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Little Big Planet

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (448 reviews)"

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  Great Game - Just compare the number of 5 stars to 1 stars

| | See all Greencard's reviews (2)

Let me set the scene for you. It was my 20th Birthday, I got given this game as a present from my girlfriend. I was a bit skeptical at first because it looked a bit 'babyish'. She assured me it was a very good game.

There were quite a few of us round so we all grabbed a controller. Thankfully, this game is 4 player, unlike many other PS3 games that will only let you multiplayer over a network. Good start I thought.

We must have played the game for 12 hours that night. We got so into the game we even forgot we were meant to be going to the cinema!

This was about 18 months ago, and the only days I haven't played the game have been whilst away on holiday. I dread to think what our total play time is. It will easily be into the hundreds of hours, I'd even hazard a guess at being over the 1000 hour mark!

The story mode is more like a tutorial. It will give you a taster of all the obstacles and playing styles. Once you've completed these it's now time to get to the real part of the game, the online play!

There are millions upon millions of online levels. Fair enough some of them aren't very good, but a lot of them are also great! There are levels I play made by 40 year olds, and there are levels I play made by 8 year olds. The game really is for all ages.

All the people that are saying the game is too simple, it's only simple if you let it be. If you just play the story mode and never take it any further then yes, I guess it is quite simple (still great fun). It's when you start to create levels, and play the hard levels online that you really discover the magic of LBP.

Give it a go. At 17 pounds this game is a must have. I'm a 20 year old guy and I love it. My mates range from 18-35 and they all love it too. Whenever people come over, the first thing they ask is if they can put LBP on. I haven't said no once!

Definitely my game of the year, possibly even game of all time. And before anyone thinks maybe I'm not a big gamer, I have been on the PC gaming scene since the early days of CS:S and HL/HL2 so I'm not a games noob.

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| | See all jonwilson112's reviews (1)

i got my brother this game, he is only 14, but i have played it myself, i thought i was a great game, i am 18 and me and my mates have played on it, its actually a great laugh, i was laughing most the way through it!
its literly LOL the whole way through...
thanks play.com

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| | See all AgentWiseBox's reviews (2)

this game is one of the best games ihave ever played hours and hours of fun. and once you.ve completed all the levels you can make your own! to how ever you want it! all i can say is amazing!

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  brilliant and a nice change

| | See all craigey19's reviews (12)

This is a great game, It's like nothing I've ever played its basically its own genre apart from the platforming aspects.
basically your a "sack person" and you find yourself running jumping solving puzzles etc.
if thats not enough for you you can create your own levels from a blank canvas and make anything you want whether it be racing, shooting or a challenging platformer ANYTHING apart from obviously offensive levels.
To top that off you can play well over 1 million now user created levels some of which better than the main story missions which range from contra to metal gear solid levels to Mario kart etc.
overall I've kept coming back to this game over the last year and I've also brought the psp version because I felt i needed both.
this game is very relaxed and theres a real feel of communty with practically everyone making levels for your entertainment which is free of charge btw, a nice change from your run and gun call of duty I call it a sunday game because all you want to do on sunday it put your feet up and this game is just that and much more.
Very recommended!!!!

  Brilliant - and very addictive!

| | See all xLozziex's reviews (47)

After buying the new PS3slim, I decided to give little big planet a try, as all my friends have raved on about it in the past - and wow! i am absolutly loving it! I could spend hours on the 'make your own level' section - really enjoying it, 10/10 from meeeee!

  Sooooooo Addictive!

| | See all Arcee1's reviews (4)

This is a truly amazing game full to the brim with fun! Play on your own, or with up to 4 players both on and offline. Unlock hidden items in each game level to help build your collection of items to make your own game levels (this part is great). It's actually really easy to make a pro looking, fully playable game level yourself! And why not share it with the world for others to enjoy when you've finished. And the fun doesn't end when the game is complete. There are loads of online levels created by other players for you to explore, enjoy and rate! The fun quite literally goes on and on!

  Simply put - amazing

| | See all DavyG10's reviews (4)

Really good, downloadable content makes it even better. Can't wait to get the Metal Gear Solid pack for this game over the store. Buy it, love it!

  never ending fun!!

| | See all benjamx's reviews (2)

Most amazing game ive ever played,
nothing like it, its probably 1 of the best ps3 games out there for sure!
The online is just off the chain! so many different levels to play..
you can never get boredd,
And a total bargain!! a must buy!

  You wil be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable experience

| | See all Thomas25's reviews (9)

This really is as fun as it looks and the online mode is seemless whether playing with people or trying someone's level. If you have a ps3 and don't have this game it is criminal.

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