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WWE: Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (71 reviews)"

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  brill :)

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

have all ways loved the smackdown vs raw game form back when thy were on the ps2 i must say this is a good game improvment from the 2007 game over all a good game.

  It's good ol smackdown.

| | See all SK2007's reviews (126)

The game itself I mean what are people expecting? it's wrestling, there is some new modes and some added things, but most of the time reason you buy this game is for what it is, and what it always has been. It still lives up to the name. Some flaws to the game but overall at the cost your getting it for now it's a steal.

  Same old stuff

| | See all RyzGlidz's reviews (20)

The only good thing about this year is the attributes the superstars get eg. hardcore, and the burning tables. But other than that, it's the same old things.'09 was better, but 10 should be even better.

  Another year, another boring smackdown

| | See all owjb44's reviews (30)

After the initial 20 minutes you will realise this is just another boring smackdown which hasn't differed from smackdown 1 or 2 on psx/1! 5/10


| | See all CaptainRich's reviews (6)

What a fantastic Game! I currently own this game and play it on a standard definition TV, nothing special and i find the graphics spectacular. The game is alot more focused on the basis of grapples and making you feel as if It is YOU pumping the crowd up.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics on this game are the best i have seen in any of the 'Smackdown' series of games as of yet. Alot more attention has been paid to the detail of the actual characters.

Gameplay: 9/10
The story mode is very addictive and has great re-play quality. You can play it once as one wrestler and play it again as another and you still will not find it boring!

Sound: 8/10
The sound of the game is very good, The commentators are more in-tune with the actual match and the sounds of grapples, punches and the characters hitting the floor are life-like.

Bad Points:
The bad points would be that sometimes you find story mode boring and you may start to feel like you fancy playing as someone else repeatedly, also the game play can be a bit sluggish on times.

Overall a very good game and for what it's on sale for now, £14.99 it's just a must-buy.


| | See all DeathBlade's reviews (1)

At 1st seems good then gets boring not a lot more to say just dragging it on i do think its a alright game

  great to play but story mode lets it down

| | See all mikeeeyboi's reviews (31)

This game has the game play and fun of all previous wwe games but i have to say the story is a let down so repeatative no goals no ambtions for any other belts.repeatative no championship matchs at ppv just a tag team match like you would see on monday night raw.big let down on story but the game play is very good so is a must for wrestling plans.

  08=very limited. Disappointing.

| | See all TheNomadSoul07's reviews (76)

Not the best wrestling but at least it was an improvement from a very lazy 07. 08 is pretty ok but it's not really long term and it's still has big time flaws like their caw mode, it's still the same crappy one from 07 and making caws is such hard work which I get easily bored of. The new fighting system is ok but it lacks moves for the females, not to mention some new moves would be nice but instead they reanimated the moves which I think they don't need. The 24/7 mode sucks and building up your guys abilities is just hard work as well.

So basically it's a bit mediocre but not as mediocre as 07. I still won't recommend this. Stick to 06, HCTP, SYM and DOR instead

  Well, i have just been sick.

| | See all GT5Aston's reviews (6)

please, just please THQ, go out of business and stop cursing the world with these appaling and offensivley nasty games. also THQ, there are things in games called physics engines, yeah? use them. they kinda make a game fun. Smackdown VS Raw 2008 (and the earlier ones in the series especially) have no physics in the fighting arena and just looks like it was made in a week by a party of intoxicated apes using 20th century graphics and physics technology. Seriously! im not exagerating! AVOID this game as if it were a brain tumour, and every other "game" from those rottern, lazy and greedy "game" developers known as THQ. Wow, this review has made me feel angry... i think i had better go to bed before i hit somebody.

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