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The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena (includes Escape From Butcher Bay)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  2 Great games in one case.

| | See all zen2me's reviews (35)

My only complain is about the loading time screen, but the rest is just amazing, is not a cod or uncharted, but is really amazing, I recommended for everyone.

  Worth it if you never played Butcher Bay

| | See all Scotty24's reviews (27)

I loved Butcher Bay on the xbox but never got to finish it because the disk broke so I was glad to be able to play and finish it this time.
It's well worth buying if you've never played it before but if you had it on xbox then I don't think I could reccomend it.

It is a great game with a pretty good story and the AI isn't bad. I also enjoy using stealth in an FPS for a change.
But the graphics aren't very good and some of the faces people pull are pretty strange. The game is almost the exact same so if you've played it before your not missing much.

The second game does still have not-too-good graphics and the same average AI.
But it's not as short as you'd think and the weapons you can use are pretty nice.

Lastly this game is about as worth buying for the online as Unreal Tournament 3. They are both pretty good online but I think only 15 people at most play it online.

So I'd say if you've owned it before it's best to buy it cheap for the second game. But if you've never played Riddic it's well worth buying.

  Riddick, Two games, for the price of one!

| | See all Gamezrule's reviews (45)

Riddick, at first I was pleasantly surprised when it was released, and eager to get this after playing the first on Xbox. The first game, escape from butcher bay is for me a classic, and with the re-vamped graphics its like a living memory. Great weapons, an ok storyline and plenty of gameplay, over 12 hours.
Dark athena I also liked, because of the differences they made from the first game. I just couldnt wait to get my hands on the Ulaks, a great feature, and plenty of fun. Athena is a good game but the storyline is quite dragging, and Exploring areas over and over again bored me. Although dont let that put you off, the fighting and FPS is a good mix. The downsides, After completing both games, I didnt want to play it again, and I encountered several glitches in my game. Another note, I do not like the multi player,its slightly lagging, and annoying.

Overall 7/10, Price is great for two decent games.


| | See all KreemK's reviews (68)

I was a great fan of the previous game on the original Xbox and so was looking forward to this. The demo seemed ok and although I did suspect as it was a demo the final game would have been improved. I was wrong. The graphics looks very blurred and not very sharp at all - the gameplay isn't too bad, but there are too many locations that force you into a slugging match as there is no cover and no shadow to stealth from. Riddick seems to slope along and there doesnt seem to be a run button (very annoying when getting shot at and you are trying to retreat) He also feels very sluggish to control. There are also times when guards will see you even when you are in stealth mode and in the shadows (and no, they aren't using torches or night-vision) The game looks very last gen imo. A great shame as I think if they had ironed out the obvious problems with the game it could have been something special. As it is - it's mediocre at best. I wouldn't want to pay more than £20 for it.

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| | See all maurice45's reviews (17)

I have just finished Escape From Butcher so am talking from first hand not some stupid demo.
It is one of the better games this year. It has a great variety of missions. Stealth, action, bosses etc. I loved playing every minute and am now starting Athena section. You get 2 full games and that is pretty great value for money.
The graphics are OK but the gameplay is superb. Sometimes you have to compromise.
All in all this is 10/10!!!

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  Deserves much more credit, 2 great games! (dont judge demo)

| | See all thetwonk's reviews (10)

I had Riddick escape from butcher bay on xbox in 2004, loved everything about the game and at the time the graphics on that game were the best around.

When i found out about assault on dark athena i was very excited and very pleased that butcher bay came as a bonus on this game,.

I played the demo of dark athena and did feel a little let down, it seemed nothing like butcher bay, graphics not as good as expected either.

How wrong was i, the demo does this game no justice.

I took the plunge and decided to buy this game as i thought i could at least enjoy butcher bay 2nd time around and see what dark athena really has to offer.

Boy im glad i took the risk, anyone who has never played butcher bay but only played the demo of dark athena might think this is a bad game.

My advice to those people is to buy the game, play butcher bay first and complete that (trust me you will love it), by then you will be used to the controls and the feel of the game, you then feel ready for the new challange of dark athena,

Just completed butcher bay last night and have now started dark athena which im really into, the controls and feel of the game are the same as butcher bay which is good, forget the demo, the game itself is quality, graphics alot better than demo btw

Buy this game, you wont regret it

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  Very good underated game

| | See all daveuk2's reviews (20)

Based on Demo, I was extremely impresed, the developers have done wonders with some excellent shadow, lightings ,atmosperical effects! this plays on full res 1080p (how many games dev. have the time or skill to dev to that standard?) there is no pixelation at all, ultra realistic graphics and you literally get 2 games in one! the original (re-vamped,improved for nex gen) and the new second chapter!! I think this is a hot title and keep playing the demo over and over!!! can;t wait for full game to arrive.

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  outstanding game a must buy

| | See all bluebugs's reviews (2)

this is an outstanding game full of action from start and 2 games in 1 what a bargain the reviewer who siad this is no where near as good as cod4 cod 5 move on from please why does every review get based on the cod games! this is not ment to be an all out shooter where as the cod games are! this is in a class of its own buy it now u wont be sorry

  Blast of a game vin diesil is back to hunt!!!!!!

| | See all scotty2hottie's reviews (9)

Just bought the game been playing it for the last 3 hours so far its a great game full of different things alot of stealth action violence and more stealth love it!!! it has a good solid story to it which makes it more brilliant if i could rate this game at 4 and a half i would but it only goes up in one star I much prefer this game to wheelman.

  ZZZzzzzzzzzz!! Try before you buy!!

| | See all jonnymagicpants's reviews (15)

Before you waste your cash, try the demo first. Played the demo on PSN, what a big let down!! nothing special at all, which is a shame as I am a big fan of the pitch black/Riddick series, the fighting style feels very clumsy, as a FPS game it is nowhere in the same league as COD4/COD5, which is the benchmark!!

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