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Need For Speed: ProStreet

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (107 reviews)"

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  good game.... but different!!

| | See all jamyboy's reviews (3)

I really enjoyed this game, and at the price you cant grumble. its got lots of different types of races and drifts away from the original concept of the other NFS (which most i have liked). If you fancy something fun that you can enjoy racing multi player split screen too, BUY this game.

Dont expect it to be anything to much cus at that price its not gona blow ya socks off!

  Be more Open Minded

| | See all resistance's reviews (9)

Lets start this review by sayin that I can't believe how many people on here are so simple minded.
If this game was similar to the others then all you would be doing is moaning about how the makers aren't being more creative.
This need for speed isn't meant to have a police chases as it is legal racing - so look at it as though its a different story. (Maybe the next 1 will return to illegal racing) - but to give it 1 star/2 stars is shocking.
The gameplay is unbelievably realistic and the graphics - well lets say they are even better than F1:Championship edition.
I'll ADMIT i was shocked at how different it was but grew to like it after an hour so just give it a chance and look at it as a different type of need for speed.
Also the type of cars are more realistic.
If you don't like change don't buy it but to be fair its a good game.

  complete rubbish

| | See all dan1985boy's reviews (1)

i bought this game as i absolutly love all the other need for speeds. this on the other hand is very disappointing. the cars don't handle, the cut scenes are annoying and wheres nailing the cars throught streets with traffic and intense game play? very poor game


| | See all B3sts3ll3r's reviews (36)

its not that bad of a game at all,the graphics are ok,some very good cars on the game to unlock & race through races, better than the ps2 version, cars take & show the damage & performance of the car once its been bashed about to much.a would say its worth the money!

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  Good, but drifts too far away from the other titles...

| | See all Gazza789's reviews (15)

I was really excited about getting his game, and for a while it didn't disappoint. The legal racing aspect was a new idea, but I don't think it works. There are several good points: The choice of cars, the customisation of cars, the graphics and the online mode. However, the handling of the cars is awful and very unrealistic, the tracks get repetitive, the career mode isn't very long, and there isn't really a storyline to the game at all. Each car comes with full statistics, including the bhp, the 0-60 and 0-100 mph times, and the torque. It is a fairly decent effort by EA, but I think if they crossed the cars and graphics of this game with the illegal previous titles and amazing storylines, then they would certainly have a game to remember. The next game should be back to the illegal racing, so hopefully this game was just a minor blip. Still worth an investment though.

  Not what it seems

| | See all Jadeyy's reviews (3)

I was so excited for the release of this, because I've loved all the previous version of Need For Speed. But this is an outrage! Nothing like the past games, no street racing, you just don't have the freedom and the creativity that you did before in the previous editions of NFS. If you like Grand Turismo, it's like a weaker version of that.

Good point... Graphics are impressive (:

  Good fun... where the hell is the fun part?

| | See all Melons666's reviews (1)

- lost all the fun of free roam and cop chases. i dont feel like a street racer!!!!!
- highly repetitive.
-my name is not ryan cooper.
-the guy who just bangs on about you all the time is highly annoying.
-its good fun racing and i like to total the car.


| | See all Yorkielassie's reviews (1)

best game i have ever played on, drag racing is awesome, would recommend this game to any one that likes gran turismo or other track games

  Not bad at all

| | See all reddemon178's reviews (10)

Hmm i rate this game 80% good. it gets a bit boring sometimes but there is plent of things to do. And it has some very fun multiplayer events

  The Good and the Bad

| | See all SurferSam's reviews (33)

Doesn't run well unless most visual options are turned down or off. Missing much of the elements that made the last few games fun. Races start to feel the same after a while. Announcers will make your ears bleed also covered in way too much advertising.

The Good
Nice online options. Car damage looks nice and makes totaling your ride fun. Solid, albeit unspectacular racing.