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Dead Island: Riptide

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (3 reviews)"

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  If you liked the 1st

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This game continues where the first finished, and not to give too much away, you end up on another island. The game hasn't really changed much, everything in place has just been added to. You can drive the same indestructible 4x4 (which everyone on these islands seems to own!) but now you can pilot a motorboat type of thing, there's different things to collect, different mods. But essentially, to me, the engine is unimproved, I mean it was ok, but needed some tweeks. The real let down,for me, was again; no player instigated saves, I mean it's free-roam, what developer wouldn't put player saves in place?
I liked the 1st game and I give this 4 stars as though it were the 2nd half of it, you can buy it now for less than a lot of dlc packs, so considering that you get a lot for your money. Hope this helps.

  More of the same but who's complaining?

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More of an expansion pack than a new game but as you can pick this up for less than 25 quid it's a bargain. There's a new playable character, a few more types of Zombie and some different weapons. Yes there are still a few bugs but who really cares as your decapitaing a Stencher with your Death stalker Waizasaki? If you enjoyed the first game you'll love this.

  Killing zombies has never been so much fun, somtimes..

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Well I got the 1st dead island and I must say I was instantly hooked. The game is original, full of gore and has plenty of feel good factor as well as being brilliant to get rid of any built up stress or anger thats in your system.
It was also very addictive and fun to try out different characters and see their strengths and weaknesses.

Well Ive played the 2nd now long enough and Ive found plenty of glitches and floors which I was hoping would have been ironed out after the 1st dead island. I was certainly looking forward to the 2nd, riptide, but for me it hasnt changed enough. It feels and plays too much the same or worse.

1 When getting into cars you cannot enter into them via any door, you have to go to the drivers door, unlike the first dead island.

2 It has taken me ages to find my 1st gun on the island, despite having and losing all 3 types of guns on the ship. What is the point of having a character that specialises in guns, when they and their ammo are so rare in the game especially at the start.

3 When using your foot stomp to kill a zombie and smash its skull in with your boot it takes a few seconds for the game to complete this move. Unfortunately in this time you are totally defenceless so if there are other zombies about and you do this move they will be able to hurt you and you will probably die.

4 Zombies respawn very quickly so if you clear an area of zombies and decide to go and repair your gear, expect the zombies to be back when you retrace your steps.

5 Like the 1st dead island you find weapons and they improve on levelling up and also depending what colour the weapons name is. I get fed up of constantly upgrading and then having to change weapons. For example, you find a Strong mace at level 10 green so you upgrade it and put a nail Mod on it. 5 Minutes later you complete a mission and level up to 11, then find a Weak Mace white but its stats are better than the Mace you already have. This can be very tiresome and time consuming. Eventually you get fed up of doing it. But you need stronger weapons because the Zombies Level up to.

All in all this game is good fun. However I dont believe it has changed enough. It just feels like the same game with a different character to play as well as being a different map. They should of just released it as an add on or called it dead island 2.