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Enchanted Arms

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Grows on you

| | See all brainchilled's reviews (10)

I bought this game about 5 months ago and played it once. After about 20 mins I was too frustrated to carry on and the campness of one single character was enough to make me want to throw my remote through the tv.
However, I picked it up again a couple of nights ago and decided to give it a fair run... and im now 8 hours in and thoroughly enjoying the game for what it is, an easy to follow RPG that doesnt make the story line too difficult or complicated and allows you to battle easily without having to understand a complex system of equipping certain items.
The game itself if about an unlikely hero who's quest it is to save the world while making friends and enemies along the way.
The battle screens work very well on a grid basis and the fact that if you are defeated you have the option to try again immediately is always a bonus.
Its hard to talk about RPGs without mentioning Final Fantasy. I was a massive fan of FF7 and in my opinion, this game will never be topped. But it is unfair to compare these games. Enchanted Arms has its own story and plot that has thus far been enough to keep me going along and not get bored and the more you get into the story, the more you want to play it.
Another note is the use of the sixaxis. This seems very much an after thought for the game as was a gimmick they threw in. The Mrs has looked a bit shocked a couple of times to see me violently shaking the remote at the tv in a game that doesnt seem to have a need for it, but no game is perfect!
All in all this is an enjoyable game with a decent story and worth a punt to anyone who is a fan of the genre


| | See all RageEvil's reviews (3)

I recieved this from play yesterday, and have been playing every hour I haven't been at work or sleeping!
YES, its a bit like final fantasy, BUT THATS WHY I BOUGHT IT!
The battles take a lot more thought than any Final Fantasy game i've played. Getting characters into position within the battle grid for healing and attacking makes it more dramatic i think.
As an early PS3 game it is what it is, and it makes me look forward even more to FFXIII, in terms of better graphics and Square's story-telling.
Stop moaning about the comparisons to FF and just get on with playing a very good game, or buy it if you haven't yet.

  What a Game!

| | See all KrissieB's reviews (1)

At first I was dubious about this game, but I found it for a really good price, and played it through on the 360, and it was awesome, however there were flaws in the story layout.

I eventually bought the PS3 version only to find that they had improved on the story development, graphics and with such small changes, the game became so much better, that I played it through for a second time.

Its no final fantasy, but who careswhen the next installment is MONTHS away. This has a great plot, good character development, interesting and unique battle style, and its just a great game...I bought mine for £50 about a year ago, and cant believe this game is so cheap now!


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  Why didn't I play this sooner!?

| | See all OceanGames's reviews (25)

I am gonna let you into a little secret, this is a good rpg. I have to admit, I put off getting this game for quite a while. The fact that the selling price for this game has dropped so much, I didn't think it would be any good. But, I was wrong.

Now, I have been playing rpgs for absolutely years now, and was looking for something to play on my PS3, so I decided to pick this up. I was quite honestly, plesently surprised. Yeah, sure, it's nothing original, but putting all gripes and comparisons to former rpgs aside, Enchanted Arms is a solid rpg, it really is.

I have played so many rpgs over the years that I can generally sniff out the bad apples after a few hours into the game. I played Enchanted Arms through to the end! I thoroughly enjoyed the game all the way through, the ending was a little bit naff, but apart from that I liked it.

If you are looking for a good rpg, and don't want to be overthrown by the scale of something like Oblivion (which, in fact, I have to admit, I didn't really like), then give Enchanted Arms a try. Even for the price it sells for now, you can't really go wrong.

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  Worth Every Little Penny!!!

| | See all onetorulemall's reviews (55)

Took me 65h+ hours to complete collecting 98% of the golems (on a single pass),nice chars.Maybe the scenario is not the most innovating available but still its simplicity and the pokemon-gotta-catch-em-all illness you are infected is very addictive.
Graphics are not the best for ps3 for any means but as you proceed in the game strangely it gets better and better.
Battle system was weird but after a while i found it quite good reminding strategy rpgs.
Sound was good.Acting was nice as long as you put the dialogs on Japanese.Music could have more variety specially on battles.
Last the sixaxis implementation should have an option to disangage it cause the way they have it in this game it is more likely to build muscles than playing.Quite annoying.

Overall,disregarding those 2-3 bad points, the game is unexpectedly addictive,funny,medium difficulty.Highly recommended for rpg fans.Bargain!!!


| | See all StarliteRoss's reviews (1)

This game is a Final Fantasy clone and it's very good...even better than some FF games in places. The price @ 17.99 is a bargain, story line is good after the first few hours, game play is not too repetitive and the length of the game is not off the scale especially if you wish to try and complete everything including all the side quests. Graphics are good, not using the PS3's complete power but they have done the right thing in lowering the graphics quality but keeping the game speed running very smooth. If you have got sometime to spare (like 50-60 hours) you can't go wrong here, and as the release date for FF13 games keeps getting put back (As usual!) this is a good game to fill the gap. 8/10.

  A Bargain, really

| | See all IcemanJay's reviews (4)

True 50+ hours of gameplay, average-ish storyline - not epic but draws out slowly with sub quests while keeping focused on the main quest.

Graphics while not what id call next gen are alright, battles being the games party piece really - random-ish breaking the monotonous running around up, a nice turn based battle affair with an auto mode so you dont need to do too much ;)

Worth 18 quid for sure.

  Well what can i say....

| | See all andrewjamesw2006's reviews (13)

this game is very good, although it has taken some of its features from FF it has its own aswell like having to get core's to be able to get stronger monsters anyway im not going to ramble on about the difference between this and that you hav just got to admit it is good in its own ways and better in others.


| | See all SAjames's reviews (21)

the game is okay, story is decent, fighting is okay and the videos are not half bad. but it aint no ff.

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  Good game

| | See all snoopfish's reviews (10)

This game does'nt live up to final fantasy games, and it does borrow certain parts of it, but it is a good game and it does have its own unique aspects which are in the shape of a game board with restricted movement, which adds to the gameplay, and makes it more strategic than just attacking and using magic. It lasts a fair amount of time, and the storyline is'nt to bad.