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Ridge Racer 7 (PS3)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (64 reviews)"

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  2.5 miles drift at every corner

| | See all mediro's reviews (30)

This is the game with the largest drifts ever. It has nothing to do with real driving experience and if you don't like drifting you don't get to play this game at all. Just touch the controller a bit and your car will start swinging around hungry to finish the whole race track...with one continued drift.....The car brakes should have been removed from the gaming experience since they don't really do anything at all.

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  chewing gum for the brain

| | See all futsio's reviews (3)

Not a bad thing. After all the GT's and Grids, it's just good clean arcadey fun. switch your brain off and enjoy!

  Its ok

| | See all samodude's reviews (2)

Its competitive 2 player racing is good but the single player gets a bit boring and frustrating 7/10.-Buy if you like racing games and want to drift like mad.

  It might be shiny, but there's a reason it's cheap...

| | See all apopheniac's reviews (16)

Arcade racers are primarily aimed at over-caffeinated eight year olds, and if that's you then RR7 will tick all the right boxes. I appreciate that driving something here bears absolutely no relation to driving in the real world. But that's the point - when I'm driving something, I expect to be able to predict what it's going to do, rather than having it arbitrarily clunk against the often invisible limits of where the programmers decided the car would be allowed to steer. And the teeth-grindingly irritating DJ (which can at least be switched off), the apparently minimal effort in working out a driving physics model beyond "hit the brake, steer to the side and you'll drift" and the occasionally perverse AI used for the computer drivers results in a clunky, way-below-average game experience. The number of copies of this in the pre-owned bins in your local game store is probably the most damning criticism you'll get; as for me, I want more from a racing game.

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  Arcade heaven

| | See all jamsternator's reviews (7)

i got fed up of all these realistic racing games so i decided to go back to Ridge racer! i was not disappointed the visuals and tracks are outstanding and the way the cars drift...... well it will just blow you away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Awesome graphics and great arcade game play

| | See all MikeMcc1972's reviews (20)

One of the PS3 release day titles and still the best "arcade" racer around. The grahics are better than some games being released now and the gameplay is long lasting. A must have for any PS3 race loving fan!

  Excellent fun arcade racer

| | See all itsgot2go's reviews (3)

Suprised to see this only has an average of 3 stars! It was the first game I played after purchasing an HD TV and HDMI cable back when I first got my ps3, and the picture quality was breathtaking. Sure in comparison now most of my games look as good if not better, but you cant rate an older game based on its graphics now - particularly when they are based upon an arcade feel which this achieves fantastically and are still pretty good even now.

  Excellent Arcade Fun

| | See all bongobilly's reviews (1)

Ridge Racer 7 is fun, the series has been since the first game in the arcades. Race and drift through wonderful scenery and all in wonderful 1080p. What more could you want from an arcade racer? Bring on Ridge Racer 8.


| | See all martindell's reviews (3)

My son loves this game. We borrowed this game from a friend, my son loved it so much, we have now brought our own copy.