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Transformers: The Game

Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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  protect or destroy

| | See all 007miah's reviews (6)

sick game the graphix are realistick the story line is good each robot has a different power drive, fly, shoot, and tranformer at a click of a botton. this game is 10/10

  A Good Game

| | See all robbins08's reviews (17)

This is a good game if you like the easy stuff.This was the first game I ever got for my ps3 and I liked it.usually video games from movies arnt that good but transformers the game was better than i expected.They could of put in more playable characters in the game but other than that its good.


| | See all SIMONHODGKINSON's reviews (2)

Absolutely rubbish game...avoid this...waste of money and severly boring..very repetitve...nothing like the film

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  A pretty transformation does not a good game make

| | See all MartinsBluRay's reviews (46)

Got this as I loved the film, looks great for the first few minutes then you realise that it is the same all the way through, drive a bit (poorly) punch or throw something and drive some more. It really is the most repetitive game I have ever played and is far too hard for younger gamers to play, you cant walk past a building without it crumbling. Even if you are a massive fan of transformers... When you compare the amount of contentin this to a title like Drakes Fortune or Assassins Creed you realise just how bad this really is.. please avoid this and get lego star wars instead, its soooo much better.

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  Shame it had so much potential

| | See all converted's reviews (32)

I've played Transformers Armada and Transformers Tataki (imported) for the PS2 and enjoyed both so was really looking forward to the Transformers coming to next gen consoles. Unfortunately my expectations where shattered.

The game does has its good points like being able to play as either side from the beginning is great although playing as the decepticons is much easier and fun. The graphics in the game are great as well and the Transformers themselves look amazing. Another little added plus is the use of the six axis controller functions (optional) which you can use while playing as the decepticons to fly around as jet of helicopter etc.

When you're in vehicle mode you can have a lot of fun driving round the streets or flying in the air blowing stuff up and while in vehicle mode you can get around quite easy and your character isn't hard to control. However when you're in robot mode this changes. While in robot mode your movement is so slow and clumsy which can be really irritating especially in fights.

Another disappointing thing is the environments your in are far too small you notice this more being flying around as the decepticons, you just seem to be getting some where the your forced back the other way you haven't got much freedom as you'd like even in the big city.

The major problem with the game though is how long it will take you to complete. If you don't bother with all the mini games, which in themselves are pointless and irritating, you are seriously looking at a couple of hour's game play its over far too quickly.

When first seeing this game it bared resemblance of HULK ultimate destruction for the PS2. If only Transformers was half as good.

If you're like me and a big Transformers fan and must buy the game then try to get it as cheap as possible. Although the game does has its fun moments it just doesn't have enough of them.

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  I love Transformer's, But this was a bit Disappointing.

| | See all Cleon5's reviews (14)

I love Transformer's, But this was a bit Disappointing. But i have to say im glad i got it. Graphic's i think are very good but the gameplay and storyline is abit boring.

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  25 Minutes...

| | See all KenKoh's reviews (11)

...Was the time I spent playing this abysmal excuse of a game. I just couldn't bring myself to play it again. Luckily the game came with my console so it wasn't so much, a waste of money. I later sold Transformers for a price that only I would benefit. If your 9 years old and love repitition... This game is right down your alley. But to be honest, a 9 year old would get bored of this game.


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  Shame because I love transformers so much

| | See all RossJeremy's reviews (11)

To sum this game up in a nutshell it feels like this game was made for a 6 year old. The controls are too simple and the game play is ultra repetitive. On the plus side you can interact with the scenery well and there is some sense of pleasure when you are smashing up other robots. Apart from that there is not much to this game, this could have been brilliant but maybe it was rushed?