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Saints Row 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (90 reviews)"

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| | See all michael25041980's reviews (1)

Seen this game for sale at 10 and after reading reviews wasnt to sure, but went for it anyway. Ordered game on wednesday and recieved it sat, have to say it was worth every penny played it all day sunday and lost track of time forgetting i had work on the Monday. So addictive and as good as GTA if not better would recommend this game to anyone especially at this price.


| | See all adsyclements's reviews (2)

Miles better than Saints Row, Saints Row 2 redeems the saints row titles, having played the first instalment i was dissapointed with the level of play and the diversity of gameplay so i really wasnt interested in buying the game so i borrowed it of a friend and i was sufering with shock and awe i would recommend to all those who enjoyed the GTA series as its gameplay is very similar and it offers much more depth and customisation a larger variety of side missions which offer rewards to those who complete them, this game rightfully earns its 5 star rating and hopefully a 3rd installment is in the making.

  Awesome game...totally absorbing

| | See all clemtheblade's reviews (1)

Although similar in a lot of ways as gta, its more fun to play. It kept me up for hours and has loads of variety...a definite must-have for the ps3 and hoping for a 3rd.

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  It's For people who Like to have a laugh!!

| | See all SweetMinimi's reviews (2)

Right, Saints row 2 Brilliant game, So many different story lines in this game, With every missions you do, There is a Interesting development..Makes you want to play more,
Theres lots of gangs, Lots of shops to Buy or Rob And if you don't like to do missions all of the time, There is plenty of side objections, Like becoming a Hitman, Doing some drug trafficing, Insurance fraud, Bodyguard, Flasher (That is one of the funniest games) Ho-ing(self explanatory) And so many other objections..
It's Not meant to look 100% REAL, like you and me. The Characters are fully rendered, They are 3d, You can customise your character, you don't have to play like one person only and thats that (like some other games ) If you are female, you can play female..Which is what i like because im a girl so it suits me to play who i am..
You can play CO-OP with people, & Just have a lot of fun.
You cant compare this to GTA 4 because frankly, GTA 4 is a boring game if you don't always want to play missions or go on dates (I mean who really buys a game to 'date' a character) but if you would rather have a game which is only mission based and 'dating' then go for GTA 4.
saints row is for people who dont take their games too seriously or swear at their console because they get frustrated..
This is A very funny game. and believe it or not THE GRAPHICS ARE VERY GOOD. just because the characters don't look like humans with some rendered real life persons face on it, doesn't mean it has bad graphics.
A Very very good game. I would recommend it to any casual gamer.

  Shocking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all unitedreg's reviews (75)

This game is one of the worst games I have ever played on . I really wanted it and as soon as I turned it on I was really disappointed . The graphics were not very good for a PS3 the gameplay wasn't very good and the controls were all clunky . Seriously I would wait until it just dropped down to about a fiver I ended up giving it to my cousin for free and that wasn't a mistake.

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  no gta but a "saint" of a game!

| | See all 19steve82's reviews (54)

Ok first of all let me get the bad point out of the way. The graphics are the only real let down with this game. Extremely glitchy, the back ground flickers alot if your in a confined space and alot of the characters look a little cartoonish. Ok bad point over, now the good points. The gameplay is second to none as there is absolutely loads to do. The missions are well thought of and you never get bored. It has a good story line, pleanty of customising to do with your created player, your crib and even down to who your gang are and what they're gonna look like! All in all i loved this game and would have gave it 5 stars had the poor graphics not let it down. Compared to gta 4 it comes second but like ive said it is a good game and deffinately worth the cash!

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  Try's too hard.

| | See all Lukeey's reviews (14)

I'm sorry, but I just didn't like this game.
I don't know why because it is a great game at heart, but it reminds me of a next-gen version of San Andrea's (and a bad version at that).

I give it 3 stars, because i did like the wacky game-play; but n comparison to GTA, i wasn't feeling it; i had more things to be doing with my time.

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  Totally Awesome Game

| | See all Omar786's reviews (3)

I have played the firts saints row and i am impressed with the second one with a huge step up. Being a GTA fan i know how these games should be like and who ever likes GTA IV will like this as this has the addition which GTA IV forget which is fun. If GTA IV was really fun and fun in game then it would have been a perfect game but it is too realistic. This game has covered that pot hole for me. It is a bargain on play.com aswell

  what a game

| | See all hollywood84's reviews (7)

being a GTA fan since the ps1 version in 1997 I though I'd give saints Row 2 a go wow what a game. This is way better then the GTA 4 that came out on the ps3 last April you can play as a male or female there's just so many more things to do in this game and even being able to fly airplans and helicopters great game good fun would give this 10/10

  the saints are powerful

| | See all capricorn257's reviews (4)

I didnt like this game on my first impression I saw at first. After I ordered the game I kinda stuck to that chair play this game,it make me feel like im a goddamn hero in the city, You can do anything you want,even smoke a cigar lol.
take a chance and try this game and simply you love it by time