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Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console With 60GB HDD

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Customer Reviews

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  mr sony got it right

| | See all grimweeper's reviews (28)

This certainly is next generation stuff.With alot more things compacted into it than any other console on the shelves it`ll certainly live up to its expected 10 year life span.When it was first launched titles were poor & graphics were not impressive as portrayed but there is a reason for this.

The playstation 3 has a very large complex psx processor inside it which is far bigger than the wii & xbox 360 put together which is why its been voted the most powerfull console.The complex processor is making it difficult for programmers to develop games for this is the reason behind game delays.This will answer questions as to why games are getting onto wii , pc ,or xbox 360 first.Call of duty fans such as myself will tell you that there is a very big difference between c.o.d 3 & c.o.d 4 this is because the developers relised what it was capable of & got it right the second time around.

2008 is going to be the year of the playstation 3 & current xbox 360 & wii owners are going to see what the words next generation console really mean.Games that were released not long ago are showing you that developers are hitting the nail on the head now with games such as assassins creed, c.o.d 4,uncharted:drakes fortune these games are impressive & there is alot more to come.So please dont be put off by whats on the shelves now their only just getting started.

Reading ps3 magazines as helped to explain mr sony as actually over spent on his budget because he felt that if he puts more into it as he as the technology is far more superior & helps you to get more out of gaming which has proven so far to be right the total cost of what was over spent was £200 so when we were paying £425 for the machine we were getting the better end of the deal.

This is a machine you really need to put into your shopping cart because the future of gaming is about to begin.

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  above all other game consoles to date!

| | See all motzart's reviews (3)

i have given this console five stars. as although maybe over priced its a great buy! This playstation 3 is graphicly superior than the xbox360 and the game's planned for release in 2008 are a great line up.
Its for the serious gamer, as its competition the Nintendo Wii is more for younger gamers ( every game i have played on the Wii i have nearly completed easily)
compaired to the xbox360 its sense of realism is very playable , try call of duty 4 and you will see the graphics capabilitys for yourself!!
with Free online play and easy conectivety, playing the ps3 online is great fun. always a new experience!
wireless controlers just like the Wii but does not take pricey batteries , its rechargeable trough a usb cable conected to the console base ( and charges quickly!)
New features are added all the time incuding a new remote play facility which means if you own a psp and ps3, you can remotly access your ps3 from anywhere there is a wifi spot in the world! inc playing all your music on the playstation 3 and watching all your videos stored on the hard disk.
overall a great buy the 60gb version is great if you can afford it , i would recommend it highly!
Nice One!

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  A quicky....

| | See all BargainGaming's reviews (2)

Offers much more than an xbox 360, and that's not just graphics but with multimedia options, also, dont forget, your getting an excellent blu-ray player. HDMI does increase picture quality over the 360 component. Less games at the moment but there are more than 50 titles coming soon, as shown at e3 2007. However, this all comes at what I think is a too high price tag for the average gamer.

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  Great console but over priced, and no HDMI cable included.

| | See all ObiWanJabrone's reviews (27)

I've had every console by Sony and I've had the PS3 since launch day.

First and formost people who bought this console on launch day paid £425, I think this console was over priced - this is one of the reason's I've given it 4/5.

The other reason I've gave it 4/5 is because Sony are so stingy they don't even give you a HDMI cable, instead they give you a bog standard AV connection (I used the one from my PS2 because you might as well if you didn't buy the HDMI cable). Thank god play give you one though.

If you buy this I'd recommend you buy a HDMI cable (if you don't buy it from play.com) don't do what I did and buy it after, viewing this from the standard AV connection on any kind of TV is alright but once you've hooked it up via HDMI you'll be blown away.

Set up is easy like any other Sony console, you don't really need to look at the manuel.

Once you've turned on the console and gone through the system wizzard/settings you should register your console for a PSN (PlayStation Network) ID, if you register your console you will also receive a free copy of Casino Royale from Sony - well, it's the least they can do after you've forked out all that money.

You will need an internet connection in order to register on PSN it's either wired or wireless and is easy to set up.

When I bought mine I didn't bother with buying any games as I knew the PlayStation Store would offer demo's of games which they did. On launch day however, there wasn't that many demo's but they do get you by until you buy a game. I do believe now that the PS Store has a huge amount of content you can download. (Download the MGS4 trailer it's amazing).

I bought this console for 2 main games: Metal Gear Solid 4 and Tekken 6. Since these games aren't out yet I have Fight Night Round 3, Resistance: Fall Of Man, Virtua Fighter 5 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma, I also have Mortal Kombat 2 and Tekken DR from their store. I really didn't think I'd buy many games since I am looking forward to the main two I mentioned but I just had to buy NGS.

If you liked the previous consoles from Sony then you'll love the PS3. I wouldn't buy the PS3 just yet, it's not because there's not many titles out (there is more choice now) I'd just wait for a price cut for the machine and Sony might wise up and throw in a HDMI cable.

The PS3 is also backwards compatable with PS1 and PS2 software so if you're like me and packed away your PS2 then no need to worry. PS1/PS2 games are even upscalled on the PS3, DVD movies are also upscalled.

The PS3 is also a media centre console because you can store your video's (mp4) music and pictures. You can do this via 2 methods. 1, memory cards (SD, Memory Stick etc) or a nice peice of software called TVersity.

I prefer method 2, but if you don't want to use your internet bandwidth up then method 1 is better for say pictures and music. I personally don't keep any music/pictures on my PS3 at the moment because Sony haven't enabled the function where you can either put your own background on the home screen (like PSP) or you can play your own mp3's instead of the in-game soundtrack (like XBox/360). They may do this in a future firmware update.

The PS3 also gets very hot I'm not critising it for this but it's worrying sometimes.

All in all the PS3 is a great system and it's got alot of potential like I say though, I'm a huge MGS fan and this is why I bought it but I don't regret buying the PS3. Sony are apparently going to cut the price of the console in the U.S it's said to be -$100 so I'm sure it will happen here.

Great job Sony, and may the 4th be with you.

PSN ID: ObiWanJabrone

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| | See all millwall123's reviews (1)

i got the ps3 on day 1 (march 23) and i was amazed. The console is brilliant. The graphics are great and arguably better than the 360, the blu-ray is great and so is the controller. But there are not many too great games out there for the ps3 at the moment... but this will all change by this fall. online is free and great. A great console.

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| | See all Blade81's reviews (41)

I got a PS3 just after they were released i have had no problems with it so far. the graphics are arguably better then the 360. there not many games yet but that does not really matter because of the online system which is excellent and it is also free unlike the 360 live which you pay a year subscription fee just for a few more Features .

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  Not a fan

| | See all TonyMontana69's reviews (14)

I bought a ps3 some time back now and was amazed at how over hyped this console really is, there are no good games at all coming out for it in the near future, the blu ray is very good though I will say that, but this system is not even close to competing with xbox 360 for gaming. I do not like the online ps3 gaming at all whereas the xbox is just amazing. If your considering buying a console than get the 360 it is miles ahead of ps3 in terms of gaming. I sold my ps3 within the last week as it was just sitting there gathering dust and it collects a lot of that when its shiny black. Overall this console at this point in time is a complete waste of time, I just find it amazing that sony had such a long time to develop this console and they have failed quite badly so far, it seems im not the only person who hates the ps3 many gaming experts agree that the 360 is the winner in the battle of the consoles by some margin.

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