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Half-Life 2: The Orange Box

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (67 reviews)"

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  Frame Rate Issues

| | See all BadNinja's reviews (1)

Great game if you can get past the awful framerate issues which hamper the game considerably. If you have the option get it on the xbox or pc, avoid the ps3 version unless you have no choice.

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  An awesome collection and price, but avoid most reviews

| | See all LightYagami's reviews (5)

Right let me start off by saying, to get the full experience of this collection you need the internet. full stop. My favourite game on this is team fortress 2. And id give this box about 3 and a half stars without it.

Half life and its both EXPANSIONS are pretty good. i had fun with them but if i found myself stuck somewhere i generally left the game alone for ages. but the game is really good if you can stick at it. nice graphics, nice gameplay, sweet guns. this game advertises saying it has 5 games in one, but half life 2 episode 1 and 2 are not that long and are really only short expansions of half life 2.

Team fortress 2. probablyone of the easiest to understang and get a hold of multiplayer games ever. you will know exactly what to do when you log on and play one game. you wont need a tutorial, but if you do your outa luck cos there is none, but you will find spot on people online that will hel;p you with any problem you may encounter, and there is ALWAYS a game full of people being played. graphics are awesome, weapon classes are awesome and get a few friends to buy it too and you will have a right laugh.

Now on to portal.this is the sole reason im saying avoid most reviews. the game is good yeah and quite inventive. but very short. the reason most people say this game is the best game ever is because of the ''internet humour''. because of the websites like 4chan and such most people who rate this game comment on the humour. and almost always only comment about ''the delicious cake'' at he end. if your a casual gamer and like your games explosive and full of guns this is not for you. but if you like a challenge then its definitely worth a go.

the game overall is the best value you will ever get. and is the greatest use of 13 euro ever. :)

  One for the collection.

| | See all Lukeey's reviews (14)

The game itself is a recent port from the pc, and has decreased quality on both the PS3 and XBOX360, the graphics are quite rigid and it isn't as good as it could be; but whatever you do... don't let this put you off.

Half-Life 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2; all are great games and it's worth having them in your collection.

The price is amazing, i'm pretty sure this will be the best you can find.


| | See all Limmex's reviews (74)

I picked this up recently as wanted a FPS to fill the gap until Bioshock 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are released later this year. I was not disappointed. The original Half Life was released on the PC in 1996 and was one of my favourite games; I later played Half Life 2 on the Xbox which I still think is one of the finest FPS games out there. This is an incredible bargain, 5 games in one box. If you love FPS or games with a great storyline then pick this up without hesitation. The graphics still stand up for a game that is in essence a few years old and considering you get Half Life 2 and both the sequels Episodes One (currently playing) and Two, plus the fantastic Portal and multiplayer Team Fortress 2 then this stands up as the best value release for the PS3 so far.

  Great value for this price

| | See all rastaman61's reviews (1)

Really a lot of exciting gaming with good graphics. At this pirce it really is a must buy!

  Best Mix Ever!

| | See all hoppingtortoise's reviews (20)

5 games on one disc! They all run smoothly and are all diferent. The only critisism I have is that when you enter a new chapter or a different part of the map, there is a huge loading gap but then again, what do you expect when you've got 5 games on one disc. Overall though, the orange box is a success! 10/10

  The true verdict after the recent update patch

| | See all daveuk2's reviews (20)

Ok, loads of good reviews already on here and a few poor ones.
There has been a patch sinse release thats on playstation network, the patch makes the game far smoother. I was skeptical and found the first hour or so a bit lame. When you get to the first vehicle (Hover craft) you begin to appreciate the size and scale of this masterpeice! ok it's a port, ok, loading times are slow, and yes occassionally you may need to restart if the sounds have a crackle. Even so...... this is gaming perfection, an experience any gamer should have. I picked this up for £19.00 and to be fair feel thats a fair price for an older game. Old but matured really well like a fine wine. I have 10+ games but keep putting this on!! it's so intuative and moreish! the puzzles are perfectly placed to keep you interested and logical that you don;t need to resort to walkthroughs. Just when you think you have seen it all , the game drops anopther quirky little concept or feature at you and leaves you gobsmaked! Absolute gaming perfection and I am just on the 1st one out of 5 HL2 not started ep 1 or 2 yet!!!! Played portal and its so original you will love it. If you have an Xbox then get it on that if you have a PS3 then go for it (unless you have played it before on the PC). Give it a couple of hours and then pass judgement, its a huge game.

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| | See all samstar06's reviews (3)

Gaming at its very best! The best game ever created in my opinion and if not surly the best 1st person game of all time! Deserves at least 5 stars if not more!

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