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Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (228 reviews)"

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  Smashing smasher

| | See all Panzer28's reviews (27)

At first i wasnt to botherd when i saw that this was in the pack with my ps3 but afer playing it i was so glad it was, its a crazy fast paced racer that doesnt get boring and at plays price of £17.99 a MUST buy for any ps3 owener 8/10

  Got it with PS3 last year, still a great game.

| | See all HaRoHe's reviews (11)

Can't wait for motorstorm 2! The idea is great, the vehicles are great!
The only bad thing is the fact that it has no offline multiplayer, but this is being fixed in motorstorm 2.

  Good Game

| | See all Snakehead's reviews (6)

Has good graphics and gameplay. i enjoyed it immensly. Twas only the repetition of the same tracks that bothered me but still a great game!

  Great But Too Hard

| | See all MasterTrader's reviews (76)

MotorStorm is one of the greatest racing games I have ever played, the graphics are out of this world as is the gameplay, I love everything about it but there's just one problem... it's too hard.

When I started to get onto Level 4 which is right near the end of the game, I found the races just getting more and more impossible. There are some things wrong with it too, for example, when you're in a car with good speed and handling and are in 1st position, the other racers always catch up quickly and tend to win the races, but when you're in last place you can never catch them up. I can't be bothered to play it anymore now I have Grand Theft Auto IV.

As I say this game is great but just misses out on 5 stars, good PS3 starter game apart from the silliness of the races. Let's hope they don't screw up MotorStorm 2 like they have done with this.

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  Still great

| | See all ChibiJames's reviews (21)

This game still holds amazingly realistic car races and graphics. It's just awfully fun to take a spin around some canyons in the middle of the desert in Motorstorm, it's just too bad that there's no split-screen multiplayer option.

  Fun for a while but lacks depth

| | See all slick3000's reviews (6)

I found this an enjoyable game for a while but soon got bored of it. I find the tracks hard to follow exactly where you are, so it's difficult to master a race like you can on racing games like Gran Turismo and Burnout. A fairly good game and can be fun to play on once in a while but there are better racers on the market.


| | See all patman01's reviews (7)

Although it doesn't have split-screen it makes up for it with the excellent online. Very hard in some places but i like a challenge. Brilliant graphics, soundtrack and gameplay. Best racer ever.

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  Good Racing Game!

| | See all Chuckie501's reviews (8)

Motorstorm was a hit title when the PS3 came out but now when i play it i realise it wasn't as amazing as i first thought. Yes the graphics are amazing and the crashes are fun and Yes there are plenty of maps to race in and plenty of vehicles to play as. Online play was great as well but the game did have some vital flaws.

The main thing that hit me was that there was no 2 player mode, this shocked me when i heard it. A racing game without a multiplayer option. Also storymode took to long and the ticket idea was tiring. Saying this if you are looking for an unrealistic, drving game that has no point to it then it is a good game to buy.

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  Amazing looks

| | See all gussielad's reviews (4)

The Grpahics on this game are amazing!!!! the opening scene is like watching a blu ray of planet earth. Then it goes down hill.....Y isnt this game 2 player????its boring on your own, racing tracks that dont differ that much. not for me!!

  Fantastic racing experience

| | See all gameaholic's reviews (47)

First off I have to comment on the graphics. They're beautiful. If this is the first efforts on the PS3 I can't wait for a year or twos time. And I only have a basic TV. The surrounding rock faces look really good, the mud and especially the water once you've dug up some of the mud looks so realistic, and let me just say when you see the mud with water lying on top of it, go inside the vehicles (this is not an option if your on a bike by the way).

You start off with 7 types of vehicles to choose from (bike, ATV, buggy, mud plugger, racing truck, rally car, and big rig), and there are 2 vehicles in those categories with 3 paint jobs per vehicle. Several more vehicles can be unlocked when you complete races and there are a few you can purchase in the playstation shop too. There are 21 tickets to complete each with between 1 and 4 races on. All ticket races have set tracks and most will determine what vehicle you're racing but there are a few races where you can select a type of vehicle. In the early tickets all computer opponents will drive what you driving but this will get more challenging (like putting you on a bike in the mudpool against a big rig which is better in the mud).

The competition in this game is great. Several of these ticket races have seen all the other vehicles finish within 1 or 2 seconds of each other. The AI is really competitive, and if you're in a smaller vehicle or a bike and the computer opponents are in big rigs or trucks, the AI will slam you with its bigger vehicles.

The on-line options are great. You can create or join a game and they all count to your stats. In create a game you select the track, what vehicles are allowed, how many laps etc. This gives the game even more challenge and other people in the lobby can view this detail before joining. There are plenty of good drivers on-line to race against too. Plus, through the playstation shop you can purchase new tracks when they are available. These contain races on the new track you download plus new races on the existing tracks. The revenge weekend download also contains an event called eliminator where the person in last at the end of the time limit or lap is eliminated until there is a winner. There's a free time trial mode where you can race your ghost car or the best times from those who have registered times on the leaderboard, and a few new vehicles, a few you can unlock with the downloaded tracks, others you can buy from the shop.

There are only 2 downsides to this game. The first is that sometimes the computer AI will take you both out, it doesn't seam to realise that when trying to pass you, causing you both to crash is not a good race strategy. The second is sometimes you will crash at the start of a ramp just like you've hit an invisible wall (it very rarely happens but it's extremely frustrating).

This game is a real quality racing title where selecting the right vehicle and path is as crucial as driving skill and is worthy of your time and money. And the on-line competitions are great.