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Little Big Planet

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (448 reviews)"

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  One of the best exclusives the ps3 has to offer...

| | See all LiamBond's reviews (41)

One of the most ingenious games made to date. My girlfriend and I love playing this game, and it is without a doubt one of the best playstation exclusives. If you have this console, LBP is a must, and I stress MUST own title.

  One of the best games ever

| | See all Wilson1992's reviews (2)

A must buy for ps3 users! the game is full of content and for only 15 pounds its a steal ;)

  Best game iv played

| | See all cornell1's reviews (51)

Ok lbp is by far the best game out there it's so fun to play and it's a game that the gf likes too so that's a + ... she goes off in 1 when I put in FIFA or gow 3 but this a smile come on her face when I put this in bless lol so this is a game for any1 who wants to play there ps3 and not have the gf go off in 1 ... And I really think the ps3 has the best games , uncharted , gow,heavy rain, lbp,mgs,all those games beat halo and gears anyday

  Good fun!

| | See all dkkat92's reviews (7)

I loved creating my own levels, it was realy good fun! But i found the story mode quite difficult at the end (which is embarresing to say) but it just got really annoying! I would deffinatly recommend this though, its a really good fun game and not to serious at all :)
8 out of 10

  yes sackboy

| | See all ArnoldKILLER's reviews (308)

This is littlebigplanet, a good game. It can be a bit boring at times but it can be fun aswell. Im not sure if i will get the second one but it will be in my thoughts. The online is ok, its fun when your with friends.

  Endless Possibilities?

| | See all xSeaNx's reviews (1)

Little Big Planet is a charming sandbox type game, with a story line that opens you up to it's huge array of features and how to use them. Although it may seem it is for younger gamers, do not be fooled, this game has the wit and difficulty in achieving perfection that can attract gamers of all ages, and experiences. The game allows you to do many things, including its main feature (in my view) of creating your own level, from scratch, and share this with your friends, and the world. What this game does, it does well, and it does a lot. Best selling Playstation game and deservedly so. A must buy if for some reason it's existence is not present in your array of titles.

  absolute amusment

| | See all gamemaster07's reviews (10)

i got this game pre-ordered so ive had it for a while and when i got it i played it for weeks it is even better when you have your mates round and you all play on a level the good thing is if you really get into LBP then you cant get bored, u may stop playing it for a week but u could be sat at work or college or wherever and you will get an idea of somthing to build or a level to design in my opinion a game that can do that has to be aplauded i dont know why people put 1 and 2 stars for it it might just not be a game for ultra serious gamers but if you are everyone else you will like it

  sack maggiccc

| | See all LEEGEND's reviews (165)

I was dubious about getting lbp but i was terribly wrong to even doubt getting it. I thought it just look another sickly cutsey platform game yes it is cutsey but it is also an absolute marvel to play. As far as the story goes it isn't a great one as all you are doing in story mode is collecting bubbles for points, yes it has been done before but never this good. Every goodie that you collect in story mode sets you up for bigger and better things for online play and creating your own levels. The creative aspects of this game are endless and some of the levels i have seen are brilliant just by people online, i mean making up your own type of sonic and mario levels why would you even need to ever buy one of those again?, when you can just make your own. My last words on lbp is it is a classic and you have to play it to understand just how good it is. The only downside to this game is if you have not got broadband in your home it is not a very large game.