is DIFERENT - and for that reason , a pleasure to play

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  Great Game

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This is a Blockbuster for the casuals and hardcore alikes, Many girls enjoy the game and even some parents can pick and play this. Its coop friendly so two people can enjoy it together , and has great replay value because you can do so many different routes of the story and change the outcome.

If you loved heavy rain, you will love this game

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  two souls

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Firstly I'm going to review the game on the graphics. The graphics are the best I've ever seen on any console, Ellen Page and Willem Defoe play the parts perfectly and the detail on their characters are perfect along with the surrounding locations.
Gameplay is exactly like Heavy Rain, as expected with it been the same makers, controlling your character with the left stick and just pushing buttons when prompted, personally i prefer to feel more involved in a game and get the proper feel of it, these *button prompts* don't quite do that for me, but with reading reviews before buying the game i knew what to expect.
The game is definately worth a buy, it's different to other games, controlling Jodie's entity, Aiden, can be fun, controlling other human beings by entering their body, unlocking doors from the other side and scaring people you dislike is entertaining. Playing throughout 15 years of Jodie's life, the game draws you in on quite an emotional experience. I haven't quite completed the game yet, but i wouldn't have thought it would have much replay value, I bought mine for 44.99 but once i've finished the game i will be selling it as i wouldn't be wanting to play it again.
All in all a very good game with something different to it. 5 stars for me.

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