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Mirror's Edge

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (95 reviews)"

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  Something Different

| | See all drauden's reviews (1)

I think it's safe to say that this is the only parkour FPS out there,.
The game has a great concept. It puts you in the shoes of a Runner, Faith, in a modern city where the goverment controls and sees everything. Runners must deliver packages quickly without getting caught by the police, even though the game has a totally different plot. While the plot does nothing spectacular, it drives the game forward in a good way.

The game looks amazing however. You can almost smell the soap in the city from your sofa, that's how clean it looks. And add to that the simple coloring of certain objects so that it's easier for you to see wher you're supposed to go, and you have a beautiful game.

And of course, the gameplay; Unique and refreshing. Think of a modern Assassin's Creed, just first-person and no autoaiming on ledges. The controls are very simple, but it still needs lots of training to master.
While the game has several flaws, for example the try-and-fail method the first time you play it, this is still a gem among the FPS-genre.

I bought this game very cheap and I got it in six days, which is an achievement since I live in Norway.

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  Need something different

| | See all PacmanOwnage's reviews (25)

Then you won't find much else than Mirrors Edge. It's a good take on free running, and the feeling of pace and movement, even vertigo is very good and well made. Some things could be fixed like some controls and clipping issues, but overall it's a good little game to take a break from the hardcore shooting. The way the story is told is unique in it's cutscenes and overall is actually a rather nice story. The speed runs although frustrating at times, are a good challenge and being able to compare high scores. There's not much more to say about it, as all it really is, is a different game. The only REAL bad point of it is that it's rather short, and sometimes can feel very tedious. But you should purchase it if you fancy a quick look at something else on your PS3.

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| | See all adsyclements's reviews (2)

I was very impressed with Mirrors Edge from the moment i set eyes on the trailers my heart was set on playing this game to which i do not regret i didnt think i would enjoy a first person free running game but i did however the combat system is a little tricky to master and positioning yourself for a leap from one building to another is also a little annoying if your trying to escape but once you get the hang of it im sure you will play the game until your PS3 laser burns out a must own game!

  For A Tenner, Its A Must Buy

| | See all Bolder's reviews (3)

I was excited about the concept of Mirrors Edge, and got it as a Christmas gift in 2008. This game will frustrate you beyond belief. There are times when you will feel like jumping off a building with Faith for the simple fact she won't do what you want her to.

But sticking with this game was one of my best decisions, and it fast became one of my games of early 09. I completed the game four times, because it is easy to pick up and once you know your way around the levels, becomes about doing things quickly, which is actually a lot of fun!

The story, which is very much a mix of the whole world is monitored vs. family revenge actually runs smoothly, and makes you want to play on! Some of the twists are very predictable, but you will still play through to make sure your right!

Even the end credits have arguably one of the greatest pieces of Video Gaming Music in them, and are worth watching all the way through just to hear the track play.

Its not Metal Gear Solid or GTA, but as a completly different concept, Mirrors Edge is well worth ten pounds of your money!!

  Beautiful; Faith is all you need!

| | See all SpiSpi's reviews (4)

I bought this game many eons ago and I'm still very impressed with it. The storyline is fab, the graphics are something I've never saw before. I was mostly impressed with the colours in the landscape - breath-taking!

The plot is also very well produced. It made me want to become a Runner! The struggle to clear your name and to find your sister. BEE-YOO-TI-FUL! Highly praised and recommended!

  have FAITH in me

| | See all bunkerbill's reviews (24)

Mirrors edge is so unique with its free running as there aren't many games that have it.Its got a good storyline,good hand to hand combat,its first person and it is made by EA and DICE the battlefield team.I cant really think of any down sides with this game.Got this game a month after release i have the platinum and got it for 20 quid so it isn't that much for what you are getting

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  A nice suprise

| | See all Iheartps3's reviews (1)

When i got this for chrismas i was a little dissapointed with it as i did not like the concept. However, after a few months on my shelf me and a mate finally got it down to play and it was really good. Stunning graphics, great gameplay and amazing set piece runs make this game a must try!

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| | See all DrummerPete's reviews (1)

I got this game for my birthday and was sceptical at first. My brother said he got it because it was cheap and the good reviews it had. I played it just to see what i was like, it gripped me straight from the beginning, the storyline was great (slightly predictable) although could do with being longer. The main down side for this game in my personal opinion is when you fire your weapon its with the r2 button. This took some getting used to as i mainly play on first person shooters such as cod and ghost recon. This is a must buy game, definately as its so cheap here on play

  Surprisingly Amazing!!

| | See all SuperSeeb's reviews (1)

I bought this game because it was cheap and needed something to put me on until the release of Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2. From the get go I was captured by the storyline, eye pleasing graphics, quality gameplay and fluid control system to the point where I found myself trying to perfect every level and pick up those trophies. The only downside to this game would be the length of story mode which took me 3 days to finish but i still very enjoyable. Only problem is Theres still a while till Uncharted 2 =(

  Really enjoying this,

| | See all Woodylurv's reviews (4)

Much like the chap below i looked into this game and thought id hate it, doesnt seem to have any particular appeal but saw it on the cheap and thought it would be worth a go and im REALLY pleased i did, the gameplay is totally different to anything ive come across and is really quite refreshing, the story line is ok but not a major emphasis of the game - the graphics are great.

Cant really pin why you will love it but im confident you will.