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Spider-Man 3

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (53 reviews)"

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| | See all bumpaa's reviews (2)

I was really looking forward to playing this game. I had the ps2 version and thought I'd get my ps3 spidy fix, the ps2 version was WAY better. Waste of money. Terrible

  Game doesn't deserve a high rating

| | See all Kylethehappybuyer's reviews (2)

This has to be one of the poorest and best game I've played. The graphics are sensational, you cannot argue with that, it is almost like playing in H/D. The game is extremely difficult, the most challenging part, which you may have guessed, is the "Grand Finale", when you encounter Venom and Sandman. It is very tough to defeat the Sandman while playing as New Goblin, as he is awkward to control. It is much easier fighting venom for the first time. Overall their are poor parts and good parts to the game. I found the majority of it very tough going.


| | See all Millz2410's reviews (15)

Spidey came back with a third instalment and didn't dissappoint. web slinging has never been more fun and fluid along with graphics which have greatly improved from the previous games altho they were on PS2. i found it extreamly enjoyable to play and it was a shame that it accidentaly got taken back to the store when my 360 got the ring of death, i took back the games and this was in its pile... im yet to re-buy the game but im holding out first of all to see how web of shadows treats the web head and if the game does it justice, i might not bother re-buying...

  a joy to play

| | See all mikeeeyboi's reviews (31)

A joy to play this game as it is very addictive and no repeative games as follows story very good with characters from the original from when i used to watch it when i was 8 a good abrgain


| | See all DuncanEdwards's reviews (153)

I gave this a go cos it was £12.99. Its very similar to Spiderman 2 on the Playstation 2 but the graphics are much much sharper. Spidey and the city look great in stunning HD. The missions are fun , if a little repetitive , but if its top notch web slinging you want then you wont go far wrong at this price.

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  Best Spiderman Yet!

| | See all Chuckie501's reviews (8)

When people hear the name Spiderman they always think of the original games with their bad graphics and terrible storylines. However i am glad to say that Spiderman 3 raises the Spiderman bar to a new level. It has amazing graphics, an even larger New York and the incredible black suit. The story mode lets you have more freedom than ever by letting you choose between different missions that you have to do.

However the story mode does have some weird characteers unlike the general criminals it has punks, goth girls and lizards. If you like that sort of thing, it's your choice but that is what let the game down in my opinion.

  verry good

| | See all hen1014's reviews (37)

not much to do with the film but the best of the series quite hard but you can just free roam verry fun game

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  Not much to do with the film but....

| | See all converted's reviews (32)

The last Spiderman game I played was unlimited for the PS2 and I loved it. When looking at this game it reminded me allot of unlimited that's why I bought it unfortunately although fun at time I found a game that's filled with irritating flaws.

There is fun to be had within the game you can travel the city as you please reducing crime in the cities areas by fighting gangs, stopping getaway cars etc there are also loads of time trials, and fighting tours you can do, you can even choose the order in which you do the missions.

There are the main game missions that are supposed to go along with the film but as you will find out (apart from fighting sandman and venom) they are hit and miss in that department.

There are the mad bomber missions which you will find yourself not only fighting bad guys but disabling bombs by pressing buttons in the right sequence.

The lizard missions which I found to be the most interesting missions in the game where you learn about doc Conners and how he becomes the lizard and also craven pops up to kick your butt.

The scorpion missions which introduces you to scorpion and the rhino. You even get to play breifly as scorpion.

They are also the gang related missions which you see you fighting off the three main gangs within the city and later find out it's the kingpin calling the shots. This leads you into a fight with him and is the most annoying fight you will ever have in any game the as the only way I found to beat him was hit then retreat, hit then retreat until you fill you power bar up and unleash that on him. You have to fight him twice in this way and last over an hour. Just thought I'd warn you all.

Then there's the daily bugle missions which more or less sees you going around taking pictures of stuff like, spidey stunt men and UFOs!

So there is allot to work through.

The fighting is the same old routine kick, punch, wrap someone in web but in some cases you feel too weak to take on even the smaller of bad guys and you will find yourself hitting a couple of times then running away then going back for another couple of hits you constantly repeat this throughout the game. It's not so bad when you have the symbiote suit as your much more powerful and you might not even notice this but you will when they strip you of the suit and you go back to your normal self cause you feel like you're the one who needs saving.

a part form the fighting side of things there is the irritating button sequences you have to put up with the are so fast you just don't have time to think at all and you will find yourself having to do time and time again until you perfect it. Really irritating and I mean smash your pad in half irritating.

The graphics aren't that great either you don't notice it as much when your swinging around at high speed but all you have to do is look the cut scenes there terrible looks like it's just been ported over from the PS2 there definitely not PS3 worthy.

All that said the game is only worth average marks it's an ok game with plenty to do but far too irritating and repetitive. Oh and if your thinking of looking out for the special edition where you can play as the green goblin save your money it's the version I have and your missing nothing just a couple of time trials you can do with him and that's it.

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| | See all Destroyer1991's reviews (7)

Graphics have improved hugely and the enemys which aren't from the movie e.g. rhino look awsome in their new attire

but general way of following the film and game play goes is poor, could have used more complex storylines and longer game length

spiderman 2 game still rules out of the three so if buying this game don't expect a gigantic improvment from the second

  The graphics are good

| | See all gowayoutofit's reviews (7)

Great graphics. very repetitive though and it's not addictve. you just get sick of fairly quickley. But the graphics are very good.