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Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions Of WWII

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  Games for every one?

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For 9.99. Yes any more No.

Not a great game, but it does have the potenial to be an amazing experience for gamers. A bit pixelated in places and not great story. Averge Game

  ive never seen a ww2 game better than this except for cod

| | See all parrios's reviews (42)

Well done a brilliant game for a ww2 not to short either

  Blazing Angels 2

| | See all Talespin's reviews (1)

Hangman should do some basic research first on jet plane history.( there's enough photographs on line ).The 'Gotha / Horton Go 229' did fly .... along with many other similar
....his review of the game is equaly floored..it's a good , entertaining game.

  A lot of fun!

| | See all spursup's reviews (10)

Wow! What a fun game!

I must admit never even considered buying this game, but after reading the other peoples reviews decided to take the plunge.

Its really fun and funny when you crash, but its the playability the strikes you, you can turn, twist and dive the plane its really great!

I can't recommend this highly, real fun.

  Great fun!

| | See all Zomb1e's reviews (67)

This game is good fun.
Its not a flight sim (nor does it claim to be) Very easy to control the planes, which there are plenty to chose from as you progress.


| | See all PaulBlackman's reviews (8)

well i like it.......not too hard like some PS3 games....easy to fly and good fun...and a great price from Play.com...cheers

  As flight sims go...

| | See all HaRoHe's reviews (11)

The only other WW2 flight sim I have is CFS3 and this is more than a match for it with easy controls, upgrades and fast-paced action. I bought this when it came out for £40 and am still happy I bought it. The single player and multiplayer (online and offline) are good, but the story mode does get boring after a while, so find a friend!

  Accessable and enjoyable

| | See all RevolutionBlues's reviews (31)

I think some reviewers do indeed need to calm down (and I note a few who have given this game a bad score seem to have a habit of marking down PS3 games on this site.....). Either that or stop expecting of a game something that is not intended (i.e. since when was this meant as an alternative to Flight Simulator or AC6?).

Yes, graphics aren't exactly testing the HDTV, but then again this is more of an arcade game. The controls are quite simple and the gameplay is not too challenging therefore it is a good game for the player who wants a bit of enjoyment without too much effort. If you want more realism, go elsewhere or wait for HAWX.

Frankly, while it is on sale ar 15 squids, it's a must buy. Certainly better than all the flight sims I played on PS2.

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  A little temperance is required when writing reviews...

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Obviously reviews are very passionate affairs, but what many appear to lose is any sense of objectivity or restraint, often having hidden agendas underneath their so-called 3-line reviews... So here's an impartial one...

I'm not the biggest fan of WW2 or flight sims in general, but I remember playing the demo and really enjoying it, the graphics are not 'spectacular' - but they're far from unimpressive, and when the rain is coming down and you have a plane in your sights and your flying around, who cares about the detail of the trees? It's the overall experience that counts, and I believe they do a good job.

In terms of gameplay, there's loads of variety, and this is one of the game's biggest strengths - there's plenty to do, and as you go you upgrade your plan, weapons, etc. - something that's surprisingly deep and maintains interest. There's also multiplayer to contend with, and although it can be difficult to find a room, when you do, it's really great fun.

Sound, again, really fun voice-overs, it doesn't take itself too seriously, great dramatic music and good ratatatatata gun sounds, what more do you want?

Finally value for money - £14.99 - for this price it's a steal especially when in most high-street stores this is still retailing for £35+

Bearing in mind that there are few / no flight sim games on the PS3 as of yet, any fan this genre should pick this up, anyone wanting to dip into a fun storyline with fun aerial dogfights and play something a little different will do well to give this one a go. Yes it's not 'perfect' - but it's far from disaster some will have you believe. And again try before you buy - get the demo from the PS3 store and give it a go!

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  solid flight game

| | See all SurferSam's reviews (33)

The SIXAXIS controls do feel bolted on, but left to traditional controls, it succeeds in being a solid flight game. It may not have some of the polish in the presentation that more impressive games like the oft-mentioned Ace Combat games have, but it's still fun.

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