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Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (228 reviews)"

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  Quite good-expected more...

| | See all skot123's reviews (6)

I expected motorstorm would be better. Overall though, it was a good game and i thourouly enjoyed running over motorcycles with the big rigs! :-P I will be buying motorstorm pacific-hope its better.

  Miles better than DiRT or any other rally games!

| | See all fuzzbuzz's reviews (27)

Much more fun than DiRT, loads of attitude, really cool music, stunning graphics, not a rally game so if you're expecting annoying time trials, then you are an idiot if you try to find them within this game. Not as good as Pacific Rift simply because this game does notinclude the ram system. Very fun, rent before buying because it isn't a bog-standard rally game. Enjoy!

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  Average game

| | See all Theo01's reviews (96)

Although the game has really good graphics, the gameplay wasn't particularly enjoyable. I was expecting a really fun racing game but instead I ended up with a tough challenge. The various ammounts of vehicles which you can use are good but the bikes are the worst because they just aren't easy to handle and you end up crashing a lot. Another thing that really let me down was that the game isn't a 2 player game and I was expecting it to be since most racing games are. The first few races are easy to win but they get harder as you progress through the game.

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  Missing some vital racing parts

| | See all Thomas25's reviews (9)

Unlike most racing games that have been around for years this does not have a reply once you complete a track, i know it is only a small thing but i thought it was also a basic requirement. Having said that the game is very fun and a good deal for the money.

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| | See all StuffYouCanTrust's reviews (16)

As soon as i bought a PS3, i bought this. And from all the hype was expecting alot, but it isn't worth the hype.

The environments are different from other games but can get repetive.
The visuals look good when your moving but when your not, they look clunky and rushed.
Music is good, quite a variety of tracks.
Cars don't handle too well, which means you'll be hand-breaking alot!
Takes too long to load vehicles when choosing which one to race with.
Vehicles tend to explode to easily which is anoying.

Despite the bad its still worth a pop at these prices(i've tried the pacifict rift demo, and its the same as this just different environments, so try this before you fork out for that, as they're very simliar)


| | See all ipshop's reviews (33)

..no, I mean really, is it a demo? It must be. Don't get me wrong, the graphics are great - up there with the best racing games on any platform. Gameplay works well too - it's utter mayhem and your first few hours will feature plenty of 'wow' moments. And then you start to look for the game itself, and to be honest, it's pretty shallow. There are only a handful of tracks and whilst they can be raced using quite a variety of different paths, deja vue sets in pretty quickly. Then there are the vehicles. People keep saying there are loads of vehicles, but actually there are only a handful - you see, there are different classes of vehicles, within which you can unlock individual cars, bikes, lorries etc. The problem is that all vehicles in a class behave exactly the same way - i.e. all bikes look diiferent but are identical in perfromance. I really felt like this game was a demo of something bigger. For my money, Colin McRae DiRT is that game in every respect - it has a huge variety of tracks, vehicles that not only are different, but can also be customised, a simple progressive difficulty level to encourage replay, and graphically is certainly on a par, if not slightly superior. Buy Motostorm for the demo - buy DiRT for the game......

  Good buy!!

| | See all chickenjoe90's reviews (1)

My only major problem with the game was the fact that other vehicles you race will battle against you and go out of their way to stop you even if it ruins their own race, they will not do this to any other vehicle and it becomes very annoying.

Apart from this problem I enjoyed this game very much, it was one of the first to show off the difference between ps2 and ps3 and it does that very well. The soundtrack is very good and i greatly enjoyed the racing with many different routes over each course, this making it not as repetative as other racing games.


| | See all Pazl13's reviews (3)

I brought this game with my ps3 a long time ago, was a game that showed big diffrences between ps2 and ps3.
Visuals - a nice looking game, created a nice atmosphere to rip threw in your bike or quad. nice gaming features like mud splatting on your camera, also had a crash cam sequeance that made crashes look awsome. (1 star)
Music - The tunes that where played in the game where not really my exact taste but they where ok, also the sounds of the game where pretty basic. (half a star)
Story - The wasen't a real narrative in the game of what i could remeber it was mearly play a race - win it and move on, nothing that kept me playing it again and again. It did get repetative and made me turn it off after a hour or so. In racing games a story is not really required, so the layout of the races wasen't bad they where labeled as events which means they tried a little to create something. (half a star)
Controls - Its very simple to use motorstorm just like any other car game which means the learning curve is small, cars that use the same path in motorstorm create mud pits that make is difficult for other players who enter it to build speed it ultimatly slows them down this is cool adds a new aspect to gaming. (1 star)
Online - The online is motorstorm is pretty good, simple races to the finish keeps the game competitative. You do also turn the game into bumber cars which is a habit when playing with friends. They could of done more though added diffrent game modes to spice it up and when i used the online a age back the use of a mic was impaired. (half a star)
Overall a good game nice for the occasion, it gets a 3 and a half star by me but play dosen't alow it so i prefer to give it a 3 rather than a 4.

  BURN RUBBER (Well, cars)

| | See all fartingbird's reviews (41)

First things first, this game dose have an awesome range of vechals to choose from. You can choose between motorbikes, ATV's, Cars, Mudpluggers, buggeys and big rigs with about 5 different styles per vechal and 3 different paint job's per style. Also, the game is just pure mayhem and if you're on a motorbike and you crash and you're person goes flying in the air. you can pause the screen at look at the destruction at different angles with the analog stick. I also think the mud on the screen gives the affect of more realistic racing (if you double tap triangle it gets rid of the dirt)

I would recomend this game to people who like racing games and are hell bent on destruction!!!!

I gave it 5 stars because it is just the best and is always fun!!

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  Not the best...

| | See all Gazza789's reviews (15)

I picked this game up cheap, and I'm glad. It doesnt offer anything special, but it's not too bad. The gameplay is okay, except for the mud going on the screen, which is just annoying. However, the races are very repetitive as there are only a few tracks. There is a decent range of vehicles, but not enough variation on the racing. Because of this, it does get boring and i stopped playing it after a few days. But for £12 it's not a bad deal.