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Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (74 reviews)"

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  This is amazing

| | See all Maclood's reviews (3)

BUY ME NOW. How can you question a fiver for this game. I completed this years ago and its still ahead of its time. Why they cancelled Mercs 3 I'll never know.

  The Best Missile Killing Game Ever Made!

| | See all ZappaInMyVeins's reviews (6)


This game is so much better than the first mercenaries game that came out. Mercenaries 1 was really good game with lots of fun blowing stuff up. Thats why i love the series, its endless ammounts of fun.

PLEASE IGNORE people saying this game suck, The graphics are beautiful, some times a little buggy like the first but you will not really notice them, beacuse your too busy blowing shit up with the "Mother Of All Bombs"

A very good game indeed, i was really disappointed when i found out that Mercenaries 3 was put on hold. I love these types of games, they really focus on having fun. Good times!


  Average Title (But only for Non-PC owners)

| | See all TokyoRevolver's reviews (1)

If you dont have a PC then I can see the attraction in this game, I was a massive fan of the original but was left somewhat dissapointed by this instalment.

Average, not as polished as other PS3 titles

Again the driving is ok, special weapons are epic but I have issues with the FPS navigation its sluggish and yes coming from a PC I do understand that the console can never emulate the speed and precision of keyboard and mouse, but I often found myself struggling to centre my aim or overshooting and that left me flustrated and a little narked.

Ok but not gripping but lets face it, your buying this title to shoot and destroy and not to sit and watch endless award winning cut scenes and gripping storyline.

Never got chance to trail this as everytime I started the game logged in, it would crash trying to connect to EA servers, another flustration.

Having not given up on this title I purchased a copy for the PC, what with my main issues being around navigation. You can pick one up from play for around the same price (5.99) and found myself loving this game again (although granted, the PC can be a little glichy) but navigation is alot more fluid and smoother.
If you havent got a PC, its worth a purchase given the price and I suppose if your used to console FPS you might not have the same issue as me.

3 Stars

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  Much better then boring GTA4

| | See all REALIST4U's reviews (94)

this game is so much better then gta4 online is co-op fun story ok but its fun try just cause,saints row, crackdow xbox360 n, saints row 2 all them are better n more fun then gta4 dont 4get try this 8)

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| | See all GlennDillon's reviews (3)

After having this game for a while it does get a bit repetitive
The missions are all the same and there isnt much new
Its a good game but you will only like it for about 2 weeks before you dont play it again for a few months,
The graphics of the game are alright but not amazing
The driving is well.......not that good,
But the weapons are absolutly epic you can nuke the city if you want to bomb a few buildings or even blow up and sink an oil rig
So if anyone does read this far you decide yourself but overall its an ok game
4 Stars ****

  Addicting game let down by its online play

| | See all LiamBond's reviews (41)

Probably one of my favourite games to go through singleplayer - a MASSIVE free roaming map with enough vehicles to make GTA look tame, and enough side missions to keep you addicted well beyond the main linear storyline.
Its major let down is the online play, there are only so many side missions, and the main story is easily completeable within 12 hours, so all in all the game does feel 'used out' reasonably quickly.
The price on play.com does make it a good value game, particularly if you appreciate 3rd person shooters.

  One for the history books

| | See all gadgetsman's reviews (7)

People may say that the overall graphics of the game aint up to much i would agree with them but trust me when you start playing this you will forget all about that. I went through this game on co-op and i loved it so much i went back for another slice of the action. Same basis as GTA a vast map which you can drive or fly across to complete your objectives but in a different league because there is nothing that you cant destroy on this game. This game is GTA on steroids.

  Good game

| | See all unitedreg's reviews (75)

Quite a fun game.
Graphics 3/10
Fun 10/10
Havok 100/100.
Buy it you will like it apart from the graphics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Good game - AWFUL coop!

| | See all Beamboom's reviews (11)

The game itself is plain and straightforward. Lot's of simple fun to be had. Awesome explosions, a fun play field to explore.
Regarding the storyline, if you thought Saints Row 2 were a bit too simple/"single minded" with its enemies and storyline? Oh well, SR2 is Macbeth compared to this. Merc2 is stupid fun. But that can be fun too!

BUT! A huuuuuge warning to those of you who plan on playing this one in coop only (as I did): There are some *major* bugs in the networking part of this game. To get connected to your buddy and start having fun is simply a matter of pure luck, with the odds against you. We were not able to find any kind of pattern to this problem, it was, as it turned out, simply a question of luck VS no luck.
So, if you plan on playing this coop with a buddy I'm sorry to say that you should probably NOT buy this game. Not cause it's not fun, but because of the connection problems. It it beyond my comprehension that they now, several months after its release, STILL haven't released a patch to fix it. That means they'll probably NEVER fix it.

With the coop working I'd give this a 4 star. Considering what it is today, a partially BROKEN game, it deserves no more than two stars, based on the idea that no game should be released until every part of it works.

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