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Half-Life 2: The Orange Box

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (67 reviews)"

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  Amazing Game and Price!!

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The Orange Box is a fantastic game and one of the best of the time. 5 games - 3 of which are parts of the Half Life 2 series and they're absolutly epic. Its got a brilliant and immerse storyline and game engine by Havoc is one of the most physically realistic ever made. Within the games, you play as Gordan Freeman, an ex-military doctor who takes arms against the ever growing in power, socialist government, and more significantly, the mutuant outbreak. The game mixes energetic and exciting shooting combat, and ingenious puzzler elements with the 'Gravity Gun'. Its an essential addition to your collection and worth it just for these three.

Portal, another game part of the Orange Box, is the smartest game i have ever played (after 10 years of gaming). A reasonably short puzzler, you have a special gun which can shoot portals into walls, floors and ceilings. You can shoot an entrance and an exit. Its a very simple concept which needs to be experienced but i can assure you that you will be amazed!

The final game is called Team Fortress 2, and it is an online team based shooter. This is personally my favourite of the 5 games. Its pure fun! You choose one of nine character classes such as snipers, spies, soldiers and more, all of which have different specialities. When playing with some friends, its possibly the best online game on the Playstation.

The Orange Box is a brilliant selection of games and when it only costs 20 pounds, you can't go wrong!!

  Excellent in every aspect

| | See all Tom921's reviews (2)

This game has truly ever since it's release in 2007 been at the top of my games collection because I quite simply can't put it down.

It comes with 5 full games, 2 of the most notable being Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2. TF2 is however an online-only game and so if you don't have an internet connection for your PS3 it might be best not to impulse buy for the promise of fairly ballanced, team based cartoony FPS fun. HL2 has been released some time ago and is a great FPS with deep characters and intuative controls (which can be ajusted to your needs with full user-control over the controller button layout).

Two of the other games are both extentions of the HL2 storyline and each concentrate on very different elements, one being based around co-op and the other being more open and with a bit more emphasis on driving.

The last one is a real gem, Portal, it is an intuitive, well-designed masterpiece with lots of sarcastic, satirical humor. It is also complimented with a good colour scheme and sharp graphics.

Overall this is a very good purchase even for non- Half-Life or even non-FPS fans, and with the options of easy, normal or hard difficulty levels for each single player game it should work well for every gamer. And just incase you're wondering how you select each game it's all handled by selecting the title you want, each one accompanied with a little animation demonstrating it and you get sent to that game's title screen.

  Buy it for Portal!

| | See all BoyCharlie's reviews (23)

£20? 5 Games? Bargain. Portal has to be played to be understood. It's not difficult as such but as the levels progress it is mind bendingly devious. Such an original idea and so well put together; if only there were more levels like the last (the cake is not a lie....don't burn in the fire!). A release on psn would be a great idea.

The half life series was so successful on pc and now it has transferred brilliantly to consoles. It's a classic fps with a nice new chapter which looks excellent. Team fortress isn't bad either; a bit of fun with cartoon graphics is light relief to flawless cod multiplayer. Portal is just immense though; the reason to buy the orange box.

  one of the best

| | See all markshaped's reviews (5)

First time i saw half life, i thought its not for me did not look intresting at all. I saw portal and i love a good puzzle game so i thought getting portal with extra games would be good. Played portal and its so amazing, nothing like iv ever played. So when i completed portal i had to give half life 2 a go and i was blown away the game is great with a intresting story which could not stop me from putting the controller down and even tho half life 2 is a old game its still better than a lot of games coming out today. Yet to play the online game but so far this has been money well spent. A must buy

  Best FPS Ever!

| | See all Keward's reviews (9)

First Person Shooters can only be played on a PC with a keyboard and mouse, well that's thought!

People have said this is a poor/bad port but I loved it. Half Life is one of the best FPS and this version is on exception, buy it now!

  Half-Life 2: The Orange Box

| | See all BambooBarry's reviews (11)

A lot might think twice about buying this game as it had some bad reviews with the conversion, as soon as you put the game in the ps3 and go online a patch will be installed to the ps3 to fix the problems it has, i paid, 12 pounds for this from play, i consider it a gift at that price, if they sell it again at that price grab it what a game .....thank you play

  You would have to be mad not to buy it!!

| | See all MarkGi's reviews (20)

(unless you have already played it on PC).

Anyway, this is a fantastic game, I played the PS3 version, and it's great, a absolute steal for £11.99.

There are many many hours of gameplay in this.

  oh my goood god !

| | See all mikeeeyboi's reviews (31)

5 For the price of 1. This game keeps you engaged and addicted for hours. Jumping from half life to half life: Ep 1 then half life : Ep 2 just to find out the story and what happens at the end of it what happens to the portal and how does dr feeman get to the bottom after the explosion? Who is g-man it just give you so many questions to answer and the gameplay and realism to the game is exactly what keeps you in the game.

  Great game, great price

| | See all naboosh's reviews (5)

At only £30 for 5 great games The Orange Box is really good value for money. Half Life is a good game with great action and some nice, but not too challenging puzzle elements added. Despite this it falls short of being amazing as it starts to drag on at some points and experiences a lot of glitches.

Team Fortess 2 is rubbish though and you'd be better off buying it for thePC as it offers a lot more features and has a lot more players.

Last, and certainly not least, Portal! Portal is amazing and is worth the full price on its own. Portal offers a lot of brilliant puzzles which will really make you think. The game is a good short length so you don't start repeating the same puzzles over and over but still leaves you wanting more. A brilliant game.

Overall, the Orange Box is a great game and should appeal to most gamers as it offers a lot of variety. I strongly reccommend you get this game.

  5 in 1, a definite buy

| | See all joshman314's reviews (4)

When I first saw the Orange box, I found it hard to believe it was 5 games in 1 box, but having bought it and played it I realise how brilliant this is. When you buy this box it comes with "Half-Life 2" plus "Episode 1" and "Episode 2." which continue the story from "Half-Life 2." Along with these three you get Team Fortress 2 and Portal.
Half Life 2 - This game is the best game I have played. I cannot find fault in it at all. The graphics are superb and the storyline runs deep into the game and the player is constantly reminded of the first Half-Life.
Episode 1 and 2 - The shorter sequels to Half-Life 2. Also very good graphically, however I would be careful with episode 1 as it crashes with some graphics cards (it did with mine). Episode 2 has no problems.
Team Fortress 2 - while amazing graphically and providing a great multiplayer experience I would recommend buying the PC version of TF2 for those who want to play it fully with custom maps and games.
Portal - Playing is believing, I shall say no more... this first person puzzle game is absolutely spectacular and anyone who considers themselves a gamer should play it.

Overall I think that anyone who enjoys the other PS3 FPS games should buy this as it is amazing.

*The cake is a lie*

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