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Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console Bundle With 60GB HDD + HDMI Cable + Click (Blu-Ray)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (93 reviews)"

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  The original

| | See all DISSECTUM's reviews (3)

This is by far the best PS3 available for several reasons: Firstly it is the original sexy PS3 with no cut corners - the spiderman font (no longer on the slim stream) is in crome silver, it has 4 usb ports and the memory card readers for cameras, etc. The rims are also plated in crome. The cheaper 80 gb has dull grey writing and rims. This original PS3 also plays PS1 and PS2 games allowing you to see them upscaled and smoother. Need I go on! Do an internet search to discover more but basically I have had my PS3 for ever 2 years and I think it's so much better value for money than the XBOX! Will the XBOX ever be able to process BLU RAY discs? Could be expensive but can't be as power as a PS3! XBOX has problems - Rings of death and the old fashioned slide tray which was updated in the slim line PS2 (years ago) because it alsways scratched the discs as it does on the XBOX! PS3 free wireless too! Everyone I know who has an XBOX don't really play microsoft games, they stick to ACTIVISION, EA, CAPCOM, etc. SONY games such as Killzone, Drakes Fortune, Metal Gear solid, GT, Little Big Planet and Motostorm are some of the best games on the market - unbelieveably good! So the XBOX has a larger catologue, , , but lets be honest! Who actually buys games 2 years old? We all want what new and top of the charts! As a games console the PS3 is easily as good as the XBOX - Killzone 2 possibly provesit to be better, but the PS3 is also so much more: Blu ray, media player, free view, playstation home, free playstation network and wireless and offers internet explorer! It's the dogs Bol.....

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  Not what I thought it would be...

| | See all MattVans's reviews (10)

Like others, I own the 360, Wii and now PS3 and play them all through HD. When I first got it I thought "wow, the console makes the 360 look like a brick".
I turned it on and enjoyed Motorstorm and loved the graphics. Played Resistance (graphics o.k.ish).
On the night I went to join some friends online and very quickly realised why the online is free. The PS3 on line system is soooo far behind Microsoft it's in the stoneage in comparison. fair enough, there's no lag on the games but my god Sony. Why can't we read messages without having to quit out of our games? Why can't we chat with someone just cos we're playing a game? Also, what's with the Bluetooth headsets? Some are so bad with the PS3. I'd gladly pay £40 a year for the online side to be like Microsofts.
The potential is there. Maybe a big update could sort out the problems online seems to be riddled with.
It's safe to say, I've gone back to the pleasure that is my 360.
I sometimes wipe the dust off my PS3... In hope!

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  best thing ever made

| | See all nickrobbins18's reviews (4)

I got mine 2 months after release and i must say it was the best money ever spent on one thing, i've never been more entertained by one product like this before now with the likes of little big planet out its really showing its potential all i need to wait for now is playstation home, god of war 3 and final fantasy to feel complete. This is the most impressive thing ever and i am only going to get a cheap 360 for fable 2 and banjo kazooee the playstation 3 will always be my main console of choice

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  Hold Your Horses!

| | See all Santino's reviews (3)

as other people have said before, the ps3 is undoubtedly the best looking, most powerful gaming system EVER!

i relised as soon as i bought it i should of waited until september, it might be cheaper, and the real good games come out, the features on this machine are amazing though, its basically a media center, the blu ray player and upscaler (with the software update version 1.80) is really good, and compared to blu-ray players on their own its really good value when you think about it, id recoomend getting an optical cable for sound and a better hdmi lead because for the really picky people this will make a difference and when you are spending that sorta money you want the best out of the machine, if you havent got a hd tv yet get one but this looks good even on standard displays. I was worried if i bought it that they would bring out a machine a year later like they did with the silver ps2 whcih was better with better software, but you can upgrade this ps3 so its all good until the slimline comes out becuase it weighs 7 kilos :S.

So if you are a tech nut dont delay if you are cautious and value concious, wait until september...

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  Split decision??

| | See all Stevo35's reviews (74)

I've had my PS3 for about 8 months now after having always been loyal to Sony ps, (started with ps1 & still have my ps2.)
I toyed with the idea of 360 or ps3 for months & I'm glad I went with the ps3. I dont have a 360, but after giving both consoles months of scrutiny the only benefit I could see to the 360 was the number of games, but then it has been around for much longer.

  Non Fan Boy, XBOX 360 Elite hmmmmmmmmm

| | See all druster's reviews (12)

PS3 and F1 Championship online is breathless, Ive never played a better F1 racing game, the graphics are mind blowing, I own a XBOX 360 Elite and I must say the graphics are better on the PS3, not that much tho. Also the PS3 games are getting better and the selection and theres more coming this year depending on what you like, The online network is free unlike the XBOX 360 live, and the PS3 has wireless capability. The Blu-Ray is a good bonus to but I play DVDs on it so I havent seen any benefit here yet, 60GB Version still abit pricey but worth it if you have the money, Im happy with this console im gona sell my XBOX 360 Elite, that's after it gets repaired errrrrrrrrh for the second time. XBOX 360 or PS3 hmmmmmm who cares as long as the console produces great gameplay, graphics and reliability. MICROSOFT needs to sort out its reliability issues tho people don't need that headache from your XBOX 360 but it's a good console still, And you didnt have to copy the console colour and HDMI from the PS3 did you.
The XBOX has a big catalog of games tho but it all depends on what you like, The PS3 has less games but you could like them all, your choice folks but the realiability on the XBOX 360 Lets it down so Im gona say PS3, Im not putting the Wii in this category as its more aimed for children and familys rather than the Hardcore gamer but the Wii is fun believe me.

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| | See all Bec0890's reviews (51)

if your getting a ps3 get the 60gb one, you'll save yourself alot of hassle and time, as you cant play ps2 games on the 40gb one.(as far as i know)
memory is great !
ad downloading demos is brilliant.
graphics and sound are just amazing !

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  Top Notch

| | See all geezer123's reviews (9)

---Build Quality - Stylish and solid. Makes the 360 look like a kids toy.
---Ease of use - the 'x media bar' it implements is unbelievably user friendly.
---Online - Connects seamlessly to mulitplayer games. The same goes for browsing and downloading from the PS Store. Downloading demos/updates is awesome and opens a lot of potential.

Basically, it's amazing! Would always recommend one.

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  Quality machine

| | See all backspin's reviews (12)

This machine rocks and is far superior to the 360, I own both so can give an honest view.

Straight out of the box and it plays blu ray movies, that alone is a bargain. The machine is so quiet you can actually watch a movie without it sounding like your on a long haul flight. Got a movie or music collection ? you can play films from usb drive or copy across. No problem with space as it's got 55gb free and if thats not enough you can upgrade the drive to 200gb without voiding your warranty. Bonus.

No batteries are required for the wireless controls, so no need to worry about them running out and having to purchase any. It has a Wireless connection for software updates, internet and online gaming, plus there is no need to pay for on-line gaming as its free !!!

Plug in a HDMI lead with this baby and the graphics on a nice 32" LCD look awesome, just watch the start of Motorstorm. If thats not got you, then check out a blu-ray movie, unbelievable.

This is not a games console, its an entertainment system that blows the competition out the water with looks and pure build quality. If you want an all in one system, then this is for you.

If you want a console that runs via a nuclear power brick, has more add-ons than a lego set, heats the room whilst sounding like a hairdyer, spits out scratched discs and then flashes 3 red lights.......then its not for you.

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| | See all PlaystationLover's reviews (6)

Sony have once again nailed it right on the spot. Even though there hasnt been a wide selection of the games. There will be a whole selection of good games by christmas. By christmas the price will be dropped and this console will be a bargain.

I could name a million reasons why the PS3 is better then Xbox 360. The Graphics are 100x better. Xbox 360 keeps breaking, The PS3 is SOOOO Reliable.


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