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Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (70 reviews)"

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  This game is realy disappointing

| | See all Axelleus's reviews (1)

There is only one thing good in this game and that is the fighting. Shooting is really bad, I have ps1 games where you can shoot a lot better. It's a waste of money if it's above 2 pounds.

  really enjoyed it

| | See all pcsimon's reviews (1)

being a big fan of bourne I really enjoyed this. Its all action and very exciting with nice visuals, really felt as though i was in the movie.

  Hype killer!!

| | See all Themightygamer's reviews (10)

I thought this game would be ace, but i thought wrong and was extremely disappointed with the gameplay and levels, why:
Too short
No trophies
Didn't live up to the hype
so if your thinking about buying this do but only if you like bourne and have a few quid lying around. Themightygamer

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  Love it or Hate it?

| | See all SK2007's reviews (126)

Tbh love it or hate it I really liked this game, sure it had it's flaws but overall I thought it was good fun.


Action like movie all the way through
Constant action.
Fun fighting, smart moves and destructable terrain.
Good story (as on par with film).


Fighting systems a bit bland, gets a bit repetative after a while.
Shooting system is a bit naff

Overall 4 stars. Thought it was good fun, it's unlikely to have a lot of replay value to it, but aside that it's a great game to get play.

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  A bit of fun, nothing more

| | See all BoyCharlie's reviews (23)

Whilst there are a few nice touches which make this game feel a bit like The Bourne Identity it is nothing more than doing a bit of shooting, running and fighting; none of which are particularly complex. The cut scenes are quite nice where the script from the film is used directly and some levels are quite close to the film (the American Embassy, the farm house, the Mini chase) but overall there isn't the depth to the game to make it anywhere nearly as enjoyable as the films.

You basically play through the first film with the occasional bit of artisitc licence used to add missions where Bourne has flashbacks. The shooting however is basic with a simple dot as your cross hair and the fighting sequences are just a melee of triangle, square, triangle, square with little technique to using different moves. Graphics are pretty basic and it's pretty short too. Overall, it's a bit of fun for a tenner if you're a fan of the trilogy but otherwise put it towards a proper game (after all, you can get LBP and Uncharted for a tenner too).

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  i liiked it alot

| | See all Millz2410's reviews (15)

a movie game tie in again, i wasnt going expecting much. i was pleasantly suprised of how much i enjoyed this game. sure its not Mat Damon in this game but it doesnt need him to pull off this storyline. you relive the wambosi assasionation attempt and i must say i was happy with the result. shooting and general gunplay could have been more fluent but it doesnt out me off this game and graphics could have been better but due to the storyline and the gameplay it doesnt really matter... i mean.. we all played Doom when it was just different coloured Pixels ddint we... or space invaders lol


| | See all owjb44's reviews (30)

Meh... not so bad.. didnt complete it and dont intend to. Game play is boring and the graphics are ok.

  Good game if you get it for £10 or less

| | See all BenJamin2008INC's reviews (11)

This game is a good not excellent it is well worth paying a tenner or less on its simple and is easy enough.

  Short! but good gameplay

| | See all Pinguzsoc's reviews (1)

Was a good game, shooting could of been a lot better, as fighting could be a bit repetative although it was very kool. Ended very very quikly thought i was getting into the game and finshed. I thought it covered all three of the spectacular films but just covered the first. Think they shoul of made it longer, forgot about the side missions and covered all films

  Demo good, the game not so.

| | See all TonyTheTigerKing's reviews (20)

The demo was great, except maybe the toy car driving but maybe it was needed to squeeze through tight gaps.

The demo displayed quick action, fast and brutal fighting, quick reactions and great fun.
Once i got to play the game i realized it was all exactly the same. Sadly it was shoot a few men, punch a few men. Run to a location. Didn't really seem like much of a story was going on, more just an excuse to batter people.

Even some of the level designs were rubbish. There is one level when you are working your way down some stairs obviously from one floor to another but it looked as though the every floor had just been copied and pasted! talk about lazy.

Even the little action scenes from jumping boat to boat or diving out the way. Again just copy and paste the exact same scene 5 times over but chage the button you press.

This game had so much potential but it failed to deliver.
I dont think it is worth the play unless its £15 or under.