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Little Big Planet

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (448 reviews)"

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  sack maggiccc

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I was dubious about getting lbp but i was terribly wrong to even doubt getting it. I thought it just look another sickly cutsey platform game yes it is cutsey but it is also an absolute marvel to play. As far as the story goes it isn't a great one as all you are doing in story mode is collecting bubbles for points, yes it has been done before but never this good. Every goodie that you collect in story mode sets you up for bigger and better things for online play and creating your own levels. The creative aspects of this game are endless and some of the levels i have seen are brilliant just by people online, i mean making up your own type of sonic and mario levels why would you even need to ever buy one of those again?, when you can just make your own. My last words on lbp is it is a classic and you have to play it to understand just how good it is. The only downside to this game is if you have not got broadband in your home it is not a very large game.

  Huge little big planet!!!!

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This is a review of Little Big Planet, this is a game that lets you realy explore your creative side with a good imagination you can make nearly anything.
the single player is a great way to get into the swing of things and well worked on set of events but the way the story goes is impossible it goes from,
a medival castle to an underground skeleton wedding and I tell you without question the story is crazy!
You can customise your oddly named sackboy any way you want for example my sackboy,
has a zebra head, a basket ball t-shirt and dollar medallion, You can also control your sackboys emotions.

The real way to have fun with this game is the user made content or UMC but the best way to play is online you get alot more for your money.
Online you can share your levels and when you put it online you may leave your own personal touch for all to see.
They also have a rate system which is a basic five star system you can browse for certain themed levels.

On the whole the game is at it's best online, but even in single player its worth the money
I rate this game a solid 8/10

review by Badbloodan

  I never saw what the big fuss was about

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Yes the level design is gorgeous, and yes everything works as you would expect it, and the vision it creates is great, but it hasn't done anything different. It just has a big online community, which once you find a level actually good enough to play, which may take a while it may be worth it. If your into platforming games, no doubt you already have this, as it's the only real one out on PS3, and if you don't, i would recommend it anyway as there is a endless supply of gaming. i was going to give this 4 stars, but after i realised, i don't exactly play it anymore, because i got bored of trying to find a good level to play and building a half decent level yourself, is although very satisfying afterwards, takes time and skill i just don't have. Get this game just for the fact you will enjoy it...up to a point.

  A must buy for your PS3 collection...

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This game is truly the epitomy of gaming; its fun, immersive, never-ending and versatile. Firstly the fun: LBP has the coolest control system which includes waving arms using the analogues and slapping other players using the analagues. You can customise your character endlessly with unlocking new materials and clothes. Its immersive with all sorts of levels from around the world with new levels being added daily. That's the reason it is never-ending the online levels are great fun especially if you get a mate to play along with.

. Brilliant online mode (search mode)
. Versatile Adventure game
. Good gameplay and soundtracks

. Can seem a little childish at times
. Some online levels are a waste of time
. Cannot think of a third con!

If you still don't get this game you're losing out so hurry up and press buy!

  A truly outstanding game

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When the beta came out, i got it. When the game came out, i got it.
You know why?
This is an amazing, original game that will bring out every ounce of creativity in you.
If you are a fan of puzzle games, family games, adventure games or platformers you need to buy this game.
You can create anything, play anything and share anything.
This really is a must buy.

  Most fun I've had in a long time

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I've just played this game today, and I must say I haven't laughed so much playing a game in a long long time. Sure the story mode is fun if you're by yourself but the real fun begins when you go online and get people to be part of your game!

The whole online experience is integrated beautifully with the game. If you want you can have friends online help you complete the story mode. Oh and lets not forget the 2mio+ custom levels currently online. I gurantee you'll have some fun moments just watching what crazy sackboys/girls people have created and the fun way they behave when playing with them. It's very easy to express yourself with a smile or waving hands, or perhaps you want to pull someone and then smack them!?

Well this is my first review, I just had to tell you how fun this game is, and I've only played it for 2 hours.


| | See all drakehunter46's reviews (8)

This game suprised me so much and that is good because all of the levels are so creative and imaginative and the downloadable content from the playstation store is massive. you can get about 100 different sackboys and you can get level creators for differtent other games or films such as metal solid gear 4 and pirates of the caribbean and the online is amazing. My fav is Little Dead Space.

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I was looking forward to this game, as it was someting different and looked like something that the whole family could enjoy.

I love the customisation of everyting and there is tons of downloadable content to enjoy.

The grahics are fantasic, the story missions are very enjoyable and there are plenty of levels online to enjoy, however be prepared to find a few rubbish ones, but dont let this put you off, there are plenty of good ones out there.

before i leave a final word of warning, creating levels is not as easy as it is made out to be, if you know exactly what you want then it will be fine, but playing around with stuff doesn't always end as you wat it to. but it can be done.

that was the only reason this got 4 stars instead of 5 becuase some people will find this frustrating, but i thoroughly enjoyed this game and i am certain that everyone who picks this game up will enjoy it, whether they be aged 8 or 80.


| | See all Metzdrag1's reviews (1)

I was a bit skeptical about buying this, since its not the kind of game I usually play, but i'd heard good things about it so thought i may aswell try it.
All i can say is glad i did!! Absolutely brilliant game! So much fun!
I wouldnt reccomend it for ofline play but go online and its amazing!!


| | See all meowmix's reviews (3)

I have had this game for over a year, completed all the levels, and still play it frequently! With Playstation Network there are literally millions of more levels created by other people to play, and if that's not enough....you can make your own!! Brilliant!!