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Little Big Planet

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (448 reviews)"

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  Best game 2008/2009/2010

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This game has already made my best game of 2010, Easily! i bought this game with my PS3 and i would say it was worth the £300 i paid for the PS3 itself, the main story was brilliant and just gives you an idea of what you can do in the create section, the online aspect of it is great, seeing other peoples crations just gives you more ideas, and when you come to make your own level, you can make ANYTHING i mean it, if you imagine something it, you CAN make it.

I reccomend this game 100%

If you dont get this and have a PS3 you are missing out?


| | See all Bren39's reviews (2)

LBP is the best in one word... AMAZING!!...and its no just for children its for all ages.

  Great Fun!

| | See all DeanVRS's reviews (1)

Its a great little game, very individual. Hours of fun to be had. Even narrated by Stephen Fry, who could want more. Only trouble is after a few hours it gets a bit samey.

  meet Sony's newest mascot, sackboy!

| | See all mynameisewan's reviews (1)

A decade and a bit back Sony published a lovely little game called Crash Bandicoot. This game had great graphics, completely off the wall Humour and some interesting gameplay. I fricking loved it. Then we moved into the ps2 era and crash stopped being a lovable and interesting character and instead became annoying and infuriating. Maybe it was due to the developer change. Then we got Jak and Daxter a truly charming and well done platformer, made by the original developers of the crash series. The series got darker after its first outing which I didn't care for much. The final game in the series, Jak X was bad to say the least. Then last but not least was Ratchet and Clank who are still awesome even to this day (though in my opinion, Size Matters was awful). While they were good characters, I could see why Sony wouldn't want Ratchet and Clank to be their poster boys seeing as they use enough guns to rival a small country and I doubt mummy would want to see 5 year old Billy killing thousands of evil space creatures with the BFG 9000 (I am not saying that Ratchet and clank aren't child friendly, I am just saying that some parents may think that Ratchet may not be the best game for children of 7 years or younger). So finally we have Little Big Planet which introduces the lovable Sackboy. Now, Little Big Planet is family friendly in every way and you can really tell that Media Molecule and Sony have been trying to keep it that way, going so far as to make the genius decision to hire Stephen Fry as the narrator. It uses a lot of bright vibrant colours unlike Gears of War and Fallout 3 which seem to be in either gun metal grey or murky brown and the sackboy is irresistably cute as well.
The game is a 2D sidescroller. It puts you in a level with nothing more than the ability to grab onto something, jump and go left and right. Nothing complicated in this game. It has a nice story mode too but the story mode lasts about 2 hours. You may be at this point saying: "a story mode that lasts only 2 hours? That's ridiculous! I shall take my money somewhere else and spend it on something that will take longer for me to complete!" clearly you haven't heard about the near infinite amounts of maps and levels that are waiting for you online! There are downloadable maps waiting for you to play online and some of them are ridiculously complex and are better than some of the story mode levels created by professional designers. Just the other day I was playing a fantastic Indiana Jones inspired level, complete with the classic ceiling that slowly moves down from the temple of doom. You may also make your own maps and share them with other people online. After you have waded through the frankly silly amounts of tutorials you are free to create pretty much anything. There is also a co-operative play feature which lets you play through levels with total strangers and your friends
There are some problems with Little Big Planet though. Most of the levels that are user created aren't very good and you have to search to find a really good level. Also some of the players that you play with can do nothing but get in your way at times. These are more problems with the community on Playstation Network then design faults with the actual game. The sheer amount of tutorials that you have to sit through can be very annoying for some and downright off putting for others. But good writing and Stephen fry's charm can keep you interested enough to keep you going through. This game also is trying to nickel and dime you with micro transactions for new costumes which in my opinion Is not worth it at all.
Overall this game is tonnes of fun especially when you have lots of friends to play it with! highly reccomended

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| | See all Xtreme1565's reviews (18)

I hate to be negative but I don't want to lie.

Seeing that most reviewers gave this game 5 stars I think I misunderstood it. Yet my opinion remains that this title is worst than death itself!

After so much praise I decided to buy it only to find out what a grave mistake I did. Not only I wasted my money but also precious time. Although the gameplay is simple and the graphics cool I felt like becoming a toddler once again (which wasn't my intention). For a kid this game is fantastic and I give it two thumbs up. But for an adult it's pretty boring.

Don't get me wrong, I know grown ups who loved it but it simply didn't click with me. I'm no fan of fps games and love adventures but this title was too childish for my own tastes.

I only recommend it to buy it for your children but spare the time if you're an adult who likes 'heavier' games.

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  One Of The Best

| | See all AnDwoo123's reviews (8)

Every so often a game comes along that everyone is just meant to love. This game is a prime example. Whether you're a kid or an adult you'll adore this game.
Stephen Fry's voice goes perfectly with this game. You have hours of fun going through the story and if you can get your head around the create a level mode, there's even more time to be spent on this game.
This game is addictive, funny and brilliant. Add it to your games collection now!

  awesome game!

| | See all DrumNerd's reviews (5)

some people say this game is childish and or babyish but this is actually quite amazing i mean with your friends this game has an endless amount of possibilities with playing through campaign and then going on to the outside world playing other peoples maps from around the world. some people also might say it's too easy but it's not especially towards the end of the campaign but that's what makes it fun because it's challenging. so overall i think a solid 4 stars gives this game what it wants.


| | See all ZigBoy's reviews (1)

Brilliant game & concept - Well worth a tenner.
I don't see the point of anyone who does not like this type of game reviewing it. I don't like strategy games so theres no point really in me reviewing that type of game - I'm only going to slate it. So the peeps who slate this type of game have no business reviewing it. Ignore the critics if you like fun & versatile platform games THEN BUY THIS NOW!.