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SingStar (Solus) (Sing Star)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  A beginners guide to SINGSTAR

| | See all AngrilyHot's reviews (53)

As a relative "newcomer" to the Singstar revolution, I thought I would share my views for anyone else out there who, like me, weren't even aware of this kind of game!

My son owns a PS3 and during the half term some of his mates came round with a couple of microphones and Singstar Vol 1. What fun! soon the kids were pushed off so the adults could have a go!

Basically this is a karaoke game, but with points awarded for the best singers. Each track is accompanied by the offical video of the original artiste and there are different modes such as battle & duet. I understand that there have been THREE official Singstar releases (imaginatively titled Volume 1, 2 & 3 respectively!) plus a POP version together with various "specialised" groups (ie. Queen, Abba and a soon to be released Beatles)

Once the disc has loaded up (quite a long loading time compared to other games) it also gives you access to the "Singstore" where there are over 700 titles available for 99p each. So initially you will need a least one singstar game disc to be able to access the store but after that technically you won't need to buy another offical disc as you can simply buy songs individually rather than these "compliation" discs.

Now Singstar (Vol 1) contains 30 songs and because it has been out quite a while chances are you can pick it up quite cheaply making it good value. Think of it like the "Now that's what I call Music..." CD's; if you like more than half of the songs on here then its good value for money, but like the aforementioned CD's there are always going to be tracks you hate plus those you never heard of. Chances are however when you start playing the disc there are a good few songs that you THOUGHT you had never heard of but then you will recognise them immediately after a few bars! (The Fratellis track is a good example of this!) There are still some questionable song choices though; eg "Toxic" by Britney & "I don't feel like dancing" by the Scissor Sisters....I know these are great tracks but for karaoke?? seriously??? could YOU sing along to "Toxic"??? (but perhaps that is half the fun!)

Highly recommended!

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  Far too mainstream

| | See all technerd's reviews (29)

This game was free with my ps3 (no other choices) and I've given it a go a few times. I just find there is such a limited choice of songs and the singstore isn't easy to find songs you'll like.
The music available for singstar is all very mainstream which I find very disappointing. Although the Queen version does show some promise.

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  Good Family Game

| | See all EMcGuire1's reviews (6)

It does exactly what it says on the tin. This is a good all round family game. My 2 kids ages 2 and 4 love standing in front of the television singing away on their mics. For added enjoyment hook up a cam and they can watch themselves singing and dancing their little hearts out. My hubby and I have fun on the duet songs, makes it a bit more competitive. The songs on the disc itself are not that great, hence the 3 star rating, it more or less forces you to go on-line to download more tracks, either that or risk insanity listening to the same songs sung badly a million times over. At present there is not anything to speak about in the download area, however, I am sure that over time more songs will find their way in there.


| | See all sdaffFWEF's reviews (10)

This is a good fun family game.

Some people dont like this kinda stuff but its a great laugh to just gather your friends and have a competition. But this game can get kinda boring if you sing solo.

The other cool thing about this game is that you can buy more songs for 99p, so if you're fed up with the same songs, you can jest buy some more without having to go to the shops to buy singstar vol.2 or vol.3. Because they are all the same.

  Yeh.. ok

| | See all CharlotteKay's reviews (1)

This game is very fun and entertaining when your with your mates however it can get quite boring when your playing on your own. But overall I would recommend it.

  sing star family fun

| | See all curlyjen's reviews (3)

just got a ps3 and got this game,,love it,
me and the hubby and the boys 8 and 10 ,all have fun and try and beat each others score,
easy to download new tracks at 99p each a go,you can build up your collection on songs,
you can listen to ya play back ,if you are brave enough

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  Great fun but......

| | See all nitesoul's reviews (3)

I got this for xmas and it is a good laugh- especially after a couple of beers.
The game is simple to use. Choose a song from the list and grab a mike. The video then plays and the lyrics appear at the bottom of the screen. Above this there are bars appearing across the screen which represent the pitch you have to sing at. No easy task! That's basically it. What you need to be aware of is this IS NOT karaoke. In karaoke the vocal is absent. In Singstar the original vocal remains and you sing along with the original artist. Most of my friends didn't mind this but a couple thought the whole thing became pointless. It is just the same as if you sang along with the radio I guess but that's missing the point. It's about getting friends together and having a good laugh. You can download extra tracks from the online store although there are not that many at present to choose from. If you have the eyetoy then it's even more fun!! It's a good laugh but if you are die hard karaoke fan then this may not be what you want.

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| | See all rambojoe's reviews (30)

This game is just alright. Its very good for a night in with some friends and a few drinks..... if you know what I mean.

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  Could Be Better

| | See all SJG1983's reviews (41)

This game look and feels really good and if you got the Playstation eye then get a few friends around and you will see how good and funny thins game is.

if you have the PS eye you can take video or photos and upload them to the singstar network for others to see

or you can look at other peoples videos or photos

the only let down for it not to be a 5 star is the lack of songs on the Singstar store

  That D*** PS Store problem again !!!!

| | See all Greeeny's reviews (1)

Ok, To be honest, I would have gave this game 4 stars, cause its a blast when you have friends over, you will just not stop laughing the night away, until your neighbor complains that is..... Anyhow, I am from Malta and as yet we dont have access to the playstation store which you will need to download new songs. So to fork out all that money for just 30 odd songs is alot of money. So if you have access to the PS store, go for it, but if not, well then you have been warned my friends.

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