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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (120 reviews)"

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  The most overrated game of all times

| | See all butino's reviews (2)

The most overrated game of all times, very far from the outstanding reviews i've read. Recommended only to western rpg lover. It doesn't stand a chance against classic japan rpg like Final Fantasy or Dark Cloud; don't get me wrong: although it's been published years ago the graphic still looks good particularly the environment. But the fights are linear, stressful and too difficult (basically you have to stagger everyone with very little changes). What I mean is: in my point of view there's no fun in playing the same fight over and over, and even the subquests system is definitely stupid, you just have bounce back and forth through the world and again kill some (ugly) monsters. I bought oblivion cuz I wanted to make an experiment: an absolute failure for me. It's recommended only to those who already play this type of game and like it.
PS: those damn menus!!!!

  No game in the world can stand up agaist this

| | See all commando2's reviews (2)

this is how good this game is

i bought this game in 2007 with my 360.

played it for 7 months on hard mode everyday.

still have not completed the game.

and now im getting it for the ps3.

before you press the buy button, just remember

your social life will be about as gone as the dodo.

i even think the first time you play this you wont be off it for 12 hours solid. even when you come off you will want to go back on.
say bye bye to sleep

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  warning:this game will dominate your life for months!

| | See all SCHLOSSADLER's reviews (34)

I don`t think I`ve ever played a better game.The graphics,sound and whole atmosphere probably give you the ultimate gaming experience.The best thing about the game is it`s totally up to you what you do:join guilds and work your way up the ranks,complete the main quests,steal,pickpocket,start fights(my favourite is see how many town guards you can kill!)rob houses,steal horses,use magic and a variety of weapons,use your persuasive powers to optain more information.Just by wondering around the landscape you`ll find caves,ruins,mines-al full of nasty creatures but think of all the bounty:gold,armour,weapons,gems.Trade with people to obtain better weapons,armour- or better still just steal it!Maybe this is the ultimate game,until the sequel!

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| | See all andy1candy's reviews (2)

This is a game that can be played for hours on end, joining and completing the different factions and guilds. Plenty or armour and weapons to collect lots of different skills to improve from alchemey to picking locks. A vast world to explore including the world of oblivion. But after a while of playing and you reach your personal goals it sometimes gets boring.some quests are complicated and i used the internet to help. I give it 9/10.

  the best game ever reli!!!

| | See all rme1989's reviews (1)

I had this game on the 360 and pretty much completed it make sure you save before you go into the vampire cave and once you are in the do stealth attacks on them with the bow and arrow = no vampireism curse!!!! Amazing game. Best ever rpg and 1 player story ever. Buy it now give it time and you will not be dissapointed.

  Great but too long

| | See all mariosges's reviews (7)

It's too long and you get bored once you've played 100 hours and you realise that you haven't completed half of it so....

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| | See all ianking's reviews (18)

I adored this game. I loved the graphics and colour. I sold this game recently though because i was fed-up with entering into oblivion. Overall: 8/10


| | See all fartingbird's reviews (41)

This game rocks!! I admit, i'm rubbish at it but it is so addicting and never ends. I mean, the highist level i got to was level 10 but i started again because i got hit by vampirism which is annoying because every one attacks you when they see you and you you can't walk in the daytime.

I recomend this game to people who like fantasy things.

I gave it 5 star because it never ends and the graphics and gameplay are lush.

  My favourite game of all time

| | See all lodan1's reviews (14)

In my opinion this is the greatest game ever made, the people at Bethesda should be really proud of what they created. I played 140 hours on this game and my advice to anyone reading this is buy this game now, your life won't be complete untill you own it.

This game allows you a sense of freedom I've never found in any title other than Morrowind the game before Oblivion in the Elder scrolls series.

Graphically this game is beautiful, the landscapes or huge and well formed and I recently hooked it up in HD and it looks even better.

The main storyline is engrossing and one of the best parts of this game are that the side quests are as well formed as as the main plot. You can join several guilds the fighters, mages, theives and assassins guild (dark brotherhood), each of these guilds are like a game in themselves, with well rounded plots, unique prizes and great characters.

I would now list the bad points of the game but I must honestly say there aren't any so I won't bother.

  The never ending game

| | See all saviour100's reviews (6)

This game just keeps on going and going and never leaves you tired.

I love this game but it is highly addictive.