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Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Console with 60GB HDD & 2 Games (Resistance: Fall Of Man / Genji) + Official Wireless Sixaxis Controller + HDMI Cable + Click (Blu-Ray)

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Customer Reviews

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  Somethings wrong....

| | See all solomon890's reviews (9)

BEWARE!! you will only get the full potential of ps3 if you have a full hd tv. these are very expensive if you dont't have one the ps3 graphics will look like just better than ps2 graphics. And if you have a tv older than 10 years blu ray could be black and white and if you have a non hdtv blu ray will be standard with problems. Please think when buying a ps3...

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  Excellent piece of hardware.

| | See all Tantalus's reviews (9)

I bought this game at its release and have upgraded its hard drive to suit my needs. Plays well and is a brilliant Blu-ray player.

However there are three major flaws with the console in general.

1. The games. There aren't really any exclusives out currently to hold your interest for too long. Don't fret, some masterpieces are on their way.

2. Online. Not nearly as good as Xbox Live. Sure it's free and everything but it lags, no content outside of Sony software. I bought this for a single player so this does not bother me much.

3. Marks the era where the computer and consoles combine. We all saw it coming but now it has become so clear that Sony (with all these USELESS features) are merging the market. So ends the classic generation.

Note: I am not a fanboy. I have every next gen console and enjoy them for different things.

Xbox 360- Excels for multiplayer and downloadable content.

Wii- Local family entertainment.

PS3- For the exclusives, single player and cinematic experience.

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  Same as the previous guy.

| | See all PlayerOneJersey's reviews (7)

The reviewer before me is right. I have a Wii and a PS3. The Xbox 360 is a joke. Its costing Microsoft millions cause of all the defects in it.

The PS3 is fantastic. Buy it!

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| | See all sul1012's reviews (9)

Ignore all these lame 360 fanboys - the PS3 rules, the games are thin on the ground at the moment but next couple of weeks the AAA PS3 games will be arriving and then its bye bye 360. (bye bye HDDVD as well)

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  poor my backside

| | See all lee27uk's reviews (8)

has for the last comment on this console been poor and the 360 been better that is a complete joke i have owned all 3 myself and now have a wii and a ps3 i have had 2 x360s and both broke down nothing new there then and after having the ps3 i would no way go back to the x360 just give this console time and youll see just what it can do

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  Great for Blu-Ray movies, poor as a games console

| | See all niftyuk's reviews (184)

Owning all the next Gen console's Wii, X360 and PS3 I was honestly excited about the PS3's home multi-media hub potential. This box of tricks really is a fantastic piece of technology, unfortuantly though, it is lacking in the gaming department at the moment.

As the list of Blu-Ray disks grows bigger daily. It seems to me at the moment it is the next gen home movie format to support in the UK - New releases are enjoying both a DVD and Blu-Ray simultaneous release.

The Player is Great, This packages comes with an HDMI cable so you can enjoy the full 1080p (If your TV supports it) off the PS3, I would however recommend upgrading the cable if you have an expensive HDTV as it is not a great cable. Disks like Casino Royale, Black Hawk Down, Ultra Violet are excellent. The supplied Click Blu Ray movie is also an excellent film but doesn't really show case the Next Gen appeal. The player does have a little trouble with slow motion tracking, almost like the frame rate is reduced, I'm sure sony will come up with a firmware update to fix this.

To be honest, this is all I am using the PS3 for - except to play some of the Playstation's back catologue available.

Don't get me wrong, I am a gamer but right here right now. No game on the Playstation can touch any of the Xbox 360's top 20 games. Resitance: FOM is poor (I'm the only reviewer here who thinks so) - as is Genji but Motorstorm is fun and Motorstorm is the only game with the exception of the downloadable Gran Tourismo HD (or 5) that shows off the consoles awesome power.

As yet there are no Surround sound Recievers out that can take advantage of the PS3's capability to output Audio uncompressed (PCM) know as Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio. However, there are some about to be released very soon.

When these come out the PS3 will be an even better next gen movie player.

I am sure that as games like Metal Gear solid 4, Tekken and Gran Tourismo come out that the gaming side of things will improve. However these and Grand Theft Auto 4 (also on X360) have been put back to Easter 2008.

The controller is also to light and small for me. In the word's of Will Smith from Men in Black - I feel like I'm gonna brrak the thing. Sony also removed the rumble feature from it and the USB cable to charge the Control i only about 50cm's long. So if you run out of juice you have to sit in front of your TV whilst it charges. For me this is a major flaw, but in this package at least you get two.

But for me, the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 sitting under my TV, I hammer my Xbox360 for playing games (and the occasional HD DVD), play the Wii for a laugh with my family, and watch Blu-Ray movies and DVD's from the PS3.

Want a games machine get an X360

Want to have family fun get a Wii

Want a next gen movie player get a PS3.

Who knows, in a 6 months or so maybe sony will crack the other niches, but for now, it doesn't. Its gaming catologue is small, many ports from Xbox 360, such as Rainbow 6, GRAW2 the darkness etc... Sony really haven't got many exclusive games right now. Bring on 2008!!

Some think £425 is alot. I think its great value for a CAN DO everything machine. Even though the web browser is difficult to see. And at £425, this package of £100 worth of games, a £30 controller £10 HDMI cable and £20 Blu Ray moive is great, great value.

The PS3's silent running is fantastic, just where are the games. However, if your already an Xbox360 owner, looking to get a PS3 you will be dissapointed, wondering whether to plunge into X360 or PS3 next gen gaming, I must, must recommend the X360 for its extensive Gaming catalogue, fantastic exclusive titles and brilliantly simple online play.

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| | See all djjoea's reviews (4)

Well i got this today , and i must say it is great . Looks great on my 32 inch samsung flatscreen . The quality is great , The games are good resistance is amazing and all and all a great
purchase. The saving is great . I expected to pay 420 just for the console but What a saving !!!!

  Top Console

| | See all quiffysufc's reviews (11)

This console is by far the best and beats anything that the 360 has to offer. Top Banana!

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  everything other than ps3 is free

| | See all chickenlicker's reviews (3)

you pay £425. the rrp for just the ps3 is £425, therefore you get genji, resistance, click, an extra sixiaxis and hdmi free. and even withiout the amazing deal this would be worth getting.

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