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Battlefield: Bad Company

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (220 reviews)"

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  Just one more to say the same: Is just an Amazing Game.

| | See all zen2me's reviews (35)

This game is not a COD game, is a new way to see war, a funny way. So dont play this with COD in mind, played as the bad ass of the army. Amazing Game.

  brilliant fps

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

loved this game when it came out since the update there is trophies support now but it played out really well good graphics and really good game play as well as the story of the game is really good and interesting over all a great fps

  Wow What A Game One Of The Best Games Out There Execpt COD

| | See all batttlingjimmy179's reviews (10)

This game is really really fantastic one of the best games out there with the games like Call of duty games and the Uncharted games. The graphics are good the single player is fantastic the online is good ashame there is the only one mode you can play is destroy or defend your gold creates. i would recommed this to any shooter fan boy or girl hey guys you cant go wrong buying this bring on Battle field bad company 2 which i will be getting soon. watch out i am coming to get you beware.


| | See all LewisJames's reviews (5)

Battlefield has blown me away once again. I had bought Battlefield: 1943 from Playstation Store a couple of weeks ago and even though it featured no Campaign or split screen I loved it. I decided to buy Bad Company and I can honestly say it is one of the most realistic and amazing warfare games I have ever seen. It puts you in the midst of battle and unlike the CoD series it's more realistic to the fact you can't regenerate health or be a hero by charging up and killing. Need a tank destroyed? Use a laser designator to call in an airborne missile. In the front lines and need health? Use the auto injector to keep going. Need a pickup? Stop a Humvee or jeep to pick you up and take you to the frontlines. So Battlefield, you have astounded me once again and I applaud it. I recommend this a MUST BUY for any warfare gamer who wants a change of scenery from CoD and wants a more realistic battle type.

  good stuff

| | See all benjamx's reviews (2)

Its a great game for all round gamers, the humor is probably my favorite aspect of the game. It has a fantastic story line and online game play isnt amazing but i never get bored of it.
And for the price.. its a friking steal!!!
also i love the way you can blow up anything you want.. which you cant do on some other games.
Great game, if you have it add me = element201
see you online!


| | See all TrueGamers's reviews (4)

First i really wanted the game for ages then as soon as i got it and tryed to go online it keeps saying FAILED TO CONNECT TO EA ONLINE i can only ever connect in the mornings then after around 10 it just cuts out :(

  This reveiw is also for gold edition....

| | See all alexanderkeene's reviews (12)

i got gold edition and its pretty good to the fact that you get a bit of a head start that you get some pre unlocked guns for multiplayer, multiplayer is prone to lag a fair bit and is worse than cod lag. the single player is rather funny with haggard on your team and sweet water as they play rock paper sissors in the background or practice playing golf! lol. any way the point im making is that it is a funny game but a serious plot, as the guys have gone AWOl and they then go in search for gold (hense for the gold edition of the game) the sound though is far the best part of the game, the gun sounds are way more relistic than the ones in cod 4 or 5, only problem is that it is easy to do the levels as you jave a health thing that gives you health and doesnt ever run out. and u always have it. so its really hard to die even of u try. other than that a great game.

  Not so great at all...

| | See all Millenwagon's reviews (34)

i was really excited about this game, and was hoping for another good FPS, but yet again like other fps games it isnt even in the same league as the leading FPS games. So poor i traded it in after a few days as this is nowhere near good enough for me, and having only ONE different game style to play online is so limited, it gets boring after 20 matches. this game is as bad as blacksite.

EA should stick to what they do best (SPORTS!!) they're way out of their limits again i wish they'd stop making their trailers so misleading and catchy cos you get let down so bad by the final products..

  not bad

| | See all kashkash's reviews (4)

i like this game. the controls can get difficult but you will soon get used to it. Also i love the way you can cange the landscape with bombs and grenades. the online is very fun with lts of choice of weapnons and special equipment suchas artillary strike, guided missile and mines! there are loads of vehicle to choose from aswell,however the missions can get really long some times