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Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Customer Reviews

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  awfully easy

| | See all christob's reviews (1)

this game is easy and has very little actual game time.

If the makers of the game had put more effort into the game and not the cinematics then this might have been an average game.


| | See all davidmcveigh's reviews (16)

Honestly, don't be afraid of it because its a fighting game, its very accessible and contains more content than any other fighting game to date.

Don't listen to people who haven't played the full game and only the demo.

  love it

| | See all bestoffilmngame's reviews (49)

i think this is a great game
people say its a poor mortal combat clone
i dont think so but even better for me as i hate the mortal combat universe.. but love the dc one so thumbs up from me anyway


| | See all KSBPRODUCTS's reviews (2)

Your first impression of this game will be GREAT a superhero game in a fighting format, players like batman and bane going at it.
but no the hype does not live up to the game. like the other reviewer its just a poor mortal kombat clone. waist of 40 pounds.

  Competent fighting game

| | See all BoneGnash's reviews (3)

I am not a big fan of MK combat system but I love the DC universe.
The game core mechanic is similar to MK but with a few differences, definitely made it original and great fun to play.
Gave 5 stars as the previous reviewer gave a 1 just because of the demo and it is not fair in my opinion.
Overall I would rate this game a 3.5 star or maybe 4.
The premises for the game are good, characters are well balanced and fun to play but the story gets so absurd that suspension of belief is the only thing that keep you going and that is a lot if you think we are talking of super heroes.
Even if the story turn in a parody I have to admit I had fun, well worth playing for the hard core fighting game fans beside, a fighting game with a good story mode seems like a contradiction in terms.
The game lack of a serious tutorial, especially for the advanced moves and combo so, inexperienced players will have hard times or turn to buttons mashing to try to keep going.
All in all you should check it out, if you like fighting games and especially if you are a DC fan.
PS: Far better than the predecessor.

  Great fighter

| | See all Marcus5412's reviews (1)

From what I've played I've really enjoyed this game, since MK9 in 2011 I was scared it was going to be just MK moves with new skins but it really isn't! They have re done all and all characters feel distinct! And the interactive environments are great, for serious fighters you have the option to turn the scenes to different areas so it doesn't take you out the flow aswel, there are extra I think abit corny like playing as cat women's cat, but other than that great game, great fighter!! Nothing like the media oak MK VS DC back on the old consoles.

  Hours of fun for comic fans and newcomers alike

| | See all Cyberhero18's reviews (1)

I felt compelled to write a review for this game given that the only other review was utter garbage (I can understand if it's not to a persons taste but 1 star?! Just no). This game takes what made Mortal Kombat so great and builds upon it with more responsive controls and a brilliant use of the DC Comics license. I've been playing the demo on and off for a week and i'm still not bored. That's because there's so much to learn about how to use each character and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. My one and only gripe may be that the use of objects in the stage as weapons may not be suitable for those looking to play this game at a competetive level but this should take nothing away from the game as you can turn this option off completely. Injustice looks set to be one of the finest fighting games avaliable, better by far than Mortal Kombat in my opinion. It's a purchase that no fighting game or DC Comics fan should be without.

  Great looking!

| | See all Kevin1992's reviews (1)

Ok the fact it was developed by netherealm studios should not be a put-off. It is about time in my opinion DC got a good beat em up. Sure it looks and feels a little like MK but there are important differences. Smashing your opponent into buildings, tearing off the bat-signal and tossing it into your foe! kicking your opponent into helicopters! looks great and is probably worth the buy! bearing in mind i have only played the demo of this game so expect more to be in it!

  not super enough

| | See all brownyboy's reviews (5)

the game is a weak mortal kombat clone and this is from playing the demo netherealm cant build off the success of MK but they shouldnt of attempted to make a poor imatation either definately not worth buying

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