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Official Wireless Sony Black Sixaxis Controller

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (124 reviews)"

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  since PS3 launched and still going

| | See all hippy5300's reviews (1)

i've had 2 black six axis controllers since they first came out on ps3, and all i can say is they are still alive and fantastic to play with. i have had no problems with sticky buttons or them going faulty which after 3 years is a long time.
if you look after your controller, it will look after you

  EXCELLENT VISITORS controller or good spare

| | See all TazLee's reviews (27)

This controller is basically identical to the new dual shock controllers only due to legal copyright laws the rumble was not fitted to these earlier models.
Later this was added look up dual shock, however, this controller is lighter and slightly longer battery life due to the missing Rumble devices. IT DOES HOWEVER, have all the other features and is cheaper for a second controller because who cares if your friend doesn't have the Rumble.
Six axis, etc. has not been changed on the newer controllers so a cheaper option if you need to save a few pounds.
I only gave it a four as the new dual shock has RUMBLE so this looses 1 star.
Still an excellent controller and Sony again make a good D-pad for fighting games. I would definitely buy a second hand one of these over any 3rd party new controllers.

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  Very good

| | See all colbason's reviews (11)

I had my first controller (the same as this one) for about 19 months, and it is a good controller. The only problem with it is how light and easily broke this controller gets. However it will only brake if you mash the buttons too hard or slam it on the floor in a belt of rage. If you dont do anything like that it is a good little controller and a lot better than any madcatz controllers. Buy this or the sony dualshock 3. Both have the best design, but the dualshock 3 is just a bit more durable and heavier.

  Good 4 about 6 months

| | See all palmer2k7's reviews (1)

That's about how long i've had my 2 sixaxis controllers and now the analogue sticks on both of them squeak with each movement. Also they get stuck in random positions and i have to keep moving them back. These controllers are great in every aspect apart from durability...

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  Yes - buy Sony

| | See all stucoupe's reviews (23)

I'd always buy Sony when considering controllers; I've been burnt with 'other brands' on the PS2. Its different when it comes to other peripherals, like rumble packs on an N64 or an adaptor for the PS3 from PS2 as they can work well; but controllers matter.

They matter because the Sony controller is so well made. Its durable, the buttons are progressively sensitive. They re-charge and hold charge well. Its not too heavy. Doesn't feel cheap. Also bear in mind it has the tilt axis, a very neat feature (mirroring the very old Micro PC stuff).

Its a great buy at this price, 25, as a backup controller. Personally I prefer the vibration/shock version for ten pound more - hence 4 star. Does not include cable from memory.

  Good Pad, needs relaced regularly

| | See all MaviII's reviews (2)

i have went thro 3 pads, since COD 4 my L3 button is constant sticking, cause with the constant press and pushing forward my L3 natural position is now constantly forward, doesnt return to middle position naturally... these padswear far to easily i have not had to change a single controller for the 360 in 5yrs...

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  Good Controller

| | See all StealthKiller93's reviews (2)

This controller came to me very quickly and I have used it for over 2 months I think, it is still in great condition. The first controller i got with my PS3 got quite stiff Analog Sticks so I decided to buy another off Play and this one is very good.

  It Gets The Job Done

| | See all chedarcheese's reviews (16)

The Sixaxis controller is fairly good as it is very light which I actually like. The fact they have changed the L2 & R2 buttons to triggers now is also better and the whole sixaxis thing is rather cool too like in MGS4 you can shake it and Snake's suit will change etc. Only thing missing is the fact it is not Dual Shock but its only a controller after all, it does the job, Overall 4/5. Will eventually buy the DualShock one when Im not skint.

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  Average at best

| | See all barnie884's reviews (265)

Where to start? This controller feels flimsy and poorly made, and you can tell it was a rush job because they were forced to do one without vibration due to copyright issues. As mentioned it does not vibrate, the sixaxis I think is no good unless you are sitting up straight to play (so sofa players watch out) and finally the lead is too short! Only positives are the shape which is good (no point in changing the good PS2 model) and it is not as heavy as the Xbox 360 controller which can become a bit much after long play times. The new dual shock version however is much much better, just feels right.

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  The worst controller i have ever used

| | See all IdoloR's reviews (3)

I have so far had 2 of these controllers. My first came with the PS3 itself, that controller was fine for a long time until the left analog stick started to stiffen up, this was a very irritating problem as it throws me off completely when playing a game. i attempted to fix it but as i did that, the delicit things motion sensor broke. My second has only just started to have problems, again the left analog stick drys up and was all stiff and i haven't yet opened it to fix it but doing that is just as good as smashing it on the floor. A comfortable thing to hold and very lite, but not Sony's most accomplishing achievement. I would recommend you buy a Duelshock 3, i haven't tried it out myself, but i have high hopes for it. Just for the record, i don't play games day and night, i just consider the PS3 controller a bad product and have had no luck with it. A poor buy (go unofficial)

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