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Grand Theft Auto 4: Special Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  Just buy it

| | See all LazyMoFoNo1's reviews (3)

I will start with the game is it perfect no but is it the best game ever yes it really is that simple.
Now on to the special edition:
Safety deposit box- looks and feels cheap but still kinda cool
Duffel Bag- yet again feels cheap
Sountrack CD- ok but not great i have only listened to it once
Art Book- this i really liked, feels and looks good
Keychain- what can i say it looks good and hasn't broken yet and been on my keys for months

You really need to play this game to see how good it really is

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  Arguably the best game on PS3.

| | See all jcstodds's reviews (13)

This arrived in the morning of the day of release, and after thanking the postman profoundly, it was time to see what all the hype was about.

The good:
- The best physics engine i have witnessed in a game! Every crash, every scrape, every run down pedestrian has a different feel, a spectacular consequence. It is unlike any other game, you have to play to be able to experience the magical euphoria engine.
- The story is immersive and the missions funny and diverse. Gta fans might recognize some of the mission types, but overall, there is a lot to laugh about and the gta humour has gone amidst.
- Special edition comes with some very nice goodies, and even better, it is now only £50!

There really is too much to list.

The bad:

- Multiplayer- you can only talk to people by phoning them! This is bad, as you can't call multiple friends.
- There was a lot of hype that did not turn out to be true. For example, you cannot hang on to vehicles, you cannot store things in the boot of your car etc. There was also a lot of anger at there being no planes! Although there are helicopters. Only 2 though. 3 Variations on the maverick, and the annihilator. The miniguns on the annihilator are less powerful against vehicles than a pistol. Where is the bloomin hunter and rhino?!?!

There are a lot of good things missing on gtaiv, that san andreas had, such as being able to ride on top of cars without falling off, and the countryside. However, there is so much more improvements than any previous gta games. So much has been put into the detail. That is what makes this game so brilliant.

The gta iv special edition does justice to this monumental game! If you have a ps3, this game is a must have!

  Kiss my Box...!!!

| | See all SimboSapian's reviews (24)

Yikes... seriously though... I do... I really kiss my GTA IV box everytime before I play the game...
So much detail on one disc... HOW DO THEY DO IT... UNBELIEVABLE... How can this EVER be bettered...
Buy it and play it forever...
Simon (N.I.)

  Grand Theft Auto IV

| | See all MasterTrader's reviews (76)

Grand Theft Auto IV might just be the best game I have ever played in my entire life. The amount of skill, detail and realism that has gone into it is just astonishing. I'll go into more detail in the review shown on the next paragraph.

The list of things I love about this game just goes on and on so I'll tell you some of the best things. Now you are able to use a mobile phone properly to send and receive calls and texts and arrange dates with friends and girlfriends and ring people for work, it's so good you can even change the ring tone. In cars you can now shoot forwards and backwards as well as sideways when chasing an opponent and you can even drop grenades and Molotov's behind you to blow up the person after you. The new firearms combat system is more advanced than ever which now means you can duck behind virtually anything and take part in realistic shootouts with cops and crooks. And is if that wasn't enough you can even go to clubs, go to shows, go bowling, go out and have something to eat, go out for a few beers and play darts in the pub and because this is Liberty City, there's always someone who's up for a good scrap, and also when you're drunk it affects your mood, the way you walk and drive as if it would in real life so just be sure you don't hit a cop car or anyone else for that matter otherwise you'll either be hauled off to the hospital or the police station, so just try and get yourself home and relax in front of the TV and see if you recognise anyone famous on it, hint hint. The graphics and sound are beautiful which really creates the feeling of a real living, breathing, and busy city. And also when you're about to perform Grand Theft Auto, you can't just get in the car and drive away, now you'll have to break the window and hotwire it for you to be able to drive away, which only takes about 3 seconds.

And now I'll tell you about the music, Grand Theft Auto's have always had great music. GTA IV includes over 200 songs served across 18 radio stations, which type of music do you like best? Metal and rock, rap and hip-hop, jazz, r'n'b, dance, well don't worry, GTA IV has all the different genre's of old and new music you could want and more. And with the game being set in 2008 you get some fairly decent music. Some of the best artists include (not in any particular order), ZZ Top, Queen, Barry White, Kanye West, David Bowie, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo, R. Kelly, Jadakiss, Nas, Juliette and the Licks, Papoose, Smashing Pumpkins, Ghostface Killah, Black Sabbath, Mobb Deep, Iggy Pop, Thin Lizzy, Phil Collins and Genesis, R.E.M, Spragga Benz, Shaggy, LCD Soundsystem, Daddy Yankee, Styles P, Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz, Sheek Louch, Joell Ortiz, Audio 2, Gang Starr, Phillip Glass, Terry Riley, Alexander O'Neal, Lloyd (not Lloyd Banks, just Lloyd), Marvin Gaye, Minnie Ripperton, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Seryoga, Marakesh and many, many more.

As I say, the list of things for Grand Theft Auto IV just goes on and on and comes with some ace bonus stuff in this special edition. It really is an excellent game so make sure you get yours from Play.com as soon as possible.

Overall, a superb, astonishing achievement of a game, which is an absolute masterpiece. Thank you very much to Play.com for getting it delivered on the day of release just like they said they would. And also congratulations and many thanks to Rockstar Games for creating, not just one of the most fun to play, important, next-gen titles yet, but possibly one of the best games in history...

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| | See all TheViper87's reviews (23)

THIS IS THE BEST GAME SO FAR. it was worth the long wait since the PS3 came out there was not a lot of good games to play now no more this game is simply the best play it for hours the missions are better than the old gta.if you have had grand theft autos in the past you will love theis game. GAME OF THE YEAR

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  lived up 2 the hype

| | See all Masterkilla9's reviews (9)

definitely lived up 2 all the hype brilliant game, the best on ps3 atm by far, great characters and great scenes especially little jacob what a quality character, the cars are great and the extras added 2 the game such as smashing a locked car window and hotwiring it to drive it and flying through thr front window if driving too fast and crashing into a wall or something, absolute brilliance the detail within the game, nothing will be better than this game that includes the upcoming MGS4 and others such as GT4 obviously they will be brilliant, but they just wont compare to GTA4

  The No: 1

| | See all RedHairedChimp's reviews (7)

This game can't be classed as nothing short of sheer genius and worthy of every last little bit of hype its fantastic name has.

I got this set on release night and i t was worth the money and the wait. The second you sit down and start playing it you become over awed by it. Any nay-sayers out there go up onto the Rotherdamn Building in Algonquin ( Their version of The Empire State) and take a look through either sniper scope or binoculars. Every detail is still there all the buildings are individual and the skyline isn't randomly lost in the thick of it. No matter where you look life goes on.

Cars don't self destruct after a few bullets now either cop chases can last for ages without having to change vehicles if the Army become involved! Also no matter how high your wanted level is, the ability to out-run the cops is there. Its hard the more you have but doable, no more learning where pay + sprays are on the map by heart!

Cars now react like real cars. If you hurtle round a tight bend you get realistic suspension jerks with under and over steer! this means even in the street races you gotta slow doen when you turn or your into a wall or a car on the opposite side of the street.

The one and only downside to the game. Well..... we all know that helicopters are hard to fly in reality. Hence why you have to get an awful lot of lessons to even fly one on your own yet alone with passengers! But the situation in the game is ridiculous!! The SIXAXIS controllers are used for the pitch a nd angles but even when turned off its still near impossible to fly. Watch out for the buildings over three stories cause a hit about ten in about a kinute of flying.

Seriously though if you just go get this work of art you won't be sorry even if you only get the normal edtion, its still worth it!!!

Happy Criminalising!!!!!!!

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| | See all flynn125's reviews (2)

I cant understand the person below, slagging it off, first of all the graphics are very good, albeit not as good as gran turismo graphics but look at the size of the game, the game wasnt even renouned for its graphical detail, its the gameplay that matters and this game has it. I dont get what some people expect, the game is so vast, and to ahve no loading times its pheonomenal.


| | See all Crewe8's reviews (165)

My first gta game was Vice City, and it was brilliant,then to be honest i thought they went a little down hill....But now they have gone back to the top of the gaming world with this great game..
Like every game controls take a while to master, but it is a great game....do the story modes or just wander round the streets, beating people up and stealing as many cars as you can....Played it so far about 4-5 hrs, trouble is my work gets in the way!!!My advice, if you like the gta games buy it...