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Resident Evil 6

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  r.i.p resi!

| | See all tazzys's reviews (59)

got this depite the reviews because it was a good price and ive bought every single resi game and film to-date. well i dont know whos @ capcom making these games these days but they have certainly ruined what was an excellent series for me. i put this on and within 1 hour of playing i knew i hated it. the graphics are excellent theres no question but its taken alot of the choices away. the exploring has gone. theres way way far too much of waggle the joypad or press x then square then triangle. omg. its totally ruined the experience for me. i can see what theyve tried to do here which is recreate the experience of resi 2 and have stories overlapping when you play different charaters, nice idea but when a lover of the games doesnt even finish the first charaters story forget it, youve failed. i used to buy these games on release, then moved to when they drop in price. and now im at a stage where i cant be bothered at all. this games getting traded in. and all these extra tittle they release can forget it. i dont expect them to bring games out like they used to be that would just be silly. but the suspense the fun and replayability has gone.

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  let down

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

ive been a fan of resi since the ps1 and seen the changes over the years i agree it cant stay the same every game has to change with times and technology but its leaving its core ground behind survival at points in this game you've got so much ammo herbs and sprays your having to leave things behind and the levels just start to drag and lacks any kind of flow you can be on the same chapter for an hour and half and the story hasn't moved its like they've done for no other reason than to make the game last a bit longer it adds nothing the graphics are good even better at times but now this game falls into such a large genre action shooter there are loads of better games out there which are much more enjoyable

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| | See all HONESTBAZ's reviews (299)

I always look forward to resident evil games,even though they aren't quite done in the same style as the first few. This is basicly a run around shooting zombies and monsters type game,but it mostly good fun and at least it's back to proper zombies and not just infected people.
The close attacks are well done and quite good fun,so ideal if you're short on bullets,though you get tired after several attacks and have to wait a while to get your strength back. My games partner and i did enjoy most of this game,the characters are great,the graphics impressive enough and the gameplay is addictive enough. Also there is a lot of it to do,as once you've completed one story,you go on to another and after the 3,you open up ada's story and they all come together nicely,so there's plenty to do. Now the down points that stop me giving it 5 stars.
You often have to rely on your partner to help open doors and stuff and if they take a while to get to you,it can be frustrating and you could be killed through no real fault of your own. Also some bosses are a real pain to kill,they keep coming back and sometimes it's hard to know what you're meant to be doing and if you're actually getting anywhere and you're never sure if you've actualy killed it as it keeps coming back larer on,sometimes i finished of a moster without really knowing how,so more button bashing than skill.
Also,some saves are regular and others take ages to come up,just loads of checkpoints if you're lucky,oh yeah,if you die after a checkpoint it says saving,it isn't a proper save though which is misleading,but you soon get used to what is a proper save.
One more thing that stood out as a bad thing,the way you are laying there injured and have to hope someone gets to you in time or you'll have to do some annoying stuff again. The action is mostly done by gun or close R1 button combat but occasionally,button prompts come up which might annoy some.
All that said,it's an entertaining game and some are sure to love it,but for me,it was just too frustrating too many times to be considered a 5 star game,well worth getting at a good price though.

  resident evil 6

| | See all selloncity's reviews (2)

this is my first ever review as i dont normally get involved but i am sooooo disappointed in this game i feel i have to let others know. there doesnt seem to be any thought into this game other than just running around shooting, stamping and surviving until you get to the next checkpoint or stay alive long enough to activate the next scene. i am a huge resi fan but this game seems nothing like it !! no puzzles, no stealth, just a thoughtless bloodbath. if this is the way resident evil games are going to go i will never, ever buy one again. i am not a critic and accept any game for what it is but i implore you, if you, like myself, are a resident evil gameplayer then avoid this game as you will be left feeling short changed : (

  What Happened?!!

| | See all Yonzinho17's reviews (27)

After playing Resident Evil 5 I was so excited for the release of Resident Evil 6, RE5 was for me to date the best game out for the PS3 so when RE6 came out I had high hopes....BOY was I disappointed! The graphics are no where near as good, the controls are completely different and the game play itself is just all cut scenes! What happened to the beloved treasure from Resi Evil 5?? No more treasure instead something called EXP points which gives you the option to upgrade certain things which is no where near as good in my opinion! The makers have completely changed the game when it didn't need changing at all, we wanted more of Resi Evil 5 but with new characters and levels and maybe a few new things to add to what was already an amazing game! please can resident evil 7 be more like RE5! ;-(

  Shocking evil 6

| | See all jackandaaron's reviews (13)

Being playing this rubbish for about 4 hrs and can say that it is really really bad, from the the dreadful AI to the truly dreadful combat system, have not seen any zombies, Maybe it will get better because surely it cant get worse...........very poor!!!!!!!!

  Apart from the 1st one, this is the best!

| | See all Musbird's reviews (89)

I have been a Resident Evil addict since the very first entrance into the mansion. I love everything about the resident evil franchise. Ok, so yes this game is different - however I also understand that games have to move on. If it was the same as the 1st game, then it would be boring.
Apart from the 1st game - this is my favourite in the series - it has amazing graphics, at first annoying but controllable once you get used to it - and to be honest the camera angles add to the mystery.
This is a GREAT game and well worth buying - it reminds me a little of the silent hill games in that it does direct you to locations but does leave some things for you to figure out. Within the first 2hours there were plenty of "jump out your skin" moments which we have come to relate to these games. No matter how much you expect it, it still gets you (watch out for those dogs).
Overall this is an interesting game with new angles (both story and cameras) - the zombies can run, walk up stairs and can use weapons. You will be continually surprised and if you want something different from each game then you wont be dissapointed.

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| | See all Envirasu's reviews (3)

I've been playing Resident Evil since the first game on the PS1, back in the '90s. This game does not disappoint. As others have said, it has left puzzles behind, for the most part, in favour of action, but the game in general is great. Everything about it is smooth and efficient, it looks great, and the quantity of campaigns collectively include roughly thirty hours of gameplay. That's not including the extras like Mercenaries and Agent Hunt. Great game, and great value even at 40 pounds.

  too much change, not enough of the old resident evil

| | See all JoshDon's reviews (1)

i was really looking forward to playing resident evil 6, seeing as leon was in it, i thought this title would be similar to resident evil 4 which was amazing, but this is nothing like the old resident evil games, too much has changed and this seems more like a adventure game then anything else.

bring back the puzzles, the old style horror sequences, the old system of the item select, the old aiming system with the guns and the old system for opening doors and so on, this new interface is just rubbish, its putting me off ever buying a resident evil game again, the only thing i liked abt the game was the storyline, but even that wasnt as good as the previous resident evil games.

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