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Vin Diesel: Wheelman

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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  brill fun

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got this game from when it came out and i glad i did so the graphics are ok but the game play the story and that are brill hours of fun bashing cars etc a really good game to play can be a little annoying at times with the missions but over all a great little game


| | See all Quayyum18's reviews (6)

This was really good. i loved bashing the cars together!!. i read some reviews and tried the demo. the graphics were ok but still i got alot of fun out of the game
story 9/10
graphics 8/10

  1 Star is to generous

| | See all JoeyBoy92's reviews (17)

Once you have done one mission on this game you have done them all. Doing cool shooting moves in your car and cinematic jumps is good the 1st few times but after you do them over and over and over again it just seems boring. this is the only game that i havent completed to the end. as there isnt much of a good storyline, and there didnt seem to be a aim to completeing it. even purchasing it for 10 quid was too much for what its worth.

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  Great game - start to finish

| | See all GamerTron's reviews (24)

This one had me interested from the 1st time I saw Air jack move in one of the arly trailers, but average reviews and user comments neary put me off, nearly. Thank goodness I pruchased and played this game. This is a blast from start to finish, great fun with refreshing take on racing action in games. GTA/Burnout, yeh sure, but who cares. The story is ok, Vin and the voice acting is quite adequate but the gameplay is excellent. The more I played, the more I wanted to keep going into the next mission, thus I breezed through the level with not much difficulty. The highlight is deffinitely the car sequences, not doubt there, but the gunplay isnt so bad either. I think alot of ppl struggled on this beacuse they didn't have the patients to work out how the game works. All I can say is, don't treat this like other shooters, don't try and L1 (manual aim) everythn (R1 to pull the trigger), keep that for the explosive barrels etc and keep using that L2 (auto aim) in combi with the cover system and you will easily gun your way through any are in this game like a champion whilst enjoying the challenge of the AI trying to out wing your position. Pretty cool mechanics that should've been explained better by the developers.
Graphics - 8/10
Story - 8/10
Audio - 8/10
Presentation - 8/10
Overall - 8.5/10, with 0.5 added for the sheer fun this game brings when crashing through the streets fighting your way to your destination and switching rides in real time mid action.

  A game worth the money I paid

| | See all RobertD275's reviews (2)

I bought this game for £15 as I thought it could be pretty good fun... I'm glad I bought it and it was £15 well spent.

The graphics are absolutely horrible I must say, the only thing that looks real is a pane of glass... which is see through! The cut scenes judder like PS2 games and the cars look rather cheap. The buildings are repeated over and over again.

The handling of cars and bikes is very unrealistic and not very precise.

The side missions are rather monotonous and as a review prior to mine said, they are very painful to go back and finish. The opponents cars in missions put you in an immediate dissadvantage as they are stronger and have people with machine guns in them, everything goes around your speed, no variation so you are always level with opponents in chase scenes.

All bad points about the specs but when it comes down to gameplay, I must say... it's the single most amazingly fun driving combat game I've ever played! The way you shoot in your car is amazingly fun and performing the cyclone and aimed shot attacks work really well. The missions are well thought out (even though repetitive at times)

It has a variety of trophies for you trophy addicts out there aswell.

So my overall verdict is that this game is a cheap and cheerful bit of fun if you can find it for around !£15, DO NOT BUY it if you like a game that's realistic and rather challenging, you'll be wasting your cash!

  Average - Painful to finish

| | See all 00duffys's reviews (3)

With no incentive to complete side missions what so ever this makes this game very short and very boring. First impressions are great as Vin Diesel is purely a legend in it. Overall this game gets very boring very quickly and the game glitches are frequent and annoying.

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  Is this for PS2?

| | See all RichD7's reviews (11)

Honestly, people are saying the graphics are good... seriously? It looks more past gen then next gen. Plus everything is so bland - just flat open roads surrounded by repeated buildings. Which part of Barcelona is this supposed to be with so many empty streets as well?

As for the gameplay, well, if you like your vehicles without any form of accurate handling then this is the game for you. The on foot shooting sections are okay but as it's called Wheelman I didn't expect to have to do so many of them. Then again, every driving section seemed to amount to 'go to A, pick up B, drive back to C... and here comes the countless bad guys all spraying thousands of bullets at you'. The build for each mission might've been different, but they just became the same boring drive/ram/shoot moments. Plus, how come every vehicle was always faster then the Wheelmans? Even if you had the same vehicle as the enemy. Never any chance of out running anyone, just shoot or ram them... until the next level.

Also, it's clear Vin and the rest of the cast weren't really that bothered as the acting is terrible. Also they could've at least matched the script to the game action. I recall an ending line "the streets are so busy" - yet the streets are empty, as always. Also, I may not have been paying attention but I found the whole storyline confusing. It just didn't make sense - here's a driver working for every criminal gang and everyone seems okay with that, screw loyalty and the fact he's killing gang members left and right.

There are some good parts - such as the Air-Jack to steal other cars, and some of the side missions are interesting, but as with the main game, it just gets all too repetitive.

There's better driving games out there, and better open world city crime games out there, so why buy this one? Honestly the people who made this should feel ashamed as it's clear no play testing was involved. And if they can't be bothered to play their own game, then why should anyone else.

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  the coolest game ever

| | See all natdog's reviews (1)

if you like bloowing up cars,and people this is the
game you should buy and its a good price for what
it is.