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Half-Life 2: The Orange Box

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (67 reviews)"

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  Rip off Price for a dated game and other "botched" add ons

| | See all westderbyboy's reviews (6)

Half life two WAS a ground breaking game in its day and its day was back in 2004! It is now 2007 and we are standing on the doorstep of 2008. I wont deny that half life 2 is a good game on its own and offered a new perspective on the first person shoot em up when it was released back in 2004 but i really think that EA and the Valve software corporation are being cheeky by asking for 40 pounds for a game that is almost four years old. Yes you may get 2 other built in games and episode two but really these were merely an attempt bu the producers to make the title more appealing as many people will know the age of the game. If the price was lower by at least 50% then maybe the game would be a good buy but 40 pounds you have to have more money then sence to buy this. If you want a good deep console fps experience then i suggest you buy either bioshock or call of duty 4

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  Great Story

| | See all zaktr001's reviews (2)

I got my copy and cant stop playing it must have game on PS3 good game play and good value for money 5 great game

  Great Value

| | See all JoeMason's reviews (2)

If you have never played half life 2 before this is the must get game.

It has some of the best FPS games ever, Half life 2 + episodes are brilliant single player games with so much replay value.

Portal is one of the most original games i have ever played sure it is very short but great game and the story was unexpectedly good with great comedy all the way though.

Team Fortress 2 is a really good online game and is surprisingly well balanced it is a good change from the more serious online games.

Overall one of the best games for the PS3

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  in response to weejok's review

| | See all LastBritishMonkey's reviews (2)

thats completely untrue. While there is some slow down in places it is virtually undetectable and certainly negligable in comparison to the great storyline, playability and value of the package.

Half life 2, episode 1 and episode 2 are all good quality lengthy games with quality graphics and gameplay

portal is a challenging puzzle game which is worth the money of the package in itself

team fortress 2 is an incredibly addictive multiplayer game giving the package playability over time as it can continue to be played after the single player games have been completed. Once again, team fortress 2 is worth the cost of the package in itself again.

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  Great Value

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Buy this box set... even if it's just to play Portal.
Very high quality box of games that caters for single player or online multiplayer.
If you have never delved into the Half Life universe here's your chance to catch up with the rest of the world.

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  Poor port of a great package!

| | See all weejok's reviews (14)

If you can get the 360 or pc version of the orange box. The ps3 version is a very poor port, it was coded by EA and not valve who handled the other versions. The ps3 version suffers from terrible slowdown and episodes 1+2 are virtually unplayable in some sections. Real shame for ps3 owners because this is the greatest selection of games around at the moment.

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  Bargaiun buy/ value for money!!!!!!!!

| | See all Kiccorro's reviews (7)

If u havnt played half life yet, buy this rite now!!!!!
amzing value for money!!!!!!!!!

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| | See all N1vag5's reviews (14)

The five (5) games in this one pacakge are all absolutely mind blowing!!
If you've played Half Life 2 before then you know exactly what to expect; a storyline that is engrossing, graphics that are amazing and lip syncing that actually looks reasonably spot on! This pack includes Half Life 2 and then the two further 'expansion packs' -episodes one (1) and two (2). You may have played Half Life 2 and episode 1 before but episode 2 is a new game that ties up some loose ends as you would expect.
The other two games are Portal and Team Fortress.
Portal is a fantastic puzzle game which consists of you having a gun that fires two different portals into walls, a blue portal and an orange portal. Go through the blue portal and you will come out of the orange portal and vice versa. It is then a puzzle of how to get to the exit using these portals and other objects in the level. You have a computer voice int he background which adds humour and either supports you or tries to put you down. This is going to be a classic game!!
Team Fortress is an online only multi player first person shooter. It works using different classes of soldiers for you to take advantage of meaning team work is the name of the game (well no, actually it's Team Fortress, but you know what I mean!).
The only reason this didnt get a 5 out of 5 score was due to the horrible loading times which apparently didnt occur on the Xbox 360 or PC versions!
Other than that it is a fantastic game, I have heard that there is slow down on the PS3 version too, but I haven't come across any, so far.
Buy it, you wont be disappointed!!!

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