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Tom Clancy's EndWar (With Exclusive Steelbook)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (38 reviews)"

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| | See all Dragonator's reviews (13)

excellent game, respnds very well to voice commands over headset, a great way to play an RTS if u cannot be bothered to use a controller althought u do need it to do certain things but the whole thing can b played via voice command, great game, now ruse is out I will put this aside lol.

  Awsome Game

| | See all LOLAGEGE220's reviews (1)

This game is one of the best i have played so far. You really feel that you are a stratigic military commander. You can control 3 different superpowers which alows you to use many different units for world domination.

  Worst game ever!!!

| | See all DSB1993's reviews (12)

Does'nt recoccgnize my voice and i have a high quality headset and talk loud enough into it and it just says sorry can't do that it is the most boring game of all time.This game was a letdown, looked so good but just didn't compare with any rts, i wouldn't even call it a rts. 1 thing i hated most was the fact the camera had to stay locked on to a unit, really bad. Plus no base building? thats the whole point of a RTS. Stay Away!

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  Good...but not!

| | See all Genkiller's reviews (1)

By all means a good game but lacking somewhat. Voice command is good but very frustrating when it never understands you when you say certain commands. Single player campaign is far too repetitive all missions seem the same and is far too short. Also each match tends to only last 20 mins not the 2hrs you'd expect. All that aside though quite entertaining in small doses.

  not what i expected from a tom Clancy title

| | See all dylemma's reviews (3)

I don't think this game is bad because its a strategy game, its just a bad strategy game. The producers of this seem quite lazy, you have a basic system of helicopters beat tanks, tanks beat apc's and apc's beat helicopters. Not only does this make for very simple tactical decisions, its also utterly ridiculous, since when could gun ships knock out a main battle tank, only a succumb to an apc with half as much armour and armament.the system of securing uplinks makes every mission feel exactly the same. The voice command is a novelty that wears off after five minutes. In all i think this game had huge potential, but the designers paid to much attention to the voice command, and not enough to the rest of the game. A very disappointing title bearing clancy's name.

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  Nice Idea, worth renting,

| | See all DaveGleeson's reviews (1)

The voice control aspect of the game is great, easy to use and intuitive once you get the hang of it. Graphics are excellent and the online gameplay is good also.

My only criticism would be that the Single player campaign took me around 4 hours to complete and I'm by no means an advanced player. It's probably worth renting, don't know if I would buy it.


| | See all JamieDB9's reviews (3)

this game is better than i expected it too be through all the neagtive reviews it received however i coudnt come to turn it off. Great tactical game maybe too complex for some but overall a great game, however the campaign could be a bit longer and a few more maps a sceanrios but over a great game


| | See all sammaz's reviews (2)

This game is poor! I got it for christmas and opened it straight away. I was bored in half an hour... all you can do is control your troops! A complete waste of money. Do not buy this game!!!!!


| | See all danbob's reviews (8)

This review ia based on the demo. Endwar is one of the, if not the best games i have ever played. it way sound sad but i constantly play on the demo over and over. I'm getting the game soon and i can't wait. online is great. overall a good game.